Review: Laura Gellar Blush-n-Brighten Baked Blush & Highlighter

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Hey pandas!

Well, in case its not obvious from all my videos, I kind have an issue with cheek products! If it goes anywhere on the cheeks, by the cheeks, above or below the cheeks, I need to get my boney hands all over it! Laura Gellar sent me some goodies to play with and boy did I pray that I hated the products… well two items made the Coffee Break approved list! I.AM.OB.SSSSS.ESSSSED!!!

Laura Gellar blush-n-brighten Baked Cheek Color – Pink Grapefruit – $27.50

Thanks! Stay beautiful!

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♥What I’m wearing:
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Nails- Revlon “Seductive”
Lips- Maybelline “Mirrored Mauve”

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*Camera: NIKON D3100 (no viewfinder/no auto focus)
*Paint: Martha Stewart Sea Glass

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FTC- Thanks Laura Gellar for adding to my blush and highlighter addiction! Now I need one in every color! HAHA! I don’t accept money in exchange for positive reviews. I am not affiliated with Laura Gellar or any of the brands mentioned.

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Alejandra Rodriguez says:

I’m watching this again in 2016! I needed to hear your opinion on the pink grapefruit blush by LG. It’s a beautiful color and looks great on you. However, I didn’t want to make the expense on this blush and ended up getting the Milani blush in ‘Rose d’ Oro’-which is very similar to this one. Highly enjoyed it!!!

Jennifer Gomez says:

What color is your lipstick?

Tina Lozano says:


Nikki Rivera says:

What brush are u using?

Alejandra Rodriguez says:

It’s my favorite highlight! Watching in 2017!

devilishtenshi says:

Girl it’s hard not to get super excited over great makeup lol

KatStaysPolished says:

Looks AMAZEEEEEE on you! Lordy, I always see Laura Gellar too but NEVER decide to buy! No idea why. Great research Dani, haha!!! <3

ChantillyLane22 says:

I totally agree.   I’m always raving about LG blushes because they’re the best I’ve ever tried.  Have a couple random high end brands(just wanted to try them) and recently bought my first Mac blushes(which I was hugely disappointed in tbh) and still no comparison.   

Lorena Magallanes says:

I usually use the Golden Apricot color, but they don’t sell it anymore, that I can find. What other blush would you recommend that would give a similar color and look.

TheZen2580 says:

I think 99.999% of all Guru’s on YT know all about Laura Geller.  It is an Amazing brand and I own her foundations, spackle primers for face and eyes as well as owning all her kits and blushes, bronzers and powders. Also her lipsticks, single shadows, highlighters and liners are amazing! I love everything she has in her line and also QVC is always promoting her cosmetics almost daily!

alice wellman says:

What is wrong with people anyway?  Don’t ever change the way God made you Dani.  The person who said you overreacted, probably wishes she could be more like you.  I LOVE your excitement about makeup.  You are a beautiful woman Dani. God bless

MissBrunzy says:

You are one hot mama in this video! You are always stunning but the fur vest, hair curled, makeup–wow girl!!! YES!! 😀 

laekab says:

I love being here its like home lol,i mean I love watching your video,its feel so good  …and you are pretty

drugstoremomma says:

You are so funny and so fun to watch! You are gorgeous and such an inspiration! I love how you speak your mind and don’t let haters get you down!

Jessica Taylor says:

+CoffeeBreakwithDani After having watched you for a few months now…. it is SO strange going back to some of your older videos (I did a search on the Laura Geller Baked Elements Blush and this was one of the videos that came up) and seeing you with LONG hair!  I like your hair both ways, but I’ve gotten so used to seeing you with short hair that it was strange to see this LOL

Lyn Tejada says:

We love you just being yourself. 🙂 your enthusiasm makes the video lively and not boring 🙂

Johanna Segura says:

your personality is priceless =)

Alejandra Rodriguez says:

After watching this video, I decided to get this highlighter in French vanilla and I’m loving it!!

Jennifer Thuman says:

Girl is hyper in this video– I love it!

Cindy Spence says:

What eyeliner are you wearing?? I’M LOOKING for an eyeliner for the waterline with staying power

Jennifer Ruiz says:

I’m glad you did a video like this bc I love Laura geller items but most think it’s an old brand. I love her stuff. I have tons of things from her! Love the items you used !

AKB says:

That lipstick looks amazing on you!

Makeup440plus says:

I love Laura Gellar products. But I shop online and don’t get to go into the shops so maybe that is the difference

Lanie green says:

Love you..always dani! Your great!

Dahlia Monroe Does Makeup says:

Have you tried her new baked gelato illuminators?? I just did a review and I’m in love!!

Amy R says:

Don’t ever let someone tell you to tone down the happy! Live your life girl, keep that enthusiasm! Someone once told me I see the world through rose colored glasses. I said “Yeah, I know, and the view is beautiful!”

Jackie xoxo says:

You should definitely try the Sonia Kashuk blushes, they’re only like 4.99 at target . Definetly the shades Melon & Flushed are must haves ! MELON IS A PERFECT GORGEOUS SOFT PINK, AND FLUSHED IS A BRIGHT PINK THAT LOOKS AMAZING WHEN YOU WEAR IT ALONE ! Her cream blushes are also so amazing the pigmentation is great tryy it !

Jennifer Ruiz says:


Suyan Bissonnette says:

Dani can you please do a makeup collection video please please please

urbandekaybabe says:

I love your enthusiasm! Lol that highlighter and blush look gorgeous on you 🙂

LiseAlb says:

Do you have a tutorial for this eye look? Love it!

Tina Lozano says:

+CoffeeBreakwithDani Thank you so much xo and yes we will stay healthy. Bree and I are alot better :-). Have an awesome night girllllll <3

Dani Aguilar says:

Girl always be yourself! Who cares what anyone thinks or says! Do you boo 😉  I always look forward to hearing your honesty about products. And when you get excited about things, it makes me feel like it’s something good!! See you in your next video girl 🙂 

Cindy Nobriga says:

I luv ur enthusiasm. It tells me how great or bad the product is. Ur vid stands out from all the others out there. Keep it going ur great

Nikki Rivera says:

Ok I just answered my own question by watching the video LOL!

Peteena Poodle says:

I wonder how Laura’s highlighters compare to Becca’s?

Melli Pichardo says:

I think your channel is bad for me (in a good way lol). Every time you rave about a certain product I wind up buying lol. Keep it up Hun love all your videos!!! Muchos besos 🙂

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