NYX HD Blush Review

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Featured Product:

NYX HD Blushes
Shades mentioned:
-Soft Spoken
-Double Dare
-Beach Babe
-Pink the Town

$6.49 each at Ulta-
(affiliate link)

Also – 24 shades available at nyxcosmetics.com

What I’m Wearing:
Shirt- Target
Foundation- Rimmel Radiance BB Cream
Eyes- L’oreal Colour Riche La Palette Nude 2
Blush- NYX HD Blush in Soft Spoken
Lips- NYX High Voltage Lipstick in French Kiss and Rags to Riches

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me by NYX. These are my own, honest opinions. Not a sponsored video- I have never accepted money from a company in exchange for a video.

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Samantha Kwait says:

I love that you showed us pics of you wearing the blushes

Mafi vz says:

Does anyone know a dupe for CRIMSON? :’c Help

Nicki Banks says:

Great video this was so helpful xo

hanna cidh says:

before i watched this video i ordered intuition..and my intuition told me that you would pick that one as a favorite. weird.. XD

Julie Christine says:

Would you say Intuition is similar to Rockateur? When you were describing it that was my immediate thought, maybe with more gold though. I would love to find a drugstore dupe for Rockateur. Thoughts or suggestions? (:

MissVargasLady says:

Shoot- I just bought Nars Outlaw blush and Intuition looks like a dupe! 🙂

twoamgoodbyes says:

I’d love a video about pale, soft blushes.

jessica says:

thanks for trying these all out it helps so much! glad I found your channel 🙂 just wondering- do you have a background in public speaking or even news??? Maybe its your channel name but I swear your voice is super articulate and well spoken. I really love it for makeup videos. Either way, great job girl!

Flor Afssi says:

Cant wait for nyx to come to Canada!!

Tasha Leigh says:

How is the wear time on these? I didn’t see if you’d made any mention of this in previous comments down below and didn’t hear you speak of the wear time in this review. A short lived blush on the cheeks for me is a deal breaker, no matter how affordable and pretty. So, before I order any of the few colors I wanna try I’m hoping to get some insight from people who’ve played with them long enough to know how well they last. Emily, can you attest to the wear time of any of these particular shades you mentioned? Taupe, Amber and one other you showed all look like my kinds of shades, so any light you could shed in regards to my longevity concerns would be so totally appreciated! Xo and thank you!

Noni Phylactou says:

Nice Video!!! which one is Crimson from the two shown on Emily’s hand? thanks

Genavieve C says:

how are these blushes compared to mac blushes?

wand3rlust. 0 says:

I just bought Double Dare and I think on medium skin tones like myself it looks beautiful, just make sure to use a very light hand when applying the blush. A little will go a long way.

micapetey says:

Great comprehensive review. Personally, I like the brighter shades on me as they are closer to the color that I actually blush. Paler shades can either disappear or look too chalky on my medium complexion.

MsFears says:

beach babers is my favorite, but as an actual blush.

Cecilia Rebeiro says:

Beach babe is the contour/bronzer olive skin tones need. I like how it is peachy and brings warmth to the face. If darker brown, it would just look ashy. I stray away from taupe because it is cool toned however it may work to contour.

Cecilia Rebeiro says:

Intuition looks lovely, however I fear it will not look good on olive skin tones too well. Warmer colors look better.

Lydia Tarine says:

Those in-betweeners are probably better for darker skin tones.

Angel_In_Theory says:

Great review….I LOVE those in between shades definitely work well on me…..they would look amazing on those with deeper complexions in general

mary struttman says:

Can you do a brand tutorial on nyx (updated)? Thanks!

Eva Gala says:

I’m olive toned and beach babe looks really good on me! It even brings with it a hint of peach when applied to my skin. I look sun kissed and shimmered and tanned. Love it on me ! Crimson and Double dare are really good for dark skin tones as well.

KatieRouge says:

does anyone know if this taupe shade is any different than the one in the original packaging? I have the original and love it for contour because I am so fair.

Monique Boatfield says:

Double Dare is great for deeper skins tones.

albg011 says:

Her makeup always look so basic and sloppy I can’t believe she makes makeup videos for a living

Heenal Patel says:

U could have at least showed what crimson and double dare looked like on you

Cerys Stevens says:

I’ve just bought intuiton today so it’s great to hear that’s one of your favorites ! x

Jan Smith says:

Love your reviews because you get to the point, so many other youtubers take forever to get to the point. I bought double dare and find that if I apply it very lightly, it turns into the ultimate peach tone on me, I love it. Out of all my high end blushes, it turns out this 5 dollar, ORANGE Nyx blush actually gives the best peach hue. I’m light skinned but have a warm undertone so it just gives a very healthy glowy look, but you definitely have to apply extremely light handed like you said….and this is coming from a girl who likes “doll blush”, where it is applied a bit bold hehe.

Helena T says:

I like that Intuition blush

Liz Kinslow says:

best review ever! omg so detailed. thank you so much

KelseyNikkole says:

Those blushes look amazing! I like your reviews so now I know which other ones I want to get!

Purposeful Pursuits says:

Thanks for this review Emily super helpful. Can’t wait to try a couple of these out. Those two super bright ones in your so so pile would be great for women of color… I think I will try those and the one labeled Amber which I have fallen in love with

dizzy dray says:

I got a bad taupe hd blush…..wasn’t cool or grey it was PURPLE and in flash photography it showed up as purple……had high hopes for it

s. cole says:

Intuition looks like benefits coralista blush. I went into ulta going to buy coralista and left with NYX after swatching them side by side its a pretty close dupe!

Taupe Candy says:

I love Taupe (as well as the contour palette)! One thing I noticed is that these new HD blushes last for 6 months from opening while the old ones had expiration date of 18 months..

Nicole Nash says:

Someone said the older taupe version isn’t the same as the new hd version, is that true?

WaterfallPixie says:

I really enjoy Double Dare and Crimson as eyeshadows. Great pigmentation!

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