Review Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer and Benefit Hoola

I am wearing:
Face- Miracle Skin Translucent, Guerlain Extreme, Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer, Maybelline Age Rewind Corrector, Clea De Paeu Concealer, Lorac Porefector powder
Eyes- MT Primer, MAC brule, Soft Brown and Scene, MAC Blitz and Glitz, Clinique High Drama Mascara, Shu Uemera Brow Pencil
Lips- MAC Whirl, Sequin lipstick and FUsion Blush gloss
Nails- OPI Niagra Falls for OPI

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Lisasz09 says:

either would work well! :o)

Lisasz09 says:

I did get it! I am shooing it in my haul that is loading today! It is better for more fair skin, but a touch more orange

heyitscs2012 says:

I bought the too faced bronzer but summer is coming up and I’m scared if I wear it I will be attacked by bugs

leizaify says:

Hi,Lisa Im saving money to buy a good bronzer because in mexico are kind of expensive,I want to know which bronzer is better this too faced bronzer or the chanel cream bronzer,please answer this question It will be really helpful.
greetings from mexico

Montana Snowflake says:

I got the “milk chocolate” color last week and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Its perfect, shade wise, and smells great.

bellaletty86 says:

Great details in the review, I will be buying too face bronzer. I am light with pink undertones.

zoemaini says:

too faced came out with a lighter version of this bronzer called ‘milk chocolate’ have you tried this one? do you think it would be better for very fair skin?

Kerry Mcguire says:

I was debating which bronzer to buy so I searched comparison and your video was the 1st and through watching it you answered my question. You were so thorough I became a new subscriber. I can’t wait to watch more videos. Thanks soo much

Lisasz09 says:

I did a comparison to the original too faced- it is darker and more olive toned that the original. the milk is lighter I hope tho shleps

mrsangie666 says:

same thing for me, hoola looks like mud on my face. Horrible color.

Lisasz09 says:

I have not tried that bronzer- sorry!

Matthew Lapping says:

U said it was good for contouring the hoola so if I’m just contouring wud it be ok for my nw15 nw13 pale skin I was using mac omega to contour but that made me look very bruised like and almost black across the cheek same as taupe colours they make me look very bruised like so wud bronzer be better option u said hoola was muddy and ur probably alot darker skin than me

Armageddon4 says:

hi, does too faced has “orange” tones?,,,,seems to be a great color…but i’m looking something which has no orange tones at all….
(i like your videos, i’m italian and it’ quite easy to understand what you say ) 🙂

Paulina Luciani says:

which is better for yellow undertones?

Lisasz09 says:

@julieannaloves I do have to blend but overall it is warmer on me.

Lisasz09 says:

I would say either would work- it depends on the type of brush you like to use. If you like a fluffy brush then I say the original, but if you like a dense brush I say the milk chocolate. I hope that helps!

Shelsy Bonilla says:

what is the different between conturing and bronzing ? which one do you recommend? for a semi fair person & a beginner… 

beautifulmindsdream says:

I LOVE your hair. please do a tutorial…

monicacmora says:

love the hair, did you do it yourself or get it done by someone else?

Lisasz09 says:

It is blac she’s not sure what type. It is by John hardy his 2010 collection I think.

Lisasz09 says:

Hola is better for olive toned skin and too faced is better for more pink beige undertone skin. I hope this helps

helgaar says:

i have warm skintone,with yellow undertone (NC40),, Hoola looks muddy on me.. will chocolate soleil looks better on me? thx b4

MelinaMUA says:

Hello pleas do a comparison with milk chocolate too faced vs holaa benefit im fair skin

Lisasz09 says:

The milk chocolate is a bit more orange than the original of the TF ones :O)

Lisasz09 says:

Too Faced has a new lighter one in the chocolate series called milk chocolate- I have a review coming up soon on it- it should work great for a paler skin tone

Lisasz09 says:

yes it should

Lisasz09 says:

no you will be fine I wore mine all last year! :O)

Lisasz09 says:

@monicacmora I did it! :o)

Ariah Berkshire says:

I’m really yellow undertoned and have no pink in my skin at all! The hula bronzer is my favorite! I only need a tiny bit of product for it to show up. If your skin is really yellow undertoned, get the hula!!! 🙂

Lisasz09 says:

I prefer the Too Faced one! It is more versatile

Miranda Mongold says:

It’d be great if you could hold the product up to the camera more 🙂 thanks for the video!

Lisasz09 says:

yes I think it would :o) Good Luck!

Right Rudder says:

I’m an NC30 on Mac, will this show up on me?

simone says:

Do the hoola one smells like chocolate?

Armageddon4 says:

ok, i guess i’ll have to try the benefit hoola… i think…so many girls say it’s not orange at all….

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