Ambient Lighting Bronzers:
US: They will be available to Sephora’s VIB Rouge customers 4/7 – 4/14, and will launch wide on Sephora.com and HourglassCosmetics.com on 4/15. They will hit all stores in May.
UK: They will launch on May 15 in all stores and online.


Bibi Blue says:

Omg what foundation are u wearing under that bronzer? Your skin looks FLAWLESS, Wayne!

Tyrah Overton says:

i was worried the radiant bronzer wouldn’t show up on me but it does and gives me a beautiful bronze glow!!! I’m nc45 in mac and y445 in makeup forever hd and tohoe in nars !! i love this bronzer!!!

Maria L. says:

I just bought Luminous Bronze today and am in LOVE. It looks so beautiful on you!

Vickie Murden says:

Wayne, thank you for the quick review. Your skin was glowing for sure.

Also, just wanted to comment about your last video on your other channel. I absolutely think that one should think about what makes THEMSELVES happy without trying to please everyone else. You are happier with your shorter hair and I think it is great that you are doing what YOU LIKE and what makes you HAPPY. I think when someone is doing what they like for no other reason than that…. a person cannot help but have an inner glow. Because of this my gorgeous Wayne, you are definitely GLOWING.

This new bronzer is giving you an additional glow! V from Texas

AM Glam says:

Wayne… you are simply beautiful …and you really do have a beautiful heart xx

Claudia Rivera says:

Finally I was waiting for this review

WarRogers says:

How much is this bad boy? (Not Wayne, the powder).

Brandon Eska says:

Love these bronzes so much! It looks stunning on you!

MakeupBabe says:

You know Goss……I’ve been trying to figure out what is making you glow, besides the bronzer and your lovely skin of course. It’s a twinkle in your eye, like someone in love……….;)

Star Willows says:

always looking good wayne your green eyes real pop in this video lol 🙂

xnobzx says:

I hated these bronzers unfortunately.  To me they looked VERY orange.  So orange that I returned them.  Do they maybe have different shades in the UK?

Ledz Lim says:

Ugh been waiting for your review!! But I already got this after you gave them thumbs up on Twitter haha ;p

Chelsey Vargas says:

Could u just use a regular bronzer like Too Faced chocolate Soleil or hoola and then put the ambient lighting powder in luminous light over it and have the same effect??? Or are these bronzers just like no other and I’ll need it in my life? Lol

carismatic3 says:

Wayne u loosing too much weight your face is getting too skinny please try put on some weight. Thank u

Ciara says:

i’m just not able to spend the $50 right now, anyone know any dupes for while i save up?

Sara Goldfarb says:

I would die to have you do my make up!! xoxo

faye rainey says:

Skin looks beautiful! Where can you get these from in the UK when they release? Thanks xx

Elizabeth Olvera says:

+Wayne Goss what camera do you use ? & love your skin it looks flawless ❤

Jaxsy says:

Just bought Luminous bronze light today! I am in love!

gracekale11 says:

I have dark skin and I use the radiant bronzer as a highlight for the cheekbones & bridge of nose, looks amazing! Gotta improvise 😀

laughnowcrylater says:

Do u put it on all over your face Wayne or just on for head and cheeks?

Tina Handshy says:

Would these be a problem for oily skinned girls? What type of brush is the best for applying these?

Reyna's Retrospective says:

The bronzers each contain one of the ambient lighting powders (luminous light and radiant light) mixed with the “bronzing shade”. They are just magical! xx

silverstars7 says:

Wayne, the hourglass blushes and highlighters all have a ton of chunky glitter that are quite noticeable on the skin 🙁

Lindsay Broussard says:

I just found your channel and I feel like I hit the jackpot.  You’re so knowledgable and absolutely adorable!  I must now catch up on all your videos!

Sarah Sahar says:

yep i’m going to buy this, thank you so much!

MizBee says:

Would love to see you applying, and more remarks on which colors would work best on which skin tones. xo <3

crystal fredeluces says:

You are absolutely gorgeous!

NaeNae says:

Youre looking great!!congratulations on your new diet – youre looking even more fantastic and i didn’t even know that could be possible!!!

Victoria Root says:

Im so glad u did this review, i was hoping u would. Love u! Xoxo

carolyn1301977 says:

How does s makeup review sound sexy … how!!

Denise RV Shiraki says:

Can you please do a look with this hourglass.

Rahkel Madueno says:

Love it.

lajessbebe says:

Wayne did you only use them on your face? is that why you are two different shades from the face to the neck?

Christine G says:

Sunkissed glow! Love the tutorial and love the look on your skin!! Thank you for another video! XOXO

Susan Nadler says:

I would really enjoy more demos of all these wonderful products you review. You are such a talented person, and it would be great to see these items in action during a full face application or something along those lines. It would really help me get a better feel for how these look and perform.

Tyisha Chanel says:

These are nice but I’m not sure how’d they look on warmer skin like mine :/

elle emca says:

Wayne you look amazing!!

acacm12 says:

I love the bronzer , I just wish they left out the glitter . I love sheen without glitter

Nessie's Makeup says:

I love them too and yes you skin looks amazballs 🙂

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