The Balm Instain Blush Swatches + Review! ALL 6! | samantha jane

The Balm Instain Blushes swatches and review! I love love love how pigmented and long wearing these are, I know you will too!! Blush Declutter:


The Balm Instain Blush Swiss Dot –
The Balm Instain Blush Toile –
The Balm Instain Blush Argyle –
The Balm Instain Blush Houndstooth -
The Balm Instain Blush Lace -
The Balm Instain Blush Pinstripe -


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FTC: All products purchased by me unless mentioned or they have a * in the description, that means they have been sent to me for my consideration! I have never accepted money in exchange for a review, some links are affiliate links. All opinions are my own and honest, of course! 🙂 – Samantha xx


christinelee314 says:

I have never tried these so I will have to put them on my list

Zoë Danielle says:

In other provinces I have heard thebalm is sold at Rexall and goes on 40% off! I really really want to try these, they look gorgeous. Pinstripe really stands out to me, I guess cause I am in a fall mood–it looks like it might be a dupe for Nars Sin–off to google comparisons! 🙂

Holly Housewife says:

Love love. I haven’t tried but now I want them all!! So funny I just got a balm mini blush in this months birch box and I was so excited because I only own how bout them apples when it comes to balm blush!
Come on Black Friday discount! :)))

Zaira Abidi says:

You gained a new subbie! Loved your review and you are so gorgeous! Xo

Nemanja Šambaher says:

You look great!

dyna199 says:

I LOVE instain blushes

Jennifer M. says:

Ah, such a fun, helpful video! As I said on facebook, I’ve heard so many great things about these- not quite sure why I haven’t picked on up yet! Thanks so much for the swatches- definitely adding Swiss Dot, Tulle, and Lace to my wishlist 🙂

As a blush lover, I know claiming something as your all-time favourite formula is a big deal! My current all-time faves are Hourglass Ambient blushes, Clinique Cheek Pops, and NARS powder blushes!

Jodi Butler says:

You’ve sold me on Swiss Dot! Gonna add that one to my wish list!

Indri P says:

I rarely use makeup, and just a week ago I never had any blush in my possession. but when the sales girl offering tulle to me, I was sold. it’s a great purchase! <3

Becca Legge says:

I love these blushes, so awesome to see you do a review on them. I don’t have them all but now I’m going to have to checkout chatters on stavanger! Thanks 🙂

Monica says:

I need the peach one

Vyda Nguyen says:

I have never tried these! You are from Ontario? Hello from the other side of Canada haha

Swanofdreamers says:

I so want to try the Swiss Dot and Pinstripe.

Nat Diaz says:

Hey Samantha Jane! New Sub here! I Love your review and your passion for these blushes 😉 Plus you’re Canadian, bonus! The Balm is not available here in Montreal, but I found them at Rexalls in Ontario. My fave blushes from this collection are Pinstripe and Lace 😉 Cheers from Québec Prov.

LipstickNLegs says:

dammit I need Tulle

LipstickNLegs says:

I dont have any of these :(((((

Pocket Venus says:

OMG your video was soooo helpful, thank you! The MAC near me has been out of stock of peaches blush for ages. So I got Swiss Dot based on your review and I LOVE it! I love that I don’t have to build it up. Just a soft, perfect application and it’s magic on my NC40 skin. Went back for Toile and Houndstooth and then forbid myself anymore. They’re just fab! :))

miss_nikkidee says:

I’ve never tried any Balm blushes before, but I’ve always loved their packaging. I’m surprised they only have a few blushes, though, considering how popular the brand is!

susan is my name says:

i am still confuse ,should i buy swiss dot/toile .my skin is fair medium

Modern Martha by Kelsey says:

I just swatches these for the first time at Kohl’s yesterday! Beautiful blushes. Houndstooth is probably what I would try first.

reza k says:

Does it break you out?????

Jasmine Airdelle says:

These look so pretty!!! ❤️

Jasmine G says:

I’m so jealous of Ontario people, they can buy The Balm at Rexall. There’s also a store here in New Brunswick called Made You Blush and they sell it online as well!

Ivory Avenue says:

I only have one of these and I absolutely adore it. Like, it’s up there in my top five blushes. I should really get more but I’m not crazy about the price… I wish they were available everywhere!

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