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Anthony G says:

Yeah mine didn’t come with insole paper either

Jovany _ says:

This shoe is growing on me

UltraLight beam says:

Corny ass mother fucker

Jacopo Carboncini says:

This remind me of a Prada sport/sailing shoe model from the 2000’s

Ben Donaldson says:

The Puma Thunders Knick these out of the Park

Tuby Bear says:

Isn’t you did was that you have A lot of sneakeers

Ash bong says:

I honestly like the 500 over the 700

Ballistic Fish says:

These are ugly af

Marcus Broom says:

These are terrible.. I just don’t understand the hype around these. If these weren’t a Yeezy shoe people wouldn’t pay these any attention.

djoepartys says:

I really like these in person

Edmond Edralin says:

i used to not like these or the waverunners, but they both grew on to me

Simon Lu. says:

You can laugh at me, but considering all adidas yeezy silhouettes, this is probably the best-looking result.
Kanye is mentally challenged, don’t expect too much folks.

jcsheese says:


Brandon Stark says:

Ugly piece of junk

Julius Franz says:

I’m somehow into the front view of this shoe.

JimmyP says:

Dope Avia’s bro

Akira Kush says:

bro u gave so much shit to the waverunners for being ugly but you get these ugly ass 500’s

Steven Schomisch says:

Do a review on the Reebok Classics

People By Their Covers says:

way better than i expected , even did a video about it

Lee Samson says:

Wouldve been way better if they had boost on them

Brian Cabral says:

I love these shoes. i wear them to my office job everyday.

Jon Jackson says:


Retro Shoes says:

Great One,

Matt Paradise says:

Errr lol got rid of my pair when I got them since they looked better in pictures

Michael Williams says:

love the new intro

Javier Leon says:

I rock but I was sold on new pumas from day 1 and I’m washed af.

Kallander Lewis says:

These straight ugly

Retro Shoes says:

Great One,

1's Bundy says:

This shoe proves that y’all will literally wear anything Kanye endorses just to keep up with hype …. although i will admit i was hating heavy on the wave runners but once i got em in hand i fell in love … and I’m over the whole “Yeezy phase” but these are basura!!!

hoangr6 says:

I think the 700s might as well not have boost you can’t feel them whatsoever because of the layer they put on top of the boost. The 500 is much more comfortable.

Sarafou77 Orestis says:

Is it weird that I like cloudfoam more than boost?

Augusto Nunez De La Torre says:

I was amazed by the quality of the materials and how they look/felt in hand.

Talks With TJ says:

There was zero way I could even convince myself these are attractive just like 99.9%…ok 100% of dad shoes. I think so many got because of the name of Yeezy and we know what that brings, looks, hype and ooohs and ahhs from people.

No thanks!

Wazi Mwotaji says:

Please. More. Concise.

sneakereffect says:

Hes no no cmon aw fuk, lol just knocking you but I guess buy what you like

joey worth says:

That’s funny, i saw these in person and thought they weren’t that bad. And i noticed recently the same about the tech challenge bottoms

Brad Starkey says:

looks a bit like a dad shoe tbh

Eric Carranza says:

Do you have celiac

littlelosito says:

I got a pair havent worn yet but i just dont see myself wearing Dad shoes. I hate the trend

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