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Here’s my first ever BEST BRONZER REVIEW! I’ve got everything to show from drugstore, bargain-friendly bronzers to higher end, make-up companies- so there’s something to fit everyone’s bronzer desire!

I am going to show you my “kandee’s favorite bronzer”, which I use to contour my face also, Blunt by MAC, and dupes for this color that are more “bargain friendly”.

I like matte (no shimmer) bronzers, but I also have some beautiful “shimmer bronzers”, that will add that “J-Lo glow”. So get ready to see my “BEST in BRONZERS” review- my favorite powder bronzers and powders that will work for the perfect bronzer and contour colors.

Bronzers will make you tan, will slenderize your face, and contour your cheekbones into perfection.

Here’s what I show in the video:

BLUNT Powder Blush from MAC

RIMMEL Natural Bronzer in SUN BRONZE

Urban Decay Baked Bronzer For Face & Body in Gilded,default,pd.html?cgid=13_503


Honorable mentions:

TOO FACED Sun Bunny Bronzer, Peach Leopard Bronzer, Pink Leopard Bronzer


Physicians Formula Bronze Booster

NYC Bronzer

Hope you guys liked the bronzer review to get your “tan and ready” for summer! Let me know if you want me to do more reviews! huge hugs, kandee


happymusics says:

Would you do a new video on the latest bronzers that you really like/love?  Please…   😀

strawberry keen says:

How was this not helpful? Haha, she did more than just test them on her face..her arms showed a perfect example of how they all would look…this was a great review. Maybe watch the video entirely before commenting?

Lexie Liu says:

What’s the lip stick you use here? It’s gorgeous.

jeckaabear says:

hey , i have a tan skin tone it okay for me to use bronzer ? or is it pointless .

CillasMakeup88 says:

Hahaha it is so funny you have applied so much bronzer in this video! XD I heart you! xoxo

jesusforlife says:

the face looks darker than the neck!!!

Lumynn White says:

I feel so guilty… I own all those bronzers except for the neutrogena powder she used as a bronzers also.

andreasweetascoco says:

Can you do a apartment tour? I love your couch

Itzel isbae says:

Can someone comment any non shimmer bronzer products that can be found at any drugstore please and thank you (: btw, i love you Kandee ❤️

sk says:

Hahaha @ “Bargainista beauty person” that was cute

19rombach says:

I’m always looking for new bronzers because I seem to end up orangey 🙁

Lesley1000 says:

i always wondered if i could just use a powder which would normally be too dark for me and use a bronzer. doah. i did think about it. thanks for confirming im not the only one

Tri Widyas says:

thank youu so much,,, <3

Maresa Walker says:

What kind of Mac bronzer would I get if I hat light fair skin?

Lisa Steele says:

Kandee looks so amazing in this video! I would love this make-up tutorial

Isis Goff says:

You tagged too face endless summer bronzer and you dont even show it. Ugh

Maruti GlassArts says:

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Anvita Acharya says:

you can use a bronzer as a highlight

amana490 says:

Mac BLUNT looks red on me! I’m nc42

Ivy Manson says:

you have problems why are you spamming her page

nemoryer says:

Does anyone know what is her eyeshadow? Thanks.

Usagi Snow says:

Can someone help tell me why when I apply bronzer they look red on my cheeks. Somedays my cheeks naturally get reddish pink but I only apply on my cheeks when there not reddish pink.

lov3pinkgirl says:

Great review ! Thanks for the swatches 🙂

Silvana Nichole Tan says:

I always thought the nyc bronzer was too light for my nc25-nc30 just like I thought hoola was too light. But it looks gorgeous and I dont even have to blend too much and it gives me the same look of a darker bronzer super blended quicker

OpheliaXo says:

Thank you! As I can only afford drugstore!

Christa ray 29 says:

The first (Mac) bronzer is too dark/ not the right color for you!

poop smitty says:

love how she refers to the bronzers as “he”

kell m says:

Loved it

Jessie Smith says:

You’re right, I bought one the other day to replace the one I’ve had for a while (which had no shimmer and I loved it!), but the one I just bought has tonnnns of shimmer and sparkle in it. I was so disappointed!

K K says:

I miss your old hairrrrr wahh. 🙁 but i like the pink too:)

Stoue says:

Are Elf bronzers shimmery?

Sheryl S. says:

this took way to long respond but yes the Elf Bronzer that I have shimmery and I use it to highlight my face with out using a pink or a white highlight it looks very natural

SuperLena1234 says:


La Femme Nikita says:

This really helped, thanks!

Katherine Hallmon says:


TheAverageGamerS says:

uM Wtf this isnt bronze legue you lying bitchhh reporting for miss leading content.
GoDDD get your self in silver division one day ull understand if you didnt feed so much and troll you might make it out but nop ull always be bronze bra <3

Becca Erin says:

i had a question about bronzer, and your video was the first response to my search. thanks kandee! 🙂

jade willow says:

your so fun!remind me of Olivia from Jerseylicious

julia7576 says:

Thanks for the review! (: ♥

Teddy Moon says:

your face and neck have different colors.

S.A Impavido says:

You cant really keep testing the bronzers on the same cheek each time when you still have product on your face from the last bronzer you brushed on……duh

t1o2x3i4c5 says:

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michellezors says:

Hey! what lipstick are you wearing in this video?

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