The Perfect Blush: A Review

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hr. blush
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ThePremedonnaGirl says:

@Lesley1000 25$

Selin GULER says:

I was just trying to give her some feedback to help… If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t spend any time expressing my opinion. I agree that she looks great, but there is room for improvement and I believe we all need to help each other as modern world’s females to make most of us…

Mopeyg says:

at first i thought 25 bucks is not that bad..a little more than a mac mineralize blush..but i checked the canadian website and it’s 33 which is a little crazy but it’s worth the price i guess..

Carrie Bailey says:

love your reviews! i usually buy the stuff you recommend lol c

John Criz says:

watch and download

PIRRURIS24 says:

ha.. you think 70 degrees is hot??!! come to arizona and its 111 degrees or higher here.. :/

no t cool says:

online shopping?

Bijou Africain says:

You look alike Andrea from
( Bad Girls Video ) !!!!!!

Melissa Brocious says:

I have “amused” in the same blush, this is very pigmented blush so a little goes a long way!!

8OBHRZ says:

Hey Tiffany, i was wondering what you think about these blushes now? There are a few new shades, have you purchased any more since you filmed this? x

Lesley1000 says:

hi there, im sure youve mentioned cost, but i missed it. how much are these please? blush never seems to stay on me and i look dreadful without it! can you get it on line? thanks lesley

calilove IE says:

just subscribed 🙂

doedelzz says:

hahaha when she said 70ties I thought 1970(like inb years)
I’m from europe so we never have 70 degrees

lollsazz says:

@4MissApril Try searching for them on MakeupAlley?

John Criz says:


cherfer says:

i have the dollface… love it

criminalxxxlove says:

Dont buy the cream blush from that collection. Mine dried out and the pay off sucked 🙁 the lipglosses are AWESOME!!!!

Angelique Gates says:

@4missapril tarte AC 12-hour blush NARS deep throat (shade I have) blush.

TheLovelyyK says:

Go back to this hair color. Loveee

Sarah Sang says:

I just bought the color “Amused” from Tarte….kinda reddish when first applied, then kinda fades to coral to pinkish…I love it!

immandrew says:

@ginissa09 in australia it got to 41 celcius the other day, i think thats like 108 farenheight or something

Nancy Renee says:

nope, there in the perm. collection.

Nicole M. Jimenez Rosario says:

I feel like my skin just sinks my blush D: but i’ll try this 🙂

Montalvo says:

Are these blushes limited edition?

SassyLlama says:

What texture is it? Powder or cream/clay?

stockinettestitch says:

I’ve got Exposed, Blissful, and Charismatic. I really do love them all. I definitely want to get Peaceful as well. Nice video too.

Bette Perez says:

@ginissa09 cali isn’t as humid as the south in my opinion

sammysand2baremakeup says:

I just got the worst sunburn on my face, what should I do to keep from getting flakey??

DorcoUSA says:

Dollface looks like a really pretty color! Thanks for sharing! Also it was so smart to pop the dividers out of the container.

Look forward to more videos! — dorcousa*com

April G says:

thoughts on tarte amazonian clay powder vs nars bluches anyone??

ridinreiners says:

I just bought this blush in exposed based on your review and really love it. I’m pale I think it’s really pretty. It lasts just about the whole day on my oily skin. Very pleased. Thank you for the review!

Matthew Lapping says:

is tarte blush in exposed good for very pale skin like an nw15 I heard its a good bronzer contour for pale skin I have other bronzer contour colours but they can come off brusiey and muddy on my skin just wondered how you think it would work for very fair pink undertoned skin

8OBHRZ says:

@robynrene yes, please do Tiffany!

candyberried says:

finally a review with good lighting! i hate reviews where it’s so dark no one can see the swatches correctly.

Lily B. says:

I’m a tarte convert from Mac, Nars, drugstore,

whigrose says:

Wow! How rude! I just so happen to have darker eyebrows and lighter hair naturally. I do not dye my hair. I’m not religious or anything, but…if God made me that way, then that’s good enough for me. The most I’ll do is use brow gel or powder. I’m sure she feels the same way about her brows, whether she chooses to dye her hair or not. Oh, and also, if the EU is that full of judgmental people, then thank goodness I’m in the US too!

AndiLouHoo says:

This blush in Dollface is my favorite blush ever!

Sydnee Tittle says:

I love this blush! I have it i “buff” ad it is absolutely gorgeous and it stays on all day:)

TerrieJ DimestoreDivaTV says:

I am now officially hooked on these! My piggy bank is reserved for these lil babies!!! The shade range is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

Kristi Marie says:

Ha, I was wondering why this blush would move in the compact. It’s the magnet. I was thinking it just didn’t have a strong hold.

Emma Walker says:

Just glue the base of the magnetic part of the palette into the palette!

Georgina Acuna says:

70 degrees is hot? have you ever been to california during the summer 70 degrees is cold for us!

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