CHEAP DRUGSTORE vs. HIGH END: Dupe for Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzer?!?!


Today we’re going to be TESTING CHEAP DRUGSTORE DUPES!!! WOOT WOOT! I’ve been trying to incorporate more drugstore makeup / affordable makeup videos because I know it’s really helpful for a lot of you! The Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel is one of my holy grail products but it is SO EXPENSIVE. Literally $50. But it is seriously gorgeous and has the most beautiful warm, sun kissed undertone so I’ve made it my mission to find an amazing CHANEL BRONZER DUPE from the drugstore!! I had been hearing that the Sonia Kashuk cream bronzer was similar so today, I decided to put it to the test. Keep watching to find out if it’s a hit or a miss and if in face the Sonia Kashuk Cream Bronzer is a duper for the Soleil Tan De Chanel!


– Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel:

– Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Creme Bronzer:

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Rayya Samiya says:

I know I’m reallllly late but I love this vis

Zaira jasso says:

please tell me your shades of foundation for example mac because I want to buy the channel so bad but idk if it’s too light!…

kara cruz says:

sometimes my face gets peely and I get dry skin all over what do you recommend I do so my face can look more smooth?

Geenel Wells says:

Can you do a tutorial on this makeup look?!

I know this is from a while ago, but I love the look and it’s still a cool look that can be worn any season!

Love your videos btw, you’re super personable and funny – which definitely won me over as a subscriber ❤

Carmelina E says:

Check out “w7 makeup and glow bronzing base” on Amazon. It’s a company out of the U.K. That make dupes for high end products.

Joanna Pardo says:

What’s your foundation shade in mac for reference??

Michelle JKB says:

What about wear time?? Have you seen a difference in the wear time?

Maquillame Lily says:

After I run out of the Sonia Kashuk one I’m definitely getting that Chanel one

Adriana Alie Vargas says:

did it stay all day?

Ivy says:

I saw one video before I had too run to target unsure if I really should try it but now I’m watching your video and I can’t waiiiiit to use it

Courtney MUA says:

I just got this Fri and I will be buying a back up! $50 flat on Chanel’s site and all the samples, goodies, card, box and Chanel dust bag for this makes it worth it! best bronzer ever❤

edit- just because they look the same doesn’t mean they wear the same. you basically put product on your face for two seconds and gave a review.

Dreamboat Annie says:

Mathematically it seems the Chanel is the better deal in the end.

Rene Cruz says:

Yes plz do a tutorial on this eye look!!!

Leia Allaire says:

la traduction en français ne veut rien dire

RandyandCyndi Baker says:

by the time you bought enough of the Drug store bronzer, at .18 ounce, to equal the one ounce of product you would be over the $50 mark so the high end would be the cheaper or most bang for your buck. Go figure.

Ti Co says:

W7 wakeup and glow bronzer

Angel Woods says:

lustrelux is who u look like!!!!!

Shelby Cofrances says:

fragrances are added toxins that are not good for your skin. You really don’t want your makeup to have a fragrance.

Ida Devine says:

What an amazing dupe!! Thank u THANK YOU!!!!!!

邱韵 says:

I am your fan from China!!!!! Some brands and products in Asia like Kate, CPB, Pola, innisfree are also great! You can try them~

Janice Luckman says:

Wow you are stunning! Definitely want to splurge and get the Chanel after watching this. Just subbed xx

Elizabeth flores says:

You’re literally Madison Bears twin

reyna m. says:

Why would you swatch product comparison after c you tanned.. stupid

rosie pirvu says:

What nail polish are you wearing? xx

Anna Tomczyk says:

What is the eyeshadow you have on your eyes!! I love it

lovebunnies88 says:

love how you did a first impression with a dupe. This is awesome!!! Since we literally get to see your expressions and thoughts as you try it out. I hope you have more videos like this because I am going to look.


They do look very similar.

Angel Scarlett says:

What’re you wearing on your lips?

Leteca Tiina says:

I would die for that eye shadow.


Will the chanel bronzer show up on an nc37-40 skin tone?

Kaleigh Graham says:

You seriously get more gorgeous every time I watch a video! Could you please do a video on your teeth whitening routine or point me to the direction of the a video if you’ve ever done one? I am new to your channel so I wasn’t sure if you did one already but your smile is gorgeous!

Isabella Powers says:

They end up being the same price because it is about 1/5 of the price but 1/5 amount of product

Steven Untalan says:

Wow! Thank you so much for showing us this dupe! I can never find the Chanel Soleil bronzer on Guam and now that I know of an affordable option, I can order it online. Thanks and keep up the great work! 😀 <3

Sabrina20 says:

I am literally in love with your eye makeup. Can you do a tutorial?

Kate T says:

Has anyone tried the local lumi cushion bronzer? Is it good can you compare to either of these products? Thanks!!!

Jah A says:

Je ne sais pas qui a fait la traduction en français mais elle est catastrophique. J’ai préféré écouté que lire parce’que ça m’a piqué les yeux lol. Mais sinon merci pour l’effort.

Faith Barbie says:

if you’re found a dupes video, went did you google or pintrest it? fyi, people are watching this video, assuming you tried other products. if that’s the case, it defeats the purpose of watching you. you just totally discredited yourself. I’m moving on to the next you tuber. thumbs down. I do like your make up

Yoana Karina says:

wow your eyes looks so nice, please consider doing a tutorial on it

Makeupby Nayeli says:

is the chanel bronzer really creamy? or a moussr texture

Katarina Smith says:

How did the Sonia wear throughout the day? I was hoping it would suck so I could justify buying the Chanel lol. I still want it too

genevieve sousa says:

youre adorable i would love to be friends with youu, so glad i found you today because of this prodct lol

alma eufracio says:

I wonder how well it did through out the day.


Read my comment below for the exact dupe I mean formula, shade, everything

André Fernandes says:

The perfect dupe for the Channel cream bronzer is the Bourjois bronzing primer. Same shade, same factory, same claims (under or over foundation). The only difference is the smell, the size and the way they are pressed into the pot. And OBVIOUSLY THE PRICE! ✌️

Cristina Gosen says:

Just found this girl and I love her videos, especially the dupe videos

Nay says:

do a look on your eye make up plsssssss

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