$150 BLUSH WTF ? | First Impressions

Today we go WAY WAY WAY OFF the deep end with a heavily Requested product … the super luxury $150 Les Merveilleuses De Laduree Face Color (Fancy way of saying Blush ;-). Please Thumbs-up, like and share if you enjoyed! xo’s ~ Tati

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Les Merveilleuses De Laduree Face Color

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Daria Rainbow says:

I don’t watch normally videos about the makeup but l find this this channel very interesting

Narriienia says:


Erica Bennett says:

That packaging looks like a pokeball! 🙂

Jingyin Chen says:

I actually love it and think it worths….look at the delicate petal….

Cote Lagazzi says:

$150 for a blush?! That’s ridiculous!

Fero Cerri says:

That’s a wow… from Australia. love all your video.

Ana says:


ju ju says:

I brought this item almost 4 years ago in Tokyo .. and still don’t want use it…is too pretty…. but after watching this review , I should give it a shot.

Louise Marriott says:

“well that’s kind of a worst impression” i love james’ input in tati’s videos haha!

Gemmie Bears says:

But I don’t think I could get myself to spend the money on this gem!

Emilie C says:

Tati no lighting can make you look bad.

J RR says:

Your ears are actually lovely!! makes you look like a really edgy, beautiful model when you put your hair up!

Cervantes, es todo. says:

I like the goatee.

Teresa Adams says:

I think you look great , I guessing 45?? Hope I look that good by then.

Erin Curran says:

James was so sweet when you didn’t have the blush- like “don’t worry honey we’ll find it” aww

c. j. F. says:

He babies her like crazy.

It makes me think she’s a tyrant.

bird says:

That was sooo pretty I love the color of the blush

Luxe Beauty says:

You skin, blush, everything looks so gorgeous when you do the update from the car the first time! You look like a living doll!!

Erin Morticia says:

Packaging and presentation: beautiful. Price tag: OUTRAGEOUS.

j says:

Wait so what did you pay for the container then? I’m assuming you were aware this was an expensive product, so I’m hoping you didn’t pay 150 JUST for the container??

Meredith Ralls says:

I’m really diggin’ the James cameos. He’s got a good mix of snark and sweetness, just like you!

Peachy Keen says:

“That’s kind of a worst impression.”
James is just a ray of light

joannej_1974 Youtube says:

I had to rewatch this after all the hype over the Lancome LA RÔSE BLUSH POUDRER Limited Edition, which has a 2 star rating on their site and is, in my opinion, a mega rip off and comes to a whopping $1,063.00/oz. I’ve done research on Ladurée, a French Macaroon brand, and found out they licensed Albion Japan to do their makeup line. Albion also does makeup for Paul and Joe, Anna Sui, etc.  This blush is crazy expensive but is said to be the , “Hermès of blushes”, whereas the Lancome product is chalky looking. LAUDREE is coming out with another blush for Spring 2017, and I’m hoping it’s less expensive as it’s also in a cardboard box.

Csaroline says:

But wait.. did she pay 150 dolars for that container?

Kelly Urrego Casas says:

You are too funny yelling at your phone to shut up and then grin like a beautiful angel. Hahaha too much. This blush is actually worth it for the decor on your vanity and how pretty it looks on you. Xoxoxoxo

Aleeza Dar says:

You guys play around each other, its so adorable to watch. Best YouTube couple. We need to have awards so they can award you with the title of Best YouTube Couple. MAKE IT HAPPEN YOUTUBE

Megan Tennessen says:

Tati-nice blush
James-nice goatee

Elaina Doak says:

Awww I think your ears are adorable!

La Serpenta Canta says:

how vain can you actually be? and your boyfriend sucks.

Esther Law says:

Your ears are beautiful Tati!

Reinecouturia says:

GIRL YOU BETTER PICK THAT PETAL UP!!! Whats wrong with you? You must be really rich man……

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