Nars Laguna VS Benefit Hoola Bronzer / Which is better?

Tell me which is better in YOUR opinion? 🙂

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Elle Quayle says:

maybe if you used the same brush for both products your opinion might’ve been more fair? The hoola bronze brush is crap and no one uses to haha, although the hoola bronzer is amazing used with a correct brush!

Gemm Furnier says:

Am I the only person who still uses bronzer as a bronzer? Like on the high points of your face?

Braig Swanson says:

are u russian?

Katie Yuan says:

stop hating on the hoola bronzer …….

Katharina says:

Which lipliner/lipstick in which color are you using? Looking sooooo beautiful on you !

Dahlia Price says:

Too biased… In my opinion Hoola gives you more natural effect than Nars…

vivandav67 says:

OF COURSE the (not so great) Hoola brush isn’t going to give you the effect of a fluffier brush..AND the bronzers are different…biased much? of the big reasons I got out of the business was all these new “experts” like her..ugh..

Gracie Dudley says:

Your beautiful ,you look like a model.

Sophie Salerno says:

Picks up the hoola and notices the pointless brush in it.. and mirror but decides she is going to use her own mirror anyways but doesn’t use her own brush and wonders why it is so patchy. Applies hoola as if she’s never used a bronzer before but applied laguna like a pro. She took more time blending laguna in then hoola. And the small brush ruined it from the start. I’m left with more questions than answers

Sev Go says:

Nars is orange !!!

Jennah Shah says:

Such a pointless review lmao

Lauren F says:

You are so gorgeous <3

Ichigo 24U says:

Subscribe ppl she is amazing

Elizabeth Jolie says:

I was try Hoola with my honey skin but need more dark…may be i will look at MAC bronzer instead.

Janet Hill says:

I just purchases Nars bronzer on Ebay for 25.00…you don’t need to pay full price! My bronzer is listed as new! I also purchased Hoola and I agree they are both the same. The brush Benefit should nixed it! It was the brush that made it spotty because It went on that way for me too. So, I used my Wayne Goss brush and it worked beautiful.

Caroline R says:

the lip liner on her bottom lip.. once you see it you can’t not

cherry pamneja says:

Which lipshade are u wearing?

Afliana Roth says:

Of course result isn’t the same if you used different brush. Your review is most funny one I have seen so far. Everyone love Hoola

Anna La says:

Benefit Hoola is anything but creamy !

FlashBack Mary says:

So biased.. if you use a tiny cheap brush, vs a brush that actually should be used, one is obviously gonna look better…

Pheebs says:

Can you make one for highlighters? PLEASE.

TheEvilsneekz says:

Lol well maybe if you used a real brush with the hoola

Marwa N says:

What foundation do you have on??!?! It looks AMAZING!!

I T says:

Bias. You put the Nars one on to perfection with MUA skill, in a contouring fashion, then you rubbed the Hoola, as though you’d never seen a brush before? Hoola is powder, not one bit creamy? The application was done better on Nars side… Nars is shimmery and Hoola is matte… there really isn’t much difference in it… then you had all Nars products advertised underneath? It’s not a fair review, if you are sponsored by Nars… why mention Hoola at all?

Giggly Hercules says:

You were so biased to Nars… bit of a pointless review in my opinion as it wasn’t a fair test of the hoola but ookay

R. M. says:

I bought small Hoola over Nars and let me say, I had the same problem with blending. I didn’t use the brush, which is included with the product.
My favourite bronzer is Soap and Glory Solar powder (in the UK from Boots). I have already been using the second one. It blends effortlessly, not like Hoola, even though I have been applying it with the same brush: So Eco Powder brush. It’s big and rounded, which I prefer.
So those of you who like Hoola, what brush would you recommend?

Kristina S says:

Tarte park avenue princess is the best!

Beautiful Irish says:

Ugly fake lips and how she cant speak English I barfed

Stella Marquez says:

Hola is better than Nars girl

katrina ladders says:

Very bias!

Wagon Wheel says:

Hoola is good but the brush it come with is not

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