Tarte BIG BLUSH BOOK 3 | Review & Swatches!

Hey GUYS! I hope you all enjoyed this review on the third edition of the big blush books! I really like this one a lot – definitely much better than the second edition 🙂 What are your thoughts on it?

Purchase this Big Blush Book 3 HERE:


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Shannon Batisse says:

I ordered mine as soon as it launched, I live in Canada and it should be in my mailbox on Monday. So excited!!

Marichu Apolinario says:


Sarah Nicholson says:

I want this, if nothing else for the packaging!!! Lol but the blushes are pretty as well!!!

Lea Marie Bruce says:

Ive always been so intrigued with these Blush Books, but I just can never bite the bullet and purchase one! I think its a great value!

Kasual Beauty says:

omg girl I bought this too…. I’m so excited. I missed it last year. so I’m so glad I didn’t miss it this year plus I’m glad to finally see a decent video in this. I saw one yesterday by a woman who shouldn’t quit her day job lol I couldn’t watch it with the volume on

Kasual Beauty says:

its cruelty free because China is only forced to animal test on stuff that’s going to be sold in CHINA

Jessahbelle Cureg says:

that is so pretty.

Alicia76ful says:

The packaging is so pretty! ❤️Are the quality the same as the single Tarte blushes? I own Exposed blush from Tarte and I really like it!

makeupbysheaa says:

I love this ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️I got it too

Nathalie Rivera says:

I just order this!! I hope I like the formula. the fact that you can removed it from the package so easily is a plus. Is my first time buying this type of tarte blush special edition .. .

Thalia Leon says:

I want that palette so bad!! Also your already at 11k, get it girl ❤️❤️

Brenna massing says:

I just bought it! I’m so exited

Jessica Liu says:

they look so similar!

666 Goddess says:

Love it!

Liorasmakeuploves52 says:

Hey Guysssss! I totally apologize for the off lighting 🙁 My lights were playing games with me today lol. I hope you all still enjoyed the video <3

Jennifer Perez says:

Dang girl! You are early! Hahaha loved the video as always! I’m so glad I missed it last year but ordered it this year!!!!

Maggie Benav says:

Thank You. I just placed my order. I used code BOXYAUGUST and got $10 off plus free shipping.

kate d says:

Really hard to see the swatches partially from lighting and it was just too far away from the camera.

Allysa Anne says:

how does this compare to the round blush palette also made in china.. i can never buy this one ☝️- i usually just get the blush palette that’s limited edition from tarte. but man these are such a collectors dream

Sheila Daves says:

You look beautiful as always and thank you for sharing

BA BF says:

I ordered it yesterday. I looked needing one blush, and now I’m set for a bit.

Krissy Joy says:

Yay finally!! Ive been waiting for a review on this item! I picked it up the day it released, I missed last years with lots of regret so I didnt want to miss out this year! Thank you for the review, u are quickly becoming one of my favorite youtubers!

The makeup Girl Next Door says:

Products can be made in china, sold in the us and be cruelty free. If products are sold in China they are required by law to have animal testing. Tarte is owned by a company that does test on animals. If anyone is curious.


You are awesome thanks for these reviews!!!!

Ida Centineo says:

Wow u always look stunning but u also look so gorgeous today with minis makeup on. I love this look on u. So sweet . Just beautiful

Missy Lofton says:

I love the 3rd edition. Absolutely beautiful!! 🙂

Erin The Insomniac says:

LOOOOVE Tarte blushes!

Zenobia Sethna says:

Finally my order went through on tarte.com. I just recently ordered blush book 2 off eBay and told myself I didn’t need blush book 3. One whole day and twitchy fingers later, caved in! So glad it’s not sold out yet. Wish they did something about the horrible foam packaging unless they are only going after the teen market.

Ida Centineo says:

Love this blush book I Def want it!! Great review. I can’t stop stating at u. Ur eyes are so pretty !!!

Tisha3283 says:

Nope, not getting it 🙂 Prefer getting the singles… The colors do look pretty though… Just not something I would want to collect.

Andrell Mercier says:

Omg I want this so much now love your makeup in the beginning it’s so natural but sheek toturial?

Kamalini Pillay says:


Mary Ann Fulkerson says:

I got mine this morning. Pretty pleased with it. I think they smell kinda like candy (sweet tarts). Did you notice that?

Katrina Amanda says:

I love your accent ! Lol I’m Canadian so it’s totally different to me, New York? Italian? Either way great review! Just ordered mine

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