It Cosmetics CC + Radiance Ombre Bronzer Review

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Featured Product:

It Cosmetics CC + Radiance Ombre Bronzer

$34 at Ulta-

Brushes used- from Target Up & Up Complexion Set

(affiliate links used)

My info:
Shirt- Walmart
Nails- Milani Color Statement in Mint Crush
Bracelet- Claire’s
Foundation- In review- Estee Lauder Double Max. Cover Face/Body, In demo- L’oreal Visible Lift Blur (demo & review were shot on different days- but I am wearing the Ombre bronzer in both)
Blush- Essence How to Make Your Face Makeup Box- Think Pink Blush
Lips- Rimmel Lasting Finish- Kate Moss Matte collection- #102
Eyes- Essence How to Make Nude Eyes Makeup Box

Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me. These are my own, honest opinions. Not a sponsored video- I have never accepted money from a company in exchange for a video.


acbxx3 says:

hi emily!! could you do a review on the new Nyx suede palette? thanks!! <3

Michelle Gallegos says:

I love this bronzer! I too use colors separately and love all of them!

Hannah Catherine says:

Please do a review on the occ lip tars!!!!!!!

Elsa Rivera says:

Please consider reviewing BH Cosmetics Sculpt and Blend 10pc Brush Set. Some are comparing them to Sigma brushes, and since I don’t owe any Sigma brushes, I am interested in finding out your thoughts. 

Sharbani says:

You are glowing emily. Your hair, your skin, perfect. Also emily in one of your videos you mentioned the new target brushes, would love to have a review on that.

Natasha S says:

Emily I love your makeup here so much! I would really love to see a tutorial on it, if you had the time. Great review as always 🙂 (I must have commented this on like 4987439875 of your videos, lol).

About Face MUA says:

Nice review. I agree they should have made the highlight smaller and the other two shades larger. 

Zhen Yin says:

What amazing eye makeup that is!! And what a glow you have on! Thumbs up

Linda W says:

I love It Cosmetics, but I am a matte girl. I have their bronzer in the vitality disk and a compact about that same size of bronzer. So I think I am good for awhile. Thank you for letting us know with such a good honest review. You are the best. Have a great day. xoxo Linda

Heartland says:

Emily, Thank you.
I was trying to decide between this and LG matte bronzer. Recently purchased Balance n Brighten Love it!! Passing on this, Purchasing LG.

VANESSA Rod says:

That blue color shirt looks so good on you!!!!

Lauren Buchler says:

have you tried any It Cosmetics brushes? I just saw on Ulta’s website they have a new line “It Brushes for Ulta” there are a few that seem quite similar to their heavenly luxe powder brush and heavenly luxe jumbo powder brush….maybe you could review the new brushes and compare to their originals?! the new ones seem to be cheaper in price just not sure it also cheaper in quality. 

Miss Parisa Naderi says:

After your review I think I am sold 😀 🙂 xo

syc1185 says:

Love the eye look<3

Jenny Linehan says:

I never thought of using this as eyeshadow Em….what a Great idea.  I think I’ll pass on this Product though….even though I’m SO tempted to get it b/c of the Bronzer, but that will be used up before anything else and I’m not sure I want to have only shimmer to play with as I’m 44 yrs. old and trying to not act like I’m 20 something….LoL .  Thank You Em for doing a Review on this, I also watched Kristin Gehm’s Review and kept going back and forth but luckily now, my mind is made up.  Hugs Hon 🙂  Xo

naturallook4ever says:

I have been waiting to hear your review before making a decision on this.  Love that you could use it as e/s as well. It seems like a wonderful product and looks beautiful on you.  Thanks for sharing this with us.

Vicki Boedges says:

I’m so glad you reviewed this!  I ordered it a few days ago from QVC (wanted the brush) so now I’m sure I will like it.  Also, your makeup looks phenomenal!!

Ashlet says:

If you purchase this on QVC it comes with a huge fan brush that looks fantastic! I’ve been eyeing this for a while but I have too many other bronzers to use 😉

Savannah Katherine says:

When are you due? You’re so gorgeous!(:

Alexis R says:

I think they should have made the matte bronzer a much bigger section in the pallet.

Tracey ocgirl says:

just another “gimick” product

Paperista says:

It sells the bronzer and highlighter separately for those so inclined. Love IT.

thechuckmo says:

Thanks for an informative and right-to-the-point review. Much appreciated!

Lisa Remo says:

Your hair looks really pretty in this video!! Was it done with hot rollers?

JessiMokaJoe says:

You are so beautiful! I think, if I may say, the most beautiful woman on YouTube! Such an inspiration for me 🙂

itsmejecky says:

I dont get makeup companies that create something like this and makes the highlight way bigger than the bronzer.. dont they use bronzer and highlight?! you and your everyday videos..

tuna mansor says:

I like your smoky makeup its look so beautyfull on you

Sari Carrick says:

No one does such informative, in-depth and interesting reviews as you, Emily! I can’t trust anyone else anymore, I’m like, “I’ll wait for Emily’s review!”

Abby Sipos says:

you look soo pretty

Stephanie Salan says:

Don’t worry about running out of the bronzer.., the highlight is just an overspray. The bronzer is huge!

Cindy Romero says:


SHINeeBlingHolic says:

Can someone tell me what is the hot roller name and brand that she always talks about and is really loving?

Carisa Christian says:

Awesome video Emily! Thanks for sharing! Good luck to you & your family! Hugs!!!

Martini Chip says:

Great eye makeup! I would love to see a tutorial!

MsJen1028 says:

I saw this at Ulta and was tempted to get it. I think I’ll pass on this. Thank you for the video. Much love from Indiana!!! 😀 

Cassie Szczepanski says:

Oooooh, I really want this!

gypsijewel says:

well, it def looks fantastic on the skin, thats for sure

Hana Berlin says:

It looks so pretty!

rxstrmom says:

At 71 do you think this would work for me Emily?  Is it too much shimmer?  I’ve been looking at it and appreciate your review…xo patti  🙂

Jennifer Tarbox says:

I’ve already hit pan on the bronze part, love it, it has a true suntan look when I contour perimeter of my face. Use the shimmer half as eyeshadow!

Bailey Layne says:

I love this bronzer! I’ve been using it as eyeshadow too and it’s so quick and easy! 

Tara says:

I am so confused about color choices for bronzers as well as bronzing vs. contouring! I have seen videos stating that bronzers are not meant to use as a contour, that you should chose something with a gray undertone for contour. Also, being a fair skinned NC15-20, I never know what shade is right for my skin tone! I have a drawer full of bronzers as well lol. Any suggestions or thoughts would be helpful, thank you so much. 🙂

BreathInBritt says:

it looks like a beach in a compact LOL

Kary Cortazar says:

Emily I loved your review! Could you please review the bye bye pores powder? Pretty please!

kimjorg says:

You won’t run out of the bronzer. The highlighter is an overspray. You will eventually hit a completely matte bronzer even on the highlight side

KPsBeautyBuzz says:

You make a really good point about running out of certain shades quicker than others

Stephanie LP says:

I have owned this product for about 5 months and since then the middle portion seems to almost because a matte shade. It’s a thick overspray and I can see in the places I use most the matte brown underneath

ambycarr1695 says:

Emily, you are stunning! You are so gorgeous. You are a brunette Katherine Heighl! ❤

jess2u2282 says:

Could you please do a tutorial on the eye look with this? I loved the look! Thanks!

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