Milani Baked Powder Blushes: Live Swatches & Review

Swatches and review of Milani’s Baked Blushes!
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Milani Baked Blush Reviews:
Dolce Pink:
Rose D’Oro:
Berry Amore:
Bellissimo Bronze:
Red Vino:
Delizioso Pink:
Bella Rosa:

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Colleen Iles says:

Very nice example of layering!

Jennifer Kim says:

I love how you did the first second and third layer for the blushes! It was so helpful thank you!!!

Anita Marie says:

Loved the video and your voice is so clear and precise. Are you a singer?

Theresa Ursal says:

Bella Rosa is so beautiful. I have red vino and it is very pretty and suits darker skin tone like mine.

Lighter skin tone should try it. they will only need to barely tap on the blush and for sure it will last them forever.

Caren Collins says:

I LOVE milani baked blushes. They are my favorite drugstore blushes

Bree Hebert says:

Is there a reason you didn’t do Corallina? It’s one of their main colors that first came out with the baked blushes. I’m just wondering. I’m sure everyone and their mother and their dog knows about that color anyway. It used to be so hyped on YouTube, but with good reason. It’s one of the prettiest ones in the line (:

JoJo T says:

super helpful as always! Thank you, especially for swatching the colors at the end of your video again for this intense look. That really helped!!!

Kristina Smith says:

I just stumbled across this video, and it’s amazingly thorough! Thank you so much for this! Definitely subscribing.  🙂

Jasmine Oliver says:

Beautiful swatches

Mi'el Blanquea Esquivo says:

Thank you so much – using a brush as well as a finger for swatches is super helpful.

Mia Wallace says:

Awesome review!

Pouneh Vaziri says:

SUCH a great review!!! keep up the great work!

María Eugenia Robledo says:

Can you do a video showing your lighting and how do you set it? Love your videos!

Preston Towne says:

Where do u get these?

baby gal says:

First time I tried Red Vino, I freaked out, I wasn’t expecting the color payoff to be so strong.

candyberried says:

You have the best reviews/ videos!!

Erin Smith says:

Gosh your voice is so calming

Michelle Monica says:

Really informative review, nicely done!! 🙂

jeniveve ossie says:

love milani cherry culture are disontinuing it 🙁

Maritza Leyva says:

bella rosa so pretty

MzQBeautiful says:

Delizioso Pink is gorgeous!

Kat X says:

Hi, I was wondering, do these have a shimmer overspray? Because I noticed that some of the blushes don’t have the beautiful shimmery look that the others seem to have in the pans but rather a matte/satin finish.

Pink Rose says:


Hannah O says:

Love the video!!

gabriela Loaiza says:

How helpfull was your video!! Thank you your details helps a lot, now I know what to buy

whitefrost2012 says:

Milani bella eyeshadows please! Everyone is raving about them.

Morgan Laurent says:

I love the way you do your swatches. It gives the true color of the products instead of it being built up on a finger.

lexi carranza says:

Milani is amaaazing

Rush Reviews says:

love how you did three layers of each, ty

Minaali Prasad says:

This video was so helpful! Absolutely loved that you did three layers progressively side by side to compare to one another and also the fact that you considered your tanned skinned viewers. Keep up the good work xx 

Selena Sunshine says:

I have 3 colors & love them. They take a bit to build up the color on the ones I have, but it’s okay b/c I don’t wear a lot of blush anyway. I really like Bella Rosa & Red Vino now. I may have to go out & get those.

Debbie Glenn says:

I really like the way you swatch the products! Very Helpful! Hugs! Deb

Elaine Norford says:

Thank you. You did an amazing job you gave the best swatches I have ever seen.

Epitome31 says:

This is so helpful; thank you. I have been after Luminoso for ages but it isn’t available in the UK, where I live. Do you know if the website you suggested delivers internationally? X

BttercupPrincess says:

Cherryculture RIP

Idam Lawölö says:

very helpful

moons913 says:

first time seeing your videos and this video was so great by actually swatching with a brush and finger. gives you more of an idea how it builts up 🙂 & your voice sounded so relaxing in a good way lol

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