Glossier Cloud Paint | Cream Blush Product Review

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Continuing with the Glossier theme, it’s time to review their pocket rocket cream blushes, Cloud Paint. I’m in a daze for Dusk, Beam, Puff and Haze – which shade is your favourite? Which Glossier product shall I review next?

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*Glossier Cloud Paint, Puff:
*Glossier Cloud Paint, Haze:
*Glossier Cloud Paint, Beam:
*Glossier Cloud Paint, Dusk:
*Glossier Cloud Paint Duo:

Ring – Sarah & Sebastian Line Ring:
Ring – Sarah & Sebastian Star Ring:
Nail polish – *Burberry, 103 Ash Rose:

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*Olympus OM-D:
Apogee MiC 96k

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B Shepherd says:

Really love your channel, your video format and your lovely humor.

odessa reis says:

honestly i hate cloud paint, makes me look like i have a rash

Rickie Lee says:

awesome channel with adorable editing and super easy to watch! thanks 🙂

itsjanille says:

I super love how helpful and simple your videos are. I love it so much!! Thank you so much

CityBlush says:

I love this style of video…so cool

Vera Wheat says:


Debby A. Debryana says:

This is really cute. Very to the point and simple! Keep it coming Matilda, can’t wait to see more of your videos 🙂

Mandy _ says:

Just found your channel and I love it! Do you know if all the cloud paints are safe to use on lips and eyes?

Zoë White says:

I love Glossier and your reviews are so cute and helpful! Keep it up!

Amy C says:

Love these videos! I would also find it helpful if you included information like how long wearing these products are, or whether they would work for all types of skin, or any additional tips other than the brands’ suggestions for optimized effect.

WeebNimzy says:

you’re channel theme is super soothing haaaaahhh!!!! i literally watch your videos to sleep sometimes. never stop please lol.

Ashlyn says:

I want them ; but I broke so…

Marthe Statius says:

Hello from France 🙂
Just discovering your channel and I must say it’s brillant. I love your approach to make-up, find it very interesting. Will certainly watch all of your videos!

Cinnamon Bun says:


Kath Pin says:

Dont you live in AUSTRALIA? So how do you get Glossier? I live in Australia too, but there’s no way I was able to find any websites (that ships to Australia) that sells glossier cloud paint. Plzz reply, thank youu!!

Sid L. says:

This is just beyond lovely. I’m gonna faint

Emma Choquette says:

I never even thought about mixing and combining the colors!!! Great idea for the video.

ovoll says:

Has anyone compared these to the Pixi cheek gels?

Yumi Temple says:

love this! and loved that you combined them too. i was wondering about the combinations 🙂

Gabrielle Kelly says:

At 0:32, I think you should’ve switched the markers for “Puff” and “Haze” lol. My OCD couldn’t handle it

Corny Apple says:

Your voice is sssssooooo smoothing! It just adds the calm feeling when watching or simply listening.

3legged Kitten says:

At around 0’37 you say Beam but I think you meant Puff. Anyway, calling it the “Baby Spice” of the whole bunch is such a perfect description. :))) Love your videos!

Eyeshadow Addict says:

Nothing swatched on the face?

CoffeenGlam says:

These are really fun colors, It really feels like something that could look good on the skin and give a fresh look, hydrated look. They really are the future of makeup, I want everything!

Tasia Melody says:

Loved this! These look beautiful. Loved the kittens too heheh

Alt Le Grande says:

I really want these but I have rosacea

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