Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Scarlet Switch Review – Don’t Blush!

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Scarlet is a cheeky game that’s only released in Asia on the Nintendo Switch. Check our review to see if it’s worth importing!

Super Robot Wars T Review:

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Dead or Alive Fighter says:

Attention DOA Community: I need you to do something for me. Keep this in mind while playing:
-Everyone’s hair looks ugly in this game, especially characters with long hairstyles. Look at where the hair parts at the top of their head. Look at their SCALP.
-Examine every character’s face during victory poses. Notice how the light DISTORTS some of their facial expressions on certain stages and makes their faces and EYES look dry. Kokoro’s eyes look like they are bleeding.
-Look at how FAKE and inconsistent HAIR textures are. A color/design of a section of the hairstyle might not MATCH the rest of the hair. The nasty brown BLOCKS on Jann Lee’s head absorb light while the long hairs DO NOT. (not to mention the HUGE space in the middle of Jann Lee’s hair is off-putting)
-Look at character’s victory poses from certain angles; you can see a skin disease around their neck area caused by the lighting, and also a line where their heads separate from their neck–as if it’s getting cut off.
-The BODIES of the MALE characters look like plastic CGI. Light sticks to their underarms.
-For some hairstyles you can even see tiny HOLES with light coming out of them when looking from a certain angle. And individual hair pieces are not completely attached to character’s heads.
Now I need ALL of you to complain to Team Ninja and Tecmo so that they can FIX it. The game is ugly and lazy. You all need to realize and embrace it so we can have it patched. I’m sure none of you want to be stuck with this until DOA7 or DOA6 Ultimate. Thank you for your time.

Chicken Perm says:

hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot, this review REALLY switched me on! haha

Snoley Games says:

This… is still a thing… I’m mean I’m cool with it… idk lol

Triangles Tri says:

they didnt even bother adding girls on the casino tables let alone talking about implementing new features and improving volleyball lol , this game has arguably even less content than previous game (they removed the boating missions for example) instead we get pole dancing @_@

jon perez says:

waiting for it in the mail. I agree with your point, wish they could add more interesting challenging beach activities, they used to have jet ski races in Xtreme 2 which was my favorite mode.

SwitchWatch says:

Let us know your thoughts on Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Scarlet! Will you be buying it? If you want to and support the show at the same time, perhaps buy from here: We will get a small fee at no extra cost to you. Plus, this video was demonetised by Youtube, so it would help making this video worthwhile!

Lenny Wright says:

Switch gets this but not DoA6 or 5? Heck I’d take DoA4 remastered with (Halo) Spartan included 😉
I guess someone will enjoy this. Grab your Switch, get some lotion…. for the beach and have a good time.

James Cheng says:



it’s worth the price, it’s great

Rayleigh says:

The gameplay looks boring and not different from the very first entry of the series (which I had put away after 10-20 minutes and never touched it again). It`s definitely not worth the full price (which can be said about any Koei Tecmo game, except those ultimate editions of Musou games maybe with all the DLC included), but as a collector I’ll probably pick this up sometime in the future

Poison says:

DAY 1!!!
Wait, how much does it cost?

Splat Splat Girl! says:

Well anyway the ps4 version there wearing longcoats due to sonys sjw censorship.

JCookie says:

i’m still waiting for the physical to arrive 🙂 i did not get the collector’s edition since it is pretty pricey as it is.
i’m jus a little disappointed that they did not improve on the natural movements of the girls’ body n facial movements
Hahaa! i think i’ll be bored after a while too..

st fu says:

Appreciate the time and effort you put in making the video .As well its comprehensive review structure .
But if you had done more research you should have known that the volleyball mechanics are more complex than you think .The game makes the mistake not telling you everything there is .But if you had look into previous installments .You would have known that every character has its strengths and weaknesses . So team symmetry is important especially on hard encounters .That the game returned to its more complex control scheme from the first game . That you can control where the ball lands on the opponents field .You get bonus points for hitting sweet spots on serves,spikes and blocks.The more you win the harder the opponents get . Since this is the most lucrative activity money and happiness meter wise .You want to exceed at it . If you don’t use everything at your exposal .You will lose most likely all the time . Its the name of the game and its the most fun at the highest difficulty . Add 2 more points to your score .And i say that a 7 is a fair review .

Ace 888 says:

Is there online gameplay multiplay capabilities to play with a friend that has the game as well?

KingofPotatoPeople says:

Can this be played one handed? Asking for a friend.

Grouchy Dude says:

I wonder if this just a Vita port, or if they improved on it. I do have the PS4 version (don’t judge me =P ) and you are right…it get’s boring fast. Although, I do think it would play better on the go, since many events are very short and is perfect for short play while commuting to work or waiting somewhere. Thanks for the review!

MsToshi1990 says:

A little offtopic now since it is not about this game. Yesterday I mentioned Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon and if you review it. I spontaneously decided to preorder it before time ran out.
I can really recommend it! Played around 3 hours so far and really enjoy my time with it. Its cute and you have Chocobo’s and job’s….Dungeon Crawling. If you don’t review it on the channel give it a go and play it, even if you enjoyed the Wii version back then!

Oh! Don’t miss the Nindie Presentation in about 26 Minutes as of this comment 😀

Reagan Dow says:

The physical copy has dropped in price at Play Asia. It’s far cheaper then the digital version.

Miadaskate says:

Ordered my copy from Play-Asia over the weekend. Can’t wait!

red crimson102 says:

Looks good and interesting, i’v never played any of the dead or alive extreme games before, I always thought they were volleyball games. So when are we getting a dead or alive fighting game tecmo? I’m waiting.

Drew Ciccotelli says:

Steel drums do make everything better.

Fli- says:

Great video Jordan..

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