Are the new Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops a dupe for the Glossier Cloud Paints? I put them both to the test!

PRODUCTS MENTIONED (items with an * are affiliate links) –

*Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops ($9.99)

*Glossier Cloud Paints ($18)


*My Top:

*Eyes: Jaclyn Hill Vault Bling Boss ($15)

*Mascara: Maybelline Lash Sensational ($8.99)

*Foundation: Bh Cosmetics Naturally Flawless in 204 ($9.50)

*Lipstick: Flower Beauty Petal Pout in Naked Blush ($7.99)

*Brows: Kokie Precision Brow in Ash Blonde ($10 save 25% with code JEN25)


Sunfish OutOfWater says:

SO excited to see this comparison! I’ve been eyeing the Cloud Paints for awhile & they’re the first thing I thought of when I saw the new Flower blushes.

Ren wang says:

This video came at the PERFECT time since I’ve wanted the cloud paints for a while and glossier pop up just opened in Chicago. Thanks for saving me a few dollars!

Aish A says:

Lovely face

Librarymom says:

I’ve been wanting to try a cream blush. Watched this video this morning and went to Ulta and picked up a blush bomb. Can’t wait to try it!

Tracy Yanosky says:

I bought the FLOWER one in pinched this weekend at Ulta and I love it. Great color on my fair/light neutral skin tone.

Maria Ziarnik says:

Just joined your channel. Interesting video and I am interested in trying these from flower beauty. Can’t believe you are 40, I thought you were younger.

TheHonestBeautyReview says:

Wow you’re making me want to break out my cream blushes! They both look beautiful on you!

Lisa Alexander says:

Can’t wait for your Natasha denona dupe video 😉

Jenny Platypus says:

Ahhh I clicked this right away! So exciting I can’t afford glossier so the fact that the flower beauty are just as good makes me so excited!

Laura Arnason says:

You don’t look 40!

ViolettaKnits says:

I have Flower Beauty in Nectar. I have super oily skin & it lasted all day perfectly (paired with NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop mattifying foundation). I found Nectar to be too dark on my light medium skin tone. It’s wearable, but it’s so hard to get a light enough application of this shade to make it natural vs clown cheeks. I plan to exchange it for Pinched.

Vanessa Fairbanks says:

You’re 40?! What kind of skincare have you been using?!

LabNYorkie says:

I turned 45 today and am finally at the point that gel or cream shadows might be a better option than power shadows. My skin is normal though I due use a mattifier in my t-zone. The Flower Beauty applicator looks much more user friendly. I think I need to go check out these products the next time I’m in Ulta. I tend to go for peach or rosy blush – other shades look muddy on me. This was a very informative video – you thoroughly covered both lines.

Pixie Randall says:

Thank you!!!!!!! ❤

Lisa Locke says:

I haven’t ever used the Glossier cloud paints. Always been interested but never wanted to spend the money. I use mostly high end makeup so it’s just about the money compared to the use I’ll get out of it. I didn’t think the formula was worth the $ for my preferences. I have one of the Nars liquid blushes and I love it. I just don’t use it a ton because powders are just easier on the day to day for me. I’m definitely going to try the Flower Beauty one. There are times I want to use more cream products for my looks. I’m 45 and normal to dry skin and love how creams look on lighter makeup days.

Clare O'Brien says:

I refuse to believe you’re 40 omg

CaptainAbbey Abbey says:

I own 5 of the cloud paints and they are basically my favorite make up item!! I can wait to try the flower beauty ones!

lisa p says:

I’ve been deciding between cloud paints and flower bombs. Which one do you think is most hydrating? Also which color from each brand do u think is the most peachy/coral. Not strong of orange . Which color do u think is prettier the Glossier beam or FB Nectar? Like u I have dry skin.

NN says:

Love your eye makeup

AVeryHappyLife says:

I just found your channel last night. I assumed you were younger than me because beauty gurus always are. I turned 40 this year too! How lovely to have someone to watch that is my age! Thanks for this review, I have been interested in the cloudpaints and I did not know flower made a version. I look forward to watching you!

beatthetimewithme says:

Jen, Do you think these can be worn on both the cheeks and lips like the Becca Beach Tints? I love & miss the Becca one in “Watermelon” and I’m curious if the Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops in “Bitten” is similar in tone?

Mally Vasquez says:

How did I miss this video. Hey Jen!!!! I’m loving this style video I’m a sucker for a good dupe especially for a more affordable price. Thank you for being so informative as usual.

misspada says:

40?!? I thought you were in your 20s!

Sarah S says:

Dupe videos really are the best! It really looks like the Blush Bombs have better packaging and shade selection. I like how easily the colors mix together too! Both look beautiful on you though. Thank you for the review!

Susan says:

What a great, thorough, helpful video — thank you! I got the FB one in Pinched and it’s very natural-looking on my light skin. Want to get the pinker one, Bubbly… might even mix the colors. 😀

Tiffany Robichaud says:

You’re 40 ? Holy jeez woman how?

mysticphan says:

no waaay! I don’t see any Flower makeup anymore here in Canada, they were gone around 1? 2yrs ago? Walmart replaced them with Elf and recently more Wet N Wild products. I love blush and cream ones at that, I want to try these so bad

Teresa G says:

Another enjoyable video. I had been wondering about these and now thanks to your input I think I’ll be giving them a try.

Vanessa Perez says:

Makeup flawless

Caitlin Shields says:

Where is that shirt from?!

The Disconnected Wife says:

I’m just now starting to see videos of this Flower Beauty blush pop up on YT. Been waiting and waiting. Back a few years ago, I used to eye the Daniel Sandler Watercolour liquid blush all the time. But it’s in the UK and shipping would have been expensive. Let’s face it, liquid blushers are not very heavy in the cosmetic market right now, but I hope that changes with Flower Beauty giving us such an awesome product. I bought 2 at Ulta, Pinched and Melon. I love them both. I use a sponge that’s barely damp to sheer it out. I have 50ish skin and this looks so natural on me. Also since I tend to touch my face throughout the day, I set with a little translucent powder which doesn’t change the vibrancy of the blush at all. I also noticed if careful, you can lay this down over powder using a damp beauty blender. All in all this stuff is awesome!!

sarah zamir says:

Thanks for the review<3 love our hairstyle here

Kim says:

I thought you were in your 20s!!! Omg howwwwwwww

Jessica Sylvia says:

This review is perfect timing! Is puff similar in color to bubbly? I couldn’t see the swatch of puff very well.

Jessa Dang says:

finally a similar product to the cloud paints! i cant wait to try out the flower beauty version

Donna Roberts says:

Thank you so much for this review! I’ve been eyeing the Flower Blush Bombs for a while. I’m definitely going to pick this up next time I’m at Ulta.

Vanessa Guadiana says:

I bought pinched a week ago and it worked for me even though I’m not very fair skinned at all. I absolutely love it! Flower has been my fav brand for years so thanks for always reviewing them too. Love your videos, thank you for being an honest person in a land full of fakes. I finally unfollowed my former fav youtuber because all her flower videos were sponsored and I was so tired of her pretending to like them for money.

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