Bobbi Brown Full Cover Concealer | Review

Hi beauties!
Today I bring you a concealer review. This is a concealer that quite a few of you had been asking me about. After reading a quick description on Sephora, I just HAD to purchase it and put it to the test.
Thank you all so much for this request! I truly hope that you enjoy this video review.

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Here’s where you can find this concealer…if you so wish to purchase it:
I grabbed the shade Warm Natural

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Becky B says:

Think I’m going to pass on this one. Almost bought it a few days ago. Love your concealer videos. I’m always looking for the holy grail concealer. Would love to know your favorite concealer at this point ?

Vineice Mitchell says:

You stated that the product is thick. Maybe next time try using a little less product and that might help with it settling in your facial lines. Just a suggestion

Alison Haigh says:

I really like your eyeshadow, could you please do a tutorial on how you did it please. thankyou xx

Princessa Beltran says:

Def proves that some drug store products can be better that high end. Unfortunately some YouTubers are not honest. But I’m glad you are. Thanks for this honest review.

yael pinto says:

please do a review on the estee lauder double wear concealer!!

Bonnie Smith says:

great review Sarah I don’t think I will be buying this one …hugs

Deepti Ghai Sharma says:

great review

Sam Notta says:

Love all your videos! I have to say that I still love tarte shape concealer the best. Wondering if you could do a review on the YSL all hours full coverage foundation and also on the new Fenti beauty products launched by Rihanna. Thanks!

Elanhey Olvera says:

Love your reviews! Im also mexican and I live actually in Mexico and i love seeing your videos bc of you i got the tarte shape! Can you review the new concealer by kevyn aucoin? Im curious about it

Becky Orton says:

Thanks for the honest reviews. I too am blessed with dark circles and little hollows. I def won’t be buying this. Thanks so much. See you in your next video 🙂

Ashley Edwards says:

As someone who works for Bobbi brown and was trained on the product I can say that you didn’t do anything wrong at all. I’ve been running into this issue as well. Sometimes it works for me and other times it doesn’t. Also I’m so happy to finally watch someone on YouTube who researched it and didn’t just bash it

Elizabeth Torres says:

I bought this product before your review. Wish I would’ve waited before spending money on it.

adaptingg. tumblr says:

So lovely! You deserve so much more subscribers

Johanna Kitzenberger says:

Good review, thank you! If you could get closer for a better view of application though that would be great. The thumbnail looked like the product worked well??

Jennifer Autry says:

Wayne Goss swears by this product and he says the key is to not use too much of it. He says a little goes a long way. I wonder if it wouldn’t crease if you used less. He said its one of the only concealers you don’t have to set. I don’t know. Just a thought.

Maila Pulmano says:

Thanks for the review. I have dark under eye circles so I always teust your reviews. It is through your channel that i found out about tarte shape tape concealer and it is my holy grail and the only one that solves that problem. Can you review the fenty concealer? I’ve seen other beauty gurus do a review but they don’t havd dark circles like i do. Thanks!! I have a feeling it’s not as full coversge as tarte.

Noora Al Qassimi says:

You should try the nyx colour corrector!

Sweet Gal says:

Hey Sarah great video, im looking for a really good stay in place lipliner and waterproof. What do u recommend? Or if anyone has suggestions I’ll appreciate thanks!!

Mean Teen says:

Thanks for this review & for being honest. Love your chnl ♥

yas44 says:

You have to let it set. Review isn’t valid if you don’t let it set before blending it out.

Laura Munoz says:

Love your videos!!! especially since you are morenita like me and I have dark circles too so I can definitely pull the looks you do. Thank you!!!

Paula Smith says:

This happens to me every day regardless of the concealer I use must be because I’m 43! What is your favorite concealer? I have the same under eye issues as you

sandy gonzalez says:

Yeah, just the applicator itself made me not like it. Thanks for this videos bc I do have dark circles also

Ramona Samuels says:

Great review. I appreciate these peeks at products and how they are working. I get creasing as well so I will probably skip this one.

tiffp323 says:

Seriously the Maybelline Better Skin concealer with a blue top works way better with an orange corrector under it. I have pretty dark under eye circles and I LOVED using that one all summer. Always see it with the Ben Bye banana powder. It works!

Lesly Camargo says:

love your concealer videos!

Celalove T says:

Thanks for the video
By wanted to share with you this weekend Sunday the 17th @ ULTA there having a sale the beccaa under eye brightening is only $15 … so stock up. This month they are having 21 days sale . Just wanted to share

lela says:

hi, have you ever tried urban decay’s color correcting concealers? They are going on sale soon as part of Ulta’s 21 days of beauty for half off. I was wondering if It was worth purchasing…let me know your thoughts.

Ariana Pérez says:

Please try dermablend corrector by vichy

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