Physicians Formula Argan Wear Blush Review

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Featured Product:

Physicians Formula Argan Wear Blush
.24 oz
My shade: Natural
(also comes in Rose Rush)

$12.99 at Ulta-

Brush used- Up & Up blush brush from Target-
(affiliate links)

My info:
Shirt- Target
Foundation- Rimmel BB Cream (original)
Eyes- NYX Infinite Shadow Stick in Almond
Blush- Physicians Formula Argan Wear Blush in Natural
Lips- Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte lipstick in Matte Orchid

Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me. These are my own, honest opinions. Not a sponsored video- I have never accepted money from a company in exchange for a video.


faeriecrypt says:

Fragrance in makeup bothers me a little bit; I am afraid I could have (or develop) an allergic reaction. 🙁 

Alisara says:

Bought this for 3 dollars on sale! If it wasn’t I probably wouldn’t have bought it

Rainstain4 says:


SarahJane says:

I do love PF, but you are right about their prices! I like this blush but much prefer the sexybooster ones. And yes! Stop with the overspray! 😉

MsSparklesNGlitter says:

I hate gold or silver glitter in products…we all dont want to be a disco ball lol

Randi MacDonald says:

There are always 5.00 coupons attached( that is if other people havent already swiped them off).  You can also combine with a 3.50 off ulta coupon.  Right now, CVS has an automatic 5.00 off PF.  You can combine that with a 5 off 15.00 makeup coupon.   I NEVER pay full price for drug store makeup.  Its always on sale and there are always coupons.   Btw, I just saw that someone bought the older PF bronzers( with the heart shaped blush) at Dollar Tree( for 1.00).  

Christy's Cooking Channel says:

The PF Youthful Wear Spotless CC Cream stinks also.. Oddly enough, it smells exactly like celery seeds… I don’t mind that smell when I’m cooking, not so much on my face… Has good coverage, just can’t get past the smell…

Rhea Escano West says:

Not sure if I missed it (I watch almost every one of your videos!!) but have you reviewed Rimmel Provocalips?? Just really curious if they’re as good as some people say they are!

Curico Makeup Store says:

the glitter stuff always happens when I buy an Essence eye shadow, so annoying!!!

Mikayla says:

I never leave the house without blush! <33

BandNerdChic says:

I got the Natural one and instantly brushed off the glitter with a fan brush. I was also kind of peeved by the smell, but I thought that the design and texture were so beautiful, so I bought the Rose one as well while there was BOGO50% off PF at CVS. I still am really torn because I *hate* the smell, but they’re so beautiful!

I am also pretty skeptical that there’s enough Argan Oil in these to benefit my skin…

Amira Durkovic says:

I have everything in the argan line (blushes,bronzers, bb cream and argan oils). I love it so much its probably some of my fav top products.

Natalie D says:

Miss Emily – I just love you and your family. I feel as I can relate to you, as we are of close age, geographical locations, and ideologies. With that said, you are my go to for true reviews, despite our similar demographics. I can only imagine that it is easy to be persuaded by the money making benefit of youtube reviews;  I respect you so much for being open and honest about your sponsorships (or lack thereof), and not “selling out.” Please, keep doing what you do – because you’re gifted at it. Your implementation of the artistic aspects of makeup helps me to appreciate your respect for the art of makeup, rather than the vanity of make up. I believe our youth can be benefit from those qualities as well, which can change the mindset for all generations of what “beautiful” truly is. Thank you for staying true to you and your reviews and demonstrations. You are an inspiration of character, and I hope you never lose your passion of creating videos for your channel. Best regards, N

LuLu Kellogg Atelier says:

The smell was a bit much for me as well as the price for a drugstore brand. Thank you for the review!!! xo

butterfly 91 says:

The fragrance on the blushes wasn’t to bad. Have u tried the BB cream for this collection? That will blow you away and not in a good way. I think they were trying to go with a Mediterranean theme or something its very spicy. Hard to describe its not horrible to me but i don’t love it either. At least it fades because it performs and wears beautifully. The entire line is expensive i got it from cvs on a bogo 50%and had some coupons so that helped. Ulta has the same sale every few wks so don’t ever pay full price just wait. Walmart has them for a few bucks less.

Kelly Weiskopf says:

Awesome review +Beauty Broadcast Express have this blush and the Argan oil itself and I love them. I hate, hate, hate the stupid overspray! Did I mention I hate it, lol, anyway it’s not as bad as some of their products. I wasn’t crazy about the smell either but it’s not bad once I have it on and the smell fades away. I really like the color and the soft silkiness feel to it. Love the Argan oil even more!! 🙂

sami bressette says:

First i bought the dark shade in the blush line, drove home went to open my brand new blush and it was shattered! Next day went and bought the natural one and it seemed to hold up on my way home. Hate that theres little tiny glitters on the spray over-lay

Aggie Vincent says:

Great video Emily! I bought this when PF first released it and now that I’ve had it for 2.5 months the scent is decreasing. It’s still there but not as strong. And the good news is that after you apply it to the skin you don’t smell it anymore (at least I don’t). I bought the color natural and use it almost every day I love it so much!

Meg Wharton says:

I bought this a couple weeks ago. I hated the over spray. I got the darker version of this blush. I thought there was only one color. The color I got was a bit too dark/bright for me but my skin color is basically porcelain. I may go buy the lighter version.

IK says:

You should review more drugstore BB creams!!

Kristin Mann says:

I have the bronzer and the blush. At first I was overwhelmed by the fragrance but now I kind of like it. It wears off so I don’t smell it all day or anything. I could’ve done without the scent or they should’ve made it more vanilla scented or something less harsh. I LOVE the product itself. The bronzer is a great time and texture and I have the rose blush. It reminds me of MAC Dollymix a bit. A beautiful pink shade!

Susan Ritchie says:

That’s it- I need to buy Matte Orchid! 

xiction says:

Wearing the same lipstick as you in the video whoot

Tiffany Schmidt says:

Could you do a review of the Jordana blushes please? I haven’t heard anyone talk about them and trust your reviews. Thank you!

Viviana gamino says:

I loved the scent personally. Right when I opened it,it was a good surprise. I don’t know fragrance in makeup proxucts in general aren’t good for the skin but ehh. I still like it.

jannelle santiago says:

I do love the argan line from PF…you don’t have to pay full price…they have coupons attached or I waited for the 40% off sale drugstores have and that’s when I pick up my PF stuff…

Beth Lincoln says:

Fragrance is a known skin irritant yet cosmetic companies continue to load their products with fragrance! I don’t get it.

MrsJWife says:

I like your review, but I don’t think I would ever try the product, Thank You.

Jennifer Durkee says:

Couldn’t agree with you more as far as the oversprays go… Whenever I get something that has it I end up feeling betrayed once you get past it.
I just wanted to thank you for uploading this… I’ve been eyeing the argon oil collection for a while now, but now I know to avoid it since I’m pretty sensitive to scents.
Thanks again, and I hope you’re having a great day!

kjjjacobs13 says:

I have a love/hate relationship with Physician’s Formula. On the one hand, I think their packaging/design is gorgeous! And I’m a sucker for pretty packaging. On the other hand, I think they’re stuff is expensive and a little bit overrated. I think their packaging and the clever name “physician’s formula” is what allows them to get away with pricier products. Plus, the beauty is often only skin deep… Like you said, the gold overlay is pointless and wears off after one swipe. Also, a lot of the time, their packaging is bulky and most of it is unnecessary. A tiny mirror and a useless brush? No thanks! (I’m referring to their happy booster blush… And can we also talk about how that blush claims to contain ingredients to make you happier? Is this a blush or an antidepressant?) You think you’re getting a lot of product only to find a tiny little pan on the inside. Also, I noticed that most of the color comes from just a few of the hearts and the others are powdery and have relatively no color payoff at all. Very disappointing. I returned it. Too bad because it’s not like the blush was necessarily bad… I mean it’s talc free and the very, VERY little product that you did get (for the ridiculous price of $12!!) was, at least, pretty and seemed to blend well… But it just wasn’t worth it for me. Physician’s Formula is very hit and miss IMO. I think I’ll pass on this argan oil blush too. But I am excited about their 100% argan oil that they came out with… Looks legit and has a dropper… Other drugstore “oils”, if you read the ingredients have all kinds of other things in them and alcohol too, but the PF one looks promising.

Amanda Acklin says:

The smell is aweful… had to take it back…. But great review

Jennifer Austin says:

Its the aargon oil that smells like old lady perfume, i think that every time i smell products with that ingredient

Katie Goguen says:

Can you do a drugstore blush video? I too have been getting into blushes a lot more recently but I’m not sure what I should get

PrettyMeanGumbo says:

Thanks for the info,Emily!

heavenly8173 says:

Great video be blessed!!!

MissCrystal says:

Ugh, I can’t deal with heavily scented makeup! I’m so glad you mentioned that. Such a beautiful product in the package. Thanks for the review! 🙂

soumi banerjee says:

You look soooo beautiful. The blush is tempting. .. Wanna buy

Ainchase Ishmael says:

I wonder if you can leave it out open for all day and hope the smell goes away lol

McBreen R says:

It would be beneficially if you would include how long the product wears on the skin.

Julia Thomas says:

I completely agree! This new product line had been catching my eye since it debuted about a month ago or so. And finally last night my Fiance and I were at Rite Aid and they happen to be doing a BOGO FREE in all PHFORM products right now so I could not resist! I got the same color as you and I also picked up the Nude Glow Highlighting/Bronzer Quad that was just way too beautiful to ignore. I was so excited to try out this blush that I ripped the package open and got right down to it as soon as we got home. That f-ing glitter got all over the outer corners of my cheeks, close to my mouth and I looked a straight mess! I was pretty upset until I realized that I could control the glitter with a little practice. After the initial mishap I fell in love with it for a second time. Blushes don’t always look so great on me as I am drawn to bright pinks and that color combo with my skin tone makes me look like I have no foundation on! Rosecea central. Anyway, this blush works great for pink undertones as it has enough of a coral tone to counter-balance the pinks. Just scrape off the glitter or else you will look like a stripper who learned how to highlight their cheekbones 🙂 PS: The Nude Glow Quad is GORGE!!!!

Rebecca Kanter says:

Please review NYX v’amped,, the black top coat for your lips!!

Claire Arakelian says:

Have you tried their Mineral Glow Pearls? (the ones that come in the packaging with a pearl on it). I’ve heard it’s a dupe for becca or maryloumanizer but I’m wondering if you’ve tried it out because I go out and buy it.

Denise Reiland says:

I would buy this if it wasn’t scented. The smell of Physicians formulas blushes nauseate me! I hate the over spray too!

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