Today I’m showing you Benefits New Hoola Lite and comparing it with the original Benefit Hoola Bronzer! I will show you both and try both of them on my checks so you can see what they look like applied and decide which one is better for your skin tone!

Benefits Hoola Lite:
Benefits Hoola Original:


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Thank you all for watching my review and swatches of the new Benefit Hoola Lite Bronzer and Benefit Hoola Bronzer. The new Benefit Hoola Lite Bronzer retails for $29 for 8 grams of product which is the standard size for the box blush/bronzer. The new Benefit Hoola Lite Bronzer has the same formula as the original Hoola Bronzer and perfect for fair/light skin tones. I hope you enjoyed the review and swatches of both the new Benefit Hoola Lite Bronzer and Benefit Hoola Bronzer and found it helpful. Let me know in the comment section down below what your thoughts are on the new Benefit Hoola Lite Bronzer and the original and which one you like better!


Kasia Wojciechowska says:

Thanks for this comparison! When I saw your skintone (I’m NC15) I thought ‘how are we supposed to see a difference if dark hoola suits you so well the lite will be invisible!’ but Im happy it worked for u and I’m pretty sure I will buy it, it should be perfect for pale person as well 🙂

Lauren Rock says:

Thanks for this video! I was trying to decide if I should buy hoola lite, and after seeing this I definitely will! Btw your makeup looks amazing❤️

Ximena Bolaños says:

love this review!!!

notyourbae 19 says:

bronzer isnt ment to contour ..

Lauren Galvin says:

I have very fair skin and am excited about the hoola life. The regular hoola made me look orange.

Jayden Barbour says:

hoola lite works better on you

AthenianLove says:

I just bought the regular hoola bronzer and now I’m wishing I bought the hoola lite!!! lol

Full of Grace says:

I tried hoola lite today in the store and I hated it. It’s honestly too light! It’s a cross between a face bronzer and a powder. I’m really fair but it looked almost yellow toned on my skin. I was excited because I love the original hoola but I was disappointed with hoola lite

Jamie Lee says:

Crazy! I saw the new powder and thought it would be too light. I have to go buy it now. Thanks for the comparison!

Regina Sanchez says:

I think I need to get the Hoola Lite too after seeing this! Thank you for the review ❤

Krystal Walden says:

I am pretty fair (NW 20 or lighter) and I have the new cheek parade pallet and enjoy mixing the hoola and the hoola light together. I don’t usually go for a natural contour, but it is nice to have the option. The hoola light was also suggested to be used as an all over setting powder if you want to make your whole face appear more bronzed for summer and then contour with the regular hoola.

Cha Caasi says:

Thank God I was able to watch this video, I’m exactly around NC30 & NC35!! I just purchased Benefit Cosmetics’ 2017 Blush Kit – Cheek Parade and I can’t wait to play with it!!! Also… Hi from the Philippines! 🙂

Charity Makeup says:

I think the hoola lite is kinda still too dark for really fair skinned ladies. I like it but it was darker than I thought it was going to be

molly garner says:

hi julia! i am about in the middle of pale and medium skin toned. i am not ghost pale but i am pretty pale. which bronzer would you recommend for me?

Julie Barnes says:

I really like the lite on you

CryinOutFor says:

Thank you for showing us how you contour. I always get it to close to my mouth and thought I looked crazy. I’m gonna try how you do it. The light looked so good on you. Thank you!

Leah's life says:

What would you recommend for me I’m around NC15/NC20 just because it looks quite pale?

natasza p says:

hoola lite is better for You!

Julia Sunshine says:

omg I lovvveeee your eyebrows

Ciel Cecilia Lam says:

Thank you so much for this,
All the review has been for very pale people, and I was wondering if it will show up on me, since I’m like in between light and medium XD

Ch 9 says:

Is the milk chocolate soleil more on the hoola or hoola lite side??

Gina Siu says:

Lite! Of course I loved this video! ❤

Iriiina91 says:

Trank you for this Video from Germany

Posh Tart says:

I love Hoopla

Love Child says:

I am medium to deep skin tone and I have the reg Hoola bronzer. . It is good but I still have to try it again , I just got it so I will try it again..

Lala land says:

I NEED it!! Love the lite!

Olga QQ says:

Hoola lite looms great on you:) Sooooo pretty. I’m really pale and I think I’ll buy it:)

Jayden Barbour says:

I thought hoola would fit me and I have a lighter skin tone then you so know after watching I need the holla lite..thank you so much!!!

Christa Coveney says:

they both look good but I like the light one more and now I have to get it. Thanks for this comparison video!

Lily Pitter says:

love it!

Emma Bligh says:

EEEEEE, hoola light!

Shaina Momin says:


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