My Burberry Blush Review – The BEST My Burberry Flanker To Date?!

My Burberry Blush Burberry for women – Is it the absolute best My Burberry flanker ever?

Hey guys, what’s up? This is Ness from the VavaCouture beauty channel… (subscribe here:

WOW! Shooting this video was a DISASTER! I shot as the sun set, so the video steadily gets darker and darker, until a shadow eventually ends up across my face and chest about half way through the video. There were so many cars passing by that it sounds like I was shooting next to a highway and finally, there were so many cicadas making their noise that it sounded like we were being swarmed by locusts! Never again!!!!


Today we will be going over a new fragrance from Burberry, My Burberry Blush eau de parfum – for women! This fragrance just released this year, 2017, and I’ve got to say… I’m really enjoying it! And I’m enjoying the bottle even more!!

Like, seriously, have you seen this bottle?!

I plan to add it to my collection very soon, but for now – I’ve got my trusty decant from Sephora!

My Burberry Blush by Burberry, a new fragrance for women in 2017 is a mostly floral fragrance, with a bit of sweetness. This is all for women. My Burberry Blush was launched in 2017 from the nose of Francis Kurkdjian. Head notes in this fragrance are lemon and pomegranate; the heart notes consist of rose petals, green apple and geranium; and the bottom base notes are jasmine and wisteria.


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Markafa Creative Solutions says:

Yeeeeeeeeesssssss!!! I miss you dear! And I’m happy that you got your voice back ^______^
I’m not sure how you manage to do the cute thing each time but you do it. Great to see you; do not keep it long again.

Great review, as always. Hearty and crazy, just like the Vava Couture herself. I really enjoyed it; thank you!
Lots of loves!

Léanne Pedrosa says:

Great review!! You should absolutely try these two: Elie Saab – Girl of now (It’s amaaaazing) / Jean-Paul Gaultier – Scandal ! These are sweet and so good!! xx

AGentlemansJourney says:

No I didn’t miss you but I’m here…happy now? I’m sassy just like you 🙂 I’m looking up the notes for this scent and it looks interesting. The lady may like it but we’ll have to see if they have this at Sephora.

Amir Pi says:

OMG Dat hair*********<3

ferdinandi garcia says:

OMG dat hair tho <3 so beautiful

Lanyue Cui says:

i like your personality! very fun and loved hahaha

Kianna Veneraci0n says:

I looooove y0ur hair…

Jackyline Walker says:

Which is more better .. burberry blush or d&g the one?

Madison says:

you have the BEST personality!!! great review. thank you for your attention to detail and honest thoughts 🙂 excited to own this scent.

mzurilove beauty & fragrances says:

On my wish list to try …. bottle is pretty.

James C. Williams says:

Excellent video Ma. Done only as Va Va can do it. You get better every week. Never sniffed this one but, it must be good if you like it. #keepitup


welcome back !!! WWWOOOOOOO!!!

Sephoraforlunch says:

I smelled this at Macys a few days ago and i reallllllly liked it!! (and i dont like rose notes either!)

noyb noyb says:

Can you please tell me where you got that gorgeous wig from

makylia anderson says:

Lieing I order that shit stank it smell like old ass lady neverrrrr again

kara re4 says:

I love this video…. the clips are hilarious!! LMAO Now I gotta go test this at Macy’s

S says:

do you have the paris hilton perfume/smelt it before? the one with the pink bottle and black stripes? do they smell at all similar?

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