Milani Baked Blush Review: Luminoso, Rose D’Oro, etc. | erisaxo

I’m reviewing my favorite Milani Baked Blushes for What’s Good Wednesday because I heart them sooo much! I own 5 out of (I think) 8.

Thank you for watching 🙂 xo

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Retail price for these blushes is $7.99 each, but it also depends on where you buy them. They’re available at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, etc. I was able to get some of them on sale. Shades mentioned in this video are below!

Dolce Pink
Rose D’Oro
Berry Amore

I’m Erisa — like Marissa without the M 🙂



I also blog beauty reviews and random finds:

***I am NOT associated with any companies mentioned. I purchased the products with my own money.***


Amanda AFAF says:

I looooove Luminoso. ❤️❤️❤️

Anette Svea Åsgård says:

You’re so pretty, thank you for the video.

Elin Pavljuk says:

Which kind of brush do you use?

ion nie says:

thank you for sharing your thoughts.. i will definitely try 🙂

Heidi Hardisson says:

I have medium skin tone with neutral undertone what color will suit me?

ryggiec says:

hi 🙂 what color do you think would fit brown colored skin? need some advice 🙂 thank you

Tracy Horton says:

I love Milani blushes!  I am also collecting them.  They are just so pretty and wearable!

Amanda Rose says:

OMG your so pretty, I’m so happy I found your channel!

Kailey Flyte says:

These look so gorgeous! Thank you for this <3

Caroline Wroblewski says:

Actually theres 11. I didnt know until a bit ago. There discontinued but you can get them on ebay.

Juliette askip says:

i’d like to order rose d’oro, i just find it awesome and i was looking for some swatches! Thanks for your video, the color looks very pretty on you. I’m asian too, so yellow undertoned. I’m quite reassured when you say that you really really like it, i guess this one suits very well to asian skins in general? 🙂

Brooke Nelson says:

Luminoso is my all time favorite blush 🙂

Wendy Allen says:

Does dolce pink look similar to nars orgasm

mylesfinch says:

You are the only person who wasnt annoying talking about this blush ugh. Lol great review

karla mora says:

Best review!! Of these blushes

Flor Antezana says:

what you recommend for a Latin skin?

wanderlustcup says:

Which blush/bronzer are you wearing here?

Lwhitney says:

I feel kind of duped by this video. I bought one because of this video and other sites’ enthusiasm about the blushes, and while they are nice colors, they are incredibly chalky and dry in texture. They do not have a smooth, soft, skin-like consistency at all and because of this, they blend funny on the cheeks compared to other blushes. I don’t hate it, and I will probably continue to try to make the one I bought work (I have corallina), but also it really is not a good blush deal, regardless of how much product you have, when the staying power is as incredibly short as these are. I couldn’t believe it when my blush had worn almost completely off in two hours, with primer beneath it no less. That never happens with any of my other blushes and most are cheaper. Ultimately this was a complete fail in my eyes. I feel like people were tricked by marketing on this one.

Cara Suggett says:

What blush are you wearing in this video?

Meredith Crow says:

omg your so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheIDidDid says:

Which colour is the one you’re wearing in this video?

Minhphuong Nguyen says:

I am not a Huge fan of nars blushes either. Some people like them but personally for me the texture is a bit blotchy and not as smooth as other blushes in drugstores and high ends. I like benefits blushes much better but Milani baked blushes are probably my stables as well

Cristhiane Morineau says:

I love Milani! Good to know the blushes are just as good or better than Nars. I was actually considering the hefty price tag on one of the Nars I keep hearing about, I think its the orgasm or Laguna… I will be passing and buying more Milani. Thanks for the review.

chrysalisrose says:

what color glitter does dolce pink have. debating between dolce pink and berry amore. which would u say is more pink gold? thanks!

Karen vee says:

What foundation/powder are you wearing here? 🙂

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