ELF Studio Blush Collection + Swatches – Review 2014

ELF Studio blush collection + Swatches – Review 2014
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After swatching the lipsticks I thought I would share with you the swatches of the ELF Blushes from their studio line!
Hope you enjoy
Em 🙂
Makeup: http://youtu.be/zkHmJl4uog8
On my lips: Wet n Wild lipstick in Cherrybomb

Where to buy: http://bit.ly/1w9AqK1

Colors mentioned :
Gotta Glow
Giddy Gold
Peachy Keen
Tickled Pink
Twinkle Pink
Candid Coral
Mellow Mauve
Blushing Rose
Berry Merry

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themoondontshine says:

New subbie! You’re gorgeous (you look kinda like Troian Bellisario, love her), love that lip colour on you, and your videos are awesome!

AnnasBeautyAdvice says:

I have most of the colors that you showed in the video and I realize I may have gotten a bad batch on all of them. Mine are not pigmented at all and my tickled pink and twinkle pink are exactly the same shade and twinkle pink has literally NO glitter. Definitely going to repurchase all of them because your swatches make them all so beautiful! Thankyou for the video:)

risingwater says:

These blushes are GORGEOUS! I have all of them except giddy gold. That one would not look good on me at alllll! My Gotta Glow is pretty nice actually. I think it really depends on the batch you get 

Laura W says:

I hate tickled pink I can swatch it on my finger but when I put it on my hand or on my cheeks there is literally nothing

Megatron X says:

I just bought six of these blushes lol they look so nice! i cant wait till they arrive:)

Af B says:

Hey Emily, looking gorgeous as always! You mentioned that these blushers aren’t very long lasting, which other brand of drugstore blusher would you recommend, other than the obvious high end products? I want to invest in a couple of nice shades but don’t want to break the bank! Thanks in advance 🙂

TheGabriel2002 says:

I have blushing rose n love it. I do use the setting spray “all nighter” by urban decay and it does stay on all day. I will be getting berry merry, gorgeous color.

Galih Aichi says:

i just purchased this month ago, and have BIG disappointmen towards the ‘candid coral’. I didn’t know that the colour couldn’t showed up on me (o! i have warm skin tone, medium-olive for exact) and it turned out as a highlighter than blush. yes, they do have glitters but not that much. the plus thing is they aren’t chalky and quite pigmanted. but not a choice for skin tone like me.

right, that my fault for purchasing online. perhaps, i should try another shade, who know’s :DD

sarah says:

Berry merry and blushing rose are my all time FAVESSS

AddieC. says:

i just bought candid coral but mine looks like a highlighter instead! i have light skin well not super light but like in the middle of light to medium and it barely even shows i wonder if i got a bad one, does that happen with elf?

Rinat e says:

What bronzer or countur is on you? Fab!

Kathia Janelys says:

Could you do a jordana blush collection swatch video? Jordana blushed are amazing but no one talks about them

skylilly1 says:

Thanks for the swatches!  I’ve always been curious about berry merry!  I wish they sold that color at Target!

J Dice says:

I came across this because I was looking for a dupe for the Mahal blush in the loveMelisaMichelle Ulta Palette. The Mellow Mauve is actually very similar. They’re both not highly pigmented, which I like. I like blushes to be buildable so I don’t look to clownish with my fair skin. I dug through the stuff I haven’t used in a while after watching this video, sure enough, I still have some. I just barely went to pan on it, so I can use it until I can get something new. Ulta doesn’t have Melisa Michelle’s palette available anymore (or at least right now). I found that the Matte pencil in Praline is a dupe for the liquid lipstick. It doesn’t last as long. I have to buy the elf matte liquid lipstick in Praline to see if it matches. I have a million highlighters, so I’m ok with that. I also have dupes for the shadow shades that are low, except for the dark one that’s like an eggplant purple with gold sheen. If anyone has that palette and knows what I’m talking about let me know if you have an idea for an eyeshadow dupe for that shade:) Thanks for the swatching!

Sharon Arroyo says:


Kdlbeautybabe says:

I only have pink passion, but this makes me want to try candid coral 🙂

Melissa Hogan says:

Cherry bomb looks gorgeous on you!! Love that color

gghangaaa says:

Em! I love all your videos! Sometimes it makes me so tempted to collect more lipsticks & I shld really stop! Thank you for all swatches! P.S. you look like an elf from Lord of the Rings! Beautiful =P

Annais Crawford says:

Love ur lipstick

Jenn Beagle says:

Hi Emily, I was wondering if you have ever tried out Annabelle blushes I have on and I really love it, their a great Canadian brand and it would be nice to see a successful Canadian youtuber  like yourself giving them a shout out! by the way congrats on hitting  100,000 subscribers 🙂

Mel C xo says:

loved this video so in depth! thankyou 🙂 NEW SUBSCRIBER!!!!

p.s: your stunning btw

Melanie Garza says:

Love your e.l.f. blushes and lipsticks swatches and reviews.  Definitely helped me what colors to buy. Would love to see a video pairing each of the blushes with a matching lipstick! Thank you!

Hunniebunches020405 says:

I only own two blushes from elf (pink passion and berry merry) and their both really good! But berry merry has to be my favourite and the best part was I got it at dollar tree for $1. ☺

Bonita Liu says:

my mellow mauve is super pigmented and it has blue shimmers in it… is anyone else’s like that?

cruelangles says:

omg so helpful, and your accent is really awesome, where’s it from?

Dream0908 says:

Do you think the ELF blushes are dupes for Nars?

JustLikeTheOtherDay says:

Hey! Thanks for this video, I was just wondering what you`re wearing on your lips? It’s super pretty!

Jennifer Bogart says:

Not good enough to keep? I didn’t see them in your blush declutter 2016 video :). I have a bunch of Essence blushes on the way. Joe Fresh has some nice ones too (since you are in Canada!)

Vannessaz says:

can u tell me a dupe for elf peachy keen blush? 🙂 i love the color so much as a blush that i thought i should try other brands. expensive or not doesnt matter..

Jen R says:

Can you help me find a cheaper matte blush please?

Tatiana Estrada says:

Subscribed. Thanks for the help

Crystal Cain says:

What Matte Lipstick are you wearing in this video? Is it Copenhagen?

amalia nora rizki says:

why its written lip swatches ? 🙂

deeasham says:

Thanks for this very helpful review.

Sara Lelelel says:

Is peachy keen matte?

Sydney says:

does anyone know if the blush Pink Passion is matte?

lolalola2014 says:

This lipstick is beautiful on you..*.*..:)

onyxfaith says:

Berry Merry is my favorite of them all and one I use the most all year. I just layer it with other things depending on my mood and season. But it’s just so stunning I’m addicted.

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