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So there are a couple of different ways to use bronzer, and here are some tips on how to use it properly.

When it comes to bronzers you can either choose matte or something with a little bit of shimmer. I actually have both. Today, I am going to show you first how to use the shimmer with a stippling brush in a more natural way. The stippling brush basically just dissipates the amount of color you are applying because it starts thick and then thins out at the top. I am going to start by applying where sun would naturally hit the forehead, right up top here. This one has a really nice golden undertone. It’s going to give her a nice sun kiss look but not be too heavy. When I am doing this look it’s definitely going to be not so much for contouring, just more for giving yourself a little bit of glow if you feel too pale or you just want a little more color.

I am going to do the tops of the cheekbone here. You don’t want to go too far into this area. I’d say stop about here. Another rule of thumb is like two fingertips away. I’m doing the top of the cheekbone, because once again like I said, at the top of the forehead sun comes down and hits here. It also comes down and hits this part of the face here. Also, for this kind of look bronze the top of the nose. I’m also going to bring it down. I just like to do a little sweeping right on the chin because when you are bronzing you don’t want your face to look different than your neck. I kind of blend it downwards like this. This is really simple. Just a little bit of color. You really don’t want to use bronzer all over the entire face. It gets pretty monotonous and kind of dull. Using it in these couple of directional areas, I like to think of making a 3 on the face or an E, just kind of like this. That’s just a real simple tool, just a little tap on top of the nose.

The next trick is going to be a little more for contouring. I am using a matte bronzer and a brush that is tapered. It goes a little bit thinner so I can get that nice contoured look here. I am going to start at the cheekbone. Mattie if you could just go, perfect. If it’s hard for you to tell where underneath the cheekbone is, you just do this ugly little fishy face. Not that Mattie could ever look ugly. Here we go. You can relax. Thank you. Just kind of to get that first little tip. It might look intense at first because I’m using such a pointed brush and bronzer that is a little more concentrated in color but we are going to blend it, so no worries. It really makes the bronzer look more believable when you apply blush and highlighter. But, right now we are just focusing on the bronzer. Once again, you want to follow the two fingertip rule away from the outside of the moth. You don’t want the bronzer coming too far in. With this type of bronzer you definitely want to make sure you are blending.

The next tip I have is we are going to go to the temple right about here. I’m going to add a little bit of bronzer. This just kind of slims the face inwards. It creates a nice contrast, too, of the cheekbone between the lower contour and we would put highlight here and a little bit of contour again right here. Kind of brings it in this way. We are going to continue to sweep this up to the top of the forehead. Another cool tip for a little more of a contour type of bronze would be to keep kind of like we did on the other side but bring it down and do it even more dramatic here, on more of a contour type bronze. Instead of doing the bronzer on the top of the nose you would take it and do it on the side. I blend it downwards. This is a tricky spot. You really don’t want to do too much here. All right, and that is how to bronze properly.


Holly Little says:

This is good for people who is doing it for the first time

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natasha khan says:

which brush did she use in the second part?

Fizyka Rozszerzona says:

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Kat Cymru says:

That cheekbone line is almost at the jawline!!

aapki mayuri says:

the girl is Red sooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful

cod slayer mueez says:

U look ugly hahaha

Beverley Erinkitola says:

I can’t see the difference

Wendy Marino says:

What bronzer are u using

akkan Shukla says:

kitni gandi pony tail h iski

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which bronzer did she used at frst

Lexe Cat says:

Thank u this gave me a lot of information

Rosiegiggles TooMuch says:

Finally someone who shows how to use bronzer

Roza_Dragomir 666 says:

Thank you so much because I honestly didn’t know how to apply this for I’m being told that I have to do my mothers make-up

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christmas snow says:

I can’t stand when they don’t put their hair back first

What You Need To Know says:

Tell Maddie to hmu.

Sydney Short says:

So many negative comments. Why? LAY OFF PEOPLE! JEEZ!

summer glow says:

“Like this ugly fishy face” *maddie smiles uncomfortably *

Tony Mullenix says:

Being a makeup artist it drives me nuts to see hair in the models face when one is trying to do makeup! Put her hair back for –cks sake!!!! Also, contour is a shadow. Please do not use bronzers as a contour! It can work if blended properly but rarely looks right and is rarely blended properly!

Paula SP says:

OMG FINALLY a tutorial by a makeup artist who actually KNOWS what she is doing! Is this a dream?

Nicole Pieri says:

“so just…kind of…to get that first little…” WHAT

C G. says:

ugh, pick up her hair, it looks lazy when you dont even bother to pick up her hair….

Ράνια Αντωνιτσα says:

Can we use it in summer and in winter?

Riya Rana says:

can I use an eyeshadow of the same shade instead of bronzer?

Sour Eggz says:

I don’t think cool toned contouring kits were as readily available in 2013 as they are now… in fact, I don’t think there was many contouring kits out there AT ALL! Especially for different skin tones… I am sure as a makeup artist, she had access to these types of tones but as the video describes it is specific to bronzer’s various uses – something most people would have had more access to.

Cermet Del Rey says:

Why did they not put the girls hair back it was in the way lol

Caroline Smith says:

Is it just me or is it kinda soothing watching her put bronzer on that girl? Like the brushes look so soft and relaxing

Ellery Liddicoat23 says:

this video sucks

Alondra Fierro says:

Can i use contour and brozer togetjer

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Next video try to ponytail the hair pls

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No difference

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Do u need foundation first

Nazima Abdul says:

What brand of stippling brush is she using?

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the presenter looks like a transgender

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Where do you apply it for olders?

Roxanne Andrea says:

So using bronzer is just like contouring?

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