Colourpop No Filter Concealer | Wear Test + Review (Deep Golden & Deep)

Hello hello hello beautiful people! We’re one step closer to a Colourpop foundation! Colourpop has finally come with concealers but do they live up to the name of no filter concealer? -the gabber

Colourpop No Filter Concealer (Deep Golden)
Colourpop No Filter Concealer (Deep 70)

Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme
Becca Lipstick (Milk Chocolate)
Dose of Colors (Chocolate Wasted)

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Mckelvy Mckelvy says:

it transfers too bad for me

childish bambino says:

when you started blending out that deep golden I was like oh nononononono

Quijuandas says:

Great review! ❤️

Hunter Jarvis says:

Looking gorgeous as always! I LOVE this hair on you queen ❤️✨

N.L. Lavien says:

I live for all your reviews and videos! They’re always great quality!

Any small youtubers want to support each other?

Krys_tal says:

I think I’m going to try the same colors you did, the before then after oxidation was crazy! And no shade to CP but the shade range for WOC could be better. There need to be some in between shades with different undertones and darker shades…Would you ever try the concealer as a foundation?

Waheeda Deen says:

The only people I trust with complexion products for dark skin are you and auntie Jackie

Ann Ann says:

Uh. You kinda mixed the two concealers when you passed the sponge over the two sides of your face. Lol. Not exactly helpful.

Sara Khan says:

You’re sooo pretty w/o makeup!!

Brown Orange says:

I love how you talk and explain everything!

Cloves Painted Canvas says:

Be careful how u word things. You said its gonna crease on people… not necessarily true. Some people had absolutely no creasing…even on creasy eyes. Everyone’s skin is diff so i wouldnt tell people its def gonna crease. Everyones skin responds differently. Thts all. Great review…try Rich next time as your conceal color, id love to see that ine in you. Ciao!

mysticwaves says:

I’ve been subscribed to your channel for months and JUST found out you’re Haitian through this video omgggggggg. I can definitely hear your family in the background towards the end of the video and girl I know the struggle. Someone in that room laughs just like my mom like damn lmao!

Love seeing one of my own out here thriving and doing your thing! you’re absolutely gorgeous and your makeup looks are always amazing. But most importantly i love your honesty and no nonsense personality which is a rarity on youtube. I’ve been a supporter of you and now I gotta rep 10 times harder now. I feel so proud and it helps seeing one of my people being successful because it motivates me in my own life.

I’ve been eying this concealer mostly because of the price point for a makeup starter kit for myself but the reviews have been polarizing (mostly due to the shade range which I agree) but seeing it on you helped and I think deep golden might work for me since I’m half a shade lighter than you.

Much love to you girlie!!!

zingrosa says:

I love how in depth your reviews are

Nyayian Biel says:

Ooh girl I was kind of concerned. I was like really Colourpop? But, if deep is close to your foundation… hopefully it will work as my highlight. I just have one question, is “Deep” a red undertone. < I'm not trying to look like Casper.

M C says:

what store carries colorpop? I dont like online orders for make up

Beautyonthegowithmsjo says:

This was a really Good review!

vamperkillzshy says:

wouldn’t conceal and highlight be the same thing?

megan janes says:

i loooove your hair, is it weave?? if it is what brand and specific hair is it?

bluequeentv says:

thanks for talking about the oxidation of the concealer.

Bree Love says:

Can you do the colourpop karruche collab fem rosa

kesonia jones says:

I am here for the curls chica, yasss! Also, thank you for testing and reviewing the concealers!! I always look forward to watching any of your videos 🙂

mari fofa says:

yay!! finally a video! does the taste shape tape crease?

Chaz Michael says:

Sis, you are the tea. Please keep doing what you are doing on your channel. The constant upload and concise articulation of benefits, as well as cons, of these products, is all of the things.

Kiarra Means says:

Nahh deep 70 really disappears on her hand

Sheriece McWilliams says:

That frown when you could hear your family…Priceless lol!

NaturallyTatted says:

Great review!!

Amoafoa says:

These beauty brands’ shade range is 50 shades of beige and a sassy dark skinned friend

vanessa ray says:

I ordered the day they released & my order hasn’t even shipped yet. Colourpop needs to get it together.

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