“BEST” CONCEALER IN THE WORLD?! • Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Review

My thoughts on the FAMOUS SHAPE TAPE! Daaamnnn this concealer is sooo hyped I had to review it! Watch to the end – I know this is a lot of peoples holy grail concealer, so please don’t be offend that my opinion is different from yours!

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer:
Shade: Light Sand

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Noel Jeong says:

i couldn’t agree with you more! im always surprised by how beauty gurus put tons of that concealer all over their undereye…!

Zainab says:

I don’t like the scent of the concealer lol, idk it just bothers me.

Sian Stuart St Clair says:

Wish I had your review at the time when I bought this concealer, your reviews are always so helpful. I have very dry skin and using this concealer once caused my under eyes to completely dry out, to the point where my skin was always red and so cracked to the point my under eye area looked like it was peeling – and this lasted for about 3 months no matter how much eye cream and hydrating products I used. I tried mixing it with other concealers and tried using the smallest amount, but I never seemed to like it. I was so hoping it would work for me considering all the good reviews – oh well.

Asian238 says:

Will you do a video of all hyped up products? and give Your opnion? thanks

Sonia Avalos says:

Agree. It creases.

Monica Lofgren says:

What shade in the CP concealer do you use!

Robyn Dalton beauty fashion says:

wow you know a lot about makeup

Jessica Lee says:

Have you ever tried The Saem concealer? It’s Korean. I’m curious how the Tarte one is to The Saem’s.

Brooke xx says:

Awwwww I love Tarte Shape Tape. I’ve had great luck with it, wish it would’ve worked out for you! Love your reviews

Alexia Cicler says:

what foundation are you wearing here? your skin looks FLAWLESS!!!

Alucard Peach says:

The Shape Tape felt like grease paint! Then it just smeared right off when I tried to blend it. Overpriced crap imo

La says:

shipping to my country costs 15-20€ from tarte 🙁 I want the shape tape so bad as there are only 2 concealers in my country that are pale enough for my skin tone, but their coverage sucks

Bridget Norris says:

This seems better for an eyeshadow primer I’m scared to try things like this since I have dry under eyes as well

Kimberly Santos says:

What palette did you use to your eyes?

See Vang says:

At 5:40. Yaaassss that’s what I’m saying too!

N Az says:

i had the exact same problem as you. light sand was such a weird consistency on me, and then i tried light neutral and it was a wayyyyyy better match, much much more flawless and not heavy or cakey. i always thought i’d be light sand because my skintone has yellow undertones, but the shade is super off and looks super cakey, it doesn’t even seem like it’s meant for people with yellow undertones. i suggest you try light neutral

Sarah D says:

So cool that you were honest. Really enjoyed this video!

Rickie Young says:

agh it’s so dry! i have to rush with this concealer bc it doesn’t blend. at the end of the day it leaves two big white circles and u can totally see where it was on my face, even tho i blended it early on it the day!

Mocha18 says:

I agree 100 percent, no matter what how good I moisturized this concealer looked cakey, I have dry skin so it was no good. And it really emphasized the fine lines under my eyes, I don’t get all the hype.

yoon mi says:

what ddi you use for your eye look here?

Asian238 says:

Great review, now I think youtubers use too much filter on videos that is why They look nice when use that concealer

J C says:

Do you have a tutorial for your eyeshadow from this video?

Jordan Kingsley says:

I just got this concealer and I noticed it did the same thing. I’ve honestly never seen my under eye look worse… thanks for the tips on how to use it

Nadiah Aznan says:

Thanks for the honest review! I was scared to try this out cause it’s such a heavy concealer. I’m glad I didn’t splurge and got the colourpop concealer instead. Thanks Judy!

Rocio Romainville says:

What is your favorite concealer??

Jill- Elizabeth Sivertson says:

I agree with you about the Tarte Shape concealer. I don’t know what all the hype is about. And I love the way you were so honest about it You didn’t just jump on the bandwagon. I also don’t care for the Colourpop no filter concealer. I find it drying and cakey. And I love love love Colourpop

Shua Yangs says:

Omg. I just got mine the other day.. I agree 100% on u about the tarte shape tape.

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