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Welcome! I’m Jenna, eco beauty + lifestyle enthusiast. I have been creating videos about eco makeup and skincare for over 5 years here on Youtube. Last year I opened Natural Beautiful Life Eco Beauty Boutique, a shop curated by myself to share my favourite self care and eco beauty products. ❤️ If you have a love of makeup, skincare, and other beautiful things, I hope you will join me!
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Tracy J says:

Thank you for the comparisons, that’s really helpful. I’ve been on a hunt for a clean bronzer and finally, with your help, I think I’ve found one.

Magosienne says:

Just when I was talking about buying a clean bronzer ! I was hesitating between two shades so this video is perfect.

redburningfires says:

I’d love to get the cocoa kissed, I just wish 100% Pure had more sales. Tight budget here.

FaceByMeagan says:

You look gorgeous! And I love these bronzers. Awesome video Jenna!!

Amanda Gac says:

Those look like perfect one and done eyeshadows too.

Melissa in MN says:

Quick question…can you compare RAL bronzer to the cocoa kiss (this is the new one, right?) and cocoa gem for me. What do you think? Similar? I have the cocoa glow and it’s much too dark for my pale complexion. And yes, thanks for pointing it out…it does have a red undertone, which may be why I don’t care for it too much since I already have pink undertones.

I really would like a lighter bronzer, but not if it’s too close to the RAL bronzer I already have. Know what I mean?
Thanks for your help!

Maggie McPherson says:

how do you think coco kissed compares to the alima pure mauna loa bronzer

Amy V says:

I’ve never been a big bronzer person but I have recently picked up a few and I am really liking it. I think I would like Cocoa Gem.

Timi B says:

Jenna, thank you for your inspiration ideas.
I am now thinking between this bronzer in Cocoa glow or the Vapour Simmer for the winter. Now I use powder bronzer and I like it but in the winter it is too drying. I would like a very little decent shimmer in it. Which should you recommend on my medium light skin (which is now very brown) with a little bit yellow undertone for the wintermonth?

Laura Jasmin says:

These look so natural!

Mira Peterlin says:

How do you like cocoa kissed used as an eyeshadow??

Laura Jasmin says:

These look so natural!

Lisa Nez says:

What’s your thoughts on Coco kissed color to the Mona loa bronzer? What r difference in the two?

Maribel Guevara says:

Is coco kissed a dupe for the physicians formula butter bronzer?

WayIntoDarkness says:

Can you use cocoa kissed for contour? Looks a little bit ashy

Maiden DE says:

These all look really lovely on you!

Kinda off topic, but can you de-contour? Contouring makes your face appear more angular, but what if you want to soften it instead? Any ideas? My face gets really sharp especially if I’m on the thinner side of my normal.

CreatingAngie says:

What is the lasting power on these? How do they compare in performance to the beautycounter bronzers?

Jana Terra says:

I am a new subscriber and I love your channel and your knowledge.

Laura Jasmin says:

These look so natural!

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