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Almay Smart Shade // #40 Sunkissed $11.99
Soap & Glory Wonderbronze $15.00
Rimmel Natural Bronzer Waterproof // #22 Sun Bronze $4.99
E.L.F. Cool Bronze $4.00
ELF Warm Bronze $4.00
Makeup Revolution All About Bronzed Palette $10.00
Biguine Makeup Les Galactic’s // #7304
Bourjois Mat Illusion Bronzing Powder $13.00 – Amazon
Physicians Formula BB Bronzer SPF 20 $14.99
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Sunkissed Bronzer $10.99


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Melissa Hewit says:

Well… Guess I’m going to ULTA today… Lol

Sanae Robinson says:


R xo says:

I have a full drawer, ohhh fancy eh

Kelly Forester says:

Everyone, GET THE RIMMEL! I got it a couple weeks ago and it’s an instant favorite.

Zaina Amer says:

You look beautiful

louise mijfruit says:

if you throw away products that you dont like just give them away! that would be great

Emily Rose says:

Could I use bronzer for almost a “natural” contour?

catwang says:

Getting into bronzers bc my face looks like a pancake

Heather B says:

you can get bourjois at now. In case anyone shops that site.

Hartini Van rijssel says:

Does anyone here know where to buy this Biguine Makeup Les Galactic’s (for dutch people)? 😀

Liza says:

Too bad they don`t sell the Bourjois bronzer here in Ukraine but I`ll try to find that one out

Gina Park says:

Please. Please. Please do a “best drugstore blushers” video

Analiese Yamawaki says:

same with the highlighters never have to many

alicia duprey says:

Tati I wish I could wear shirts like the one you’re wearing 🙁 my body is entirely covered in scars. Only long sleeves for me!

Mimi Wolfer says:

The Bourjois bronzer is that the fair or dark?

Jessahness says:

You can get Bourgeois in Canada. I know this is an ”older” video, but I’m kinda in the need for a bronzer that isn’t orange on my face lol

brimilew says:

Tati, I think maybe it’s your eye makeup, but I feel like you resemble Lana Del Rey a bit in this video. I love it!

Samantha S. says:

I have a NYX eye quad that I love however it irritates my eyes but I just can’t let it go it’s so beautiful. I need to find a dupe for it. So I can understand what you mean. Thanks for the less expensive products I have to use high end foundation, powder, eye makeup, but I can get away with drugstore blush (Avon) when used sparingly and bronzers if I’m very careful (no kick up) even Clinique foundation and powder gets me in trouble I’ll wear it during the day and when I get home I take it off then I still get in trouble with my eyes swelling it’s a hit and miss who thought Clinique would do that but the cleansers, toners, and moisturizers from Clinique work wonders on my face without any problems I cannot explain but for my face the cleanser and toner are wonderful for my rosacea the moisturizer doesn’t irritate my skin however I would like to try that she Shiseido moisturizers I absolutely love their cotton pads and I’ve heard Great things about this line. Do you have any sensitivity to moisturizers of any kind and if so how does the Shiseido compare to this sensitivity? By he way I love your channel have gone back to earlier videos and watched many I look forward to your videos when they come out and learn quite a bit about my make up mistakes and fortunately have learned that my facial care has been quite a bit better than the norm. Thank you enlightening us at least myself all your tips and tricks they have been eye-opening and helpful now if I could just get rid of my fine lines under my eyes all would be great. I saw your video on Accutane which I had to go through two rounds of from severe adult acne which I felt was worse than adolescent acne at the time I was going through this I knew nothing about full coverage medium coverage and so on make up so you can see everything under my make up it was difficult working the medical field with my face and adult cystic acne twice after the second time it never returned now I can go without make up and get compliments on my skin but it still doesn’t cover my severe under eye wrinkles what do you suggest that’s not prescription for under eye wrinkles or what everyone else calls fine line I don’t know what is so fine about them but I’d like to be rid of them or be able to cover them up do you have any suggestions would love the help

Emma Thing says:

I wanna try a new bronzer, because i have the Hoola one, but it makes me break out every time i use it, so that is pretty annoying! I have looked on the too faced one and it seems soooo pretty, but i’m scared that it is going to break me out too.. So if someone got any other bronzer recommendation then please comment.

jennyfin123 says:

the rimmel and elf bronzers are my favourite

Valerie Eaves says:

don’t mean to be mean but I don’t think the bronzer on her forehead looks very good

ryekirsch says:

Bourjois is available in Canada, just so everyone knows

DaniellasFallout says:

What brush was she holding?

Gina F says:

Tati you’re gorgeous!

Sharon He says:

What lashes are you wearing in this video? They’re so beautiful!

EmilyITaber says:

If you stop 0:13 at just the right frame, Tati’s face is hilarious.

Carol Rodriguez says:

Hi Tati im from Argentina . i’ll travel to usa this year and i would like to know wich drugstore bronzer should i buy. Because here there aren’t too many options. i would really apretiated if you could recomend me a brand or product that has a long lasting wear.
thank you!!!!
and sorry for my english!!

Taylor Bartels says:

Tati these lashes are amazing!!! What are they!?

Ang R says:

Walmart they have a Physician’s Formula $15 kit with foundation, blush and bronzer… same products they sell for $13-$15 each which breaks down to $5 a piece.

Mythi Nguyen says:

So right about the Rimmel. Love it

asthetic vibes says:

Ahhh tati I couldn’t even focus on the video because you’re so stunning in this video, Im honestly so jealous

Jennifer Lopez says:

God just always leave it up to tati ❤️

Yanna Desiree says:

Omfg what blue brush was that ????

Lama wafa tv says:

Arantxa Carmona says:

I found Almay’s Smart Shade Bronzer with the stars today and I’m extra excited that I bought it!!! I also got the blush and it is beautiful

Megan Dooley says:

Did tati ever do a full collection cause i think she finihsed all the graveyards

cindy liu says:

What’s the lipstick she’s wearing in the video?

Supriya Sorout says:

my elf bronzer doesnt show on me and looks too shimmery

Sarah C says:

For Americans not near a Canadian border, you can get Bourjoi on Amazon.

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