Colour Pop Super Shock Cheek Blush | Swatches, Demo, Review

Here is my review, swatches, and demo of the new 2015 Colour Pop Super Shock Cheek blushes, including blush swatches of Aphrodisiac, Between the Sheets, Prenup, Thumper, & Trickery.

Check out my other ColourPop review/demo/swatches of their Super Shock Eyeshadows and Lippie Stix here:


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ColourPop Super Shock Cheek in “Prenup” (1:02)
ColourPop Super Shock Cheek in “Trickery” (1:33)
ColourPop Super Shock Cheek in “Thumper” (2:15)
ColourPop Super Shock Cheek in “Between the Sheets” (2:53)
ColourPop Super Shock Cheek in “Aphrodisiac” (3:41)


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Ally Gaither says:

Yesssss! I absolutely love these blushes. Speaking of longevity, I’m surprised you didn’t consider these to be long lasting! I won’t lie, I went out late and got home in the wee hours of the morning, fell asleep with my makeup on…and I still had full color in the morning! I did use these on top of my setting powder (which is awesome bc you usually can’t do that w cream like products)…and used a setting spray on top! Give that a go!

BlondeLee88 says:

Btw your hair looks stunning. What’s on your lips?

MissAmyxo says:

Prenup is beautiful! Wow 🙂 I still haven’t tried anything from Colorpop, I’m really late to this 🙂

Carmen says:

What eyeshadows are you wearing? I love it!

Christy Loomis says:

What do you have on your lips in this video?

FancyThatwithCandice says:

I just got an order today! Between the sheets does look dark in person and I’m wishing now is ordered prenup! Guess I’m going back to their website! darn! 😉 might pick up a few more things while I’m at it! Great swatches! Loved it! Hugs!

Alexandra Figueroa says:

Prenup is very pretty just for that blush I will be buying some Colourpop products & make a review video :)Thanks for making a video on Colourpop!

Megan Thomas says:

I never understand when people say that they don’t know what to do with their curls. You don’t do anything with them…they’re curls, your hair is already styled. Most people look better with natural curls than ones created with a curling wand anyways, including you! Personally I don’t understand why some women feel the need to go through such a long process to blow dry their hair and style it each day when you can just let it air dry and it looks fine, and in your case it looks even better on you. I guess it’s just so baffling to me that more women don’t embrace their natural curls and aren’t grateful for the blessing they’ve been given. Most people would spend over an hour trying to get their hair to look like that. Then again, I’m also not into hair styling because it’s pointless when I love my natural curls so much and I’m so grateful for them (which seems to be too much of a rarity). But on a more positive note, your makeup in this video is BOMB and that blush suits you ridiculously well! I’m interested to see how well the last one would look as a bronzer on fair skin! Give Simba a head rub for me!

María Vélez Cote says:

you kinda look like katheleen lights!!!

Mckenna Fawcett says:

Is that your natural hair? It’s gorgeous!! xx

Caren Collins says:

I have between the sheets and I LOVE it!

KoKo Nice99 says:

Please!!! I need to do review about Flower cosmetic,Makeup Greek cosmetic ,Ingot so much.

Melissa Casias says:

I subbed because I like you, but also because you put the timings next to the products in the description!! THANK YOU!!

Hilda Perez says:

Nice video, and you look gorgeous here.

Katie Rumsey says:

+Jessica Murphy (JAMbeauty89)  Hey Jessica! Since we have the same exact skin tone/shade, I was wondering if there were any other colors you would have opted to get instead now that you’ve seen how sheer some of them can go on.

BelleReneeBeauty says:

What eyeliner are you wearing in this video? It’s sooo dark and looks beautiful on you. I’m always on the hunt for a good black liner!

Amelia Fleming says:

I would die to have hair like yours !!

Jade Watson says:

you remind me so much of KathleenLights! loved the video X

sandy miller says:

What should I order? Makeup Geek or color pop blushes?

Whiskat says:

what lipstick are you wearing?

Saori Colombo says:

Your hair is beautiful like that!! 

BlondeLee88 says:

Great video

Pattywagon1515 says:

Love the curly hair. You should wear it that way more often.

Michelle Pangle says:

So glad you made this tutorial because I’ve had some of their blush for a while now and have never wore it b/c I wasn’t sure how to apply it! Even if you did make the video over 2 years ago lol

Lindsey Cobbett says:

I love ur hair natural like this.

Alyssa Schmidt says:

Don’t know if you do this for every video but it was great that you put the times for each blush in the description box 🙂

Tanya DeMillo says:

One of my favorite makeup gurus! You rock!

Kaylee Hall says:

Jessica, your hair looks FANTASTIC. Wow girl. I know you probably don’t think so, but this would look AMAZING on your wedding day! It is GORGEOUS

PennySue Morgan says:

I just got several colour pop blushes. Prenup is one I got and I like it to. I also love pegacorn. I bought several eyeshadow’s to as well as the lippie stix with the matching pencils. I love them all. Great products. Love your videos Jessica.

OneProudPinay says:

try applying with a beauty blender, I find that works best with cream or cream to powder products.

misskyliejean says:

Your natural hair is my favorite!!!! 🙂 yaay. I did like the way the RT Blush Brush applied more, I think it gave a more natural flush of color.

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