Today’s video is going to be a comparison and review of six different affordable and drugstore concealers including e.l.f. Cosmetics, Wet n Wild, NYX, Catrice, ColourPop, and Ulta. I also included a demo of me applying each one, so you can get an idea of what they look like on the face. If you enjoy this video, please give it a thumbs up and let me know in the comments below what you want me to compare next!

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*This is where I get almost all of my higher end makeup and some makeup storage containers for a discounted price!

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1:13 Comparisons
2:28 Wet n Wild Photo Focus Concealer
4:48 NYX HD Concealer
6:58 e.l.f. HD Lifting Concealer
9:18 ColourPop No Filter Concealer
11:36 Ulta Full Coverage Liquid Concealer
13:34 Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer

-High End Concealer Comparison
-Full Coverage Foundation Routine

-e.l.f. HD Lifting Concealer ($3.00)
-Wet n Wild Photo Focus Concealer ($3.99)
-NYX HD Concealer ($4.99)
-Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer ($5.99)
-ColourPop No Filter Concealer ($6.00)
-Ulta Full Coverage Liquid Concealer ($9.00)

-Eyes Urban Decay Naked Heat
-Lips Stila Serenata
-Shirt Target

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An Nguyen says:

Thanks for the thorough review! Can u make a vid like this but for pencil eyeliners?

Tamara M says:

I love the wet and wild concealer, hate the nyx concealer. Ty for your review, you always look flawless. Light ivory is me, sometimes i mix it with light medium beige. Try it with that patrick starr mac powder, maybe that will help with the creasing. I love the foundation because i dont like cake face.. and the color is good for me, most foundations turn yellow and gross. Dry skin, hate the nyx concealers, i have that green one too, its awful.

Amy Way says:

Thank you for including so many cruelty-free options!

Nera Omerovic says:

i think the catrice concealer smells like flowers, dont know if thats good or bad. very nice and helpful video, hope you will do more videos like that :)))

Hayley Pett says:

Can I just say you are such a beautiful person, even without makeup! Could you do a skin care routine? Thanks!

Ashleigh says:

what about the maybeline fit me concealer!

Savannah Boyd says:

Why hasn’t anyone pointed out Ulta isn’t cruelty-free

Alicia Calinoiu says:

looooove the new hairstyle….you look so much younger…..and loved the video too

Jen la mejor says:

my favorite concealer is colourpop very good quality n great price

belovedcici says:

Which mascara are you wearing in your demos?? Your lashes look amazing!!

Shayri Garg says:

What about wet n wild come correct concealer, Nyx gotcha covered waterproof concealer,

Paula B. Amaro says:

Ive lagirl pro concealer, catrice camouflage and wetnwild photofocus. And my current fave is WNW because i dont need to set it. The first days i did and i had awful creasing so i stopped doing it and its amazing. Natural and great for photos. Ive normal skin.

Alejandra Rodriguez says:

The Ulta concealer used to get really oily on me but I’ve noticed that if I don’t apply foundation under it, it looks perfect! I have oily skin so I think it had to do with using mortifying foundation & my skin overproducing oil. It’s also the only concealer that’s never creased on me. I do set it with the elf undereye powder immediately but I forgot to set it once & it didn’t get oily until 10 hours in

Courtney McCloskey says:

WOW i LOVE your look in this video! The hair is so cute (how do you do that??), the lip color is so fall, and I have the same shirt from Target in red!

Bethaney Garibay says:

I absouelty love your channel! You’re my go to makeup lady on YouTube! And I cannot, cannot thank you enough for introducing me to Elf and NYX! You’re awesome and so so beautiful! Much love from Texas ❤

Ana Farias says:

What brush do you use to buff out your concealer?

miiskogihmiiwan says:

For some reason the elf concealer makes me break out): makes me sad because the color matches PERFECTLY. but I have combination skin and it just makes me break out

Hayuhi says:

a good review. maybe i would buy the one from Catrice.

tanja i says:

My favorite is Sephora’s, and don’t like Born this way (its too cakey)

Heather Mullins says:

I love this video!! I have some of the concealers, I’ve been wanting to try the catrice and the ulta. (Have the ulta brand in my bag to order now) and I wanted to say I don’t think I’ve ever seen you with no makeup at all, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! with and without. So pretty (I look like death without my makeup. Lol)

Alexiz001 says:

Ugh, if only there were a way to see the Colourpop concealer shades in person! Sephora should really jump on this. I’ve watched swatches on different skin tones and everything and I’m still unsure about which shades I should get. I know they’re super affordable but I’d still feel pretty bad having to buy 4 shades and being stuck with two I probably won’t use but can’t return XD

MelissaXO says:

Yess the nyx hd is so good!!

Jenifer Peiris says:

Andrea can you try out the bh cosmetics studio pro concealer. I would really appreciate it.

sarah miller says:

My sister sent me a link to your video so I can find a nice concealer (I haven’t found my all time fav yet). I was wondering what kind of brush you are using? It looks like a stipple..?
PS I love the shade of lipstick on you!

barbarac102 says:

Hi Andrea, hope you have time for me. I’m looking for a drugstore concealer. I never had breakouts. I’m guessing the products for anti-aging may be the culprits. I always had compliments about my skin & never used a concealer. How about Maybelline or Cover Girl? Have you tried or heard anything about them or any drugstore products? Thanks for any help from you or your viewers.

Samantha March says:

I want to try the Colourpop!

Kim Peyton says:

My under eye always creased until I started using this combination: elf under eye primer then ulta concealer then elf under eye setting powder.

Claire Churchill says:

I use the NYX HD concealer and I have normal to dry skin, but this concealer makes my skin look sooo dry- even when I just use it to prime my eyelids before any eyeshadow, and in less than an hour my eyelids will be flaky! it totally ruins whatever I’m wearing and I’m definitely going to try the elf concealer since it was found to be more hydrating

PrettyD says:

You explain everything so well. I really enjoy the Colour Pop & Ulta Concealer

Catherine Oxendine says:

What Brush is that and if you could do a brush video that would be great

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