Concealer WEAR Test | Tarte Shape Tape VS Too Faced Born This Way

I’m always looking for the best concealer for fair skin out there that won’t crease on my oily skin! Today I did a wear test between the new Too Faced Born This Way Concealer and Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. I’ll show you my first impression, an application
demonstration, and give you a full review after a 10 hour wear test. Will Tarte Shape Tape come out on top or will it be Too Faced Born This Way? Or both?

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What am I wearing?
Top: Calvin Klein

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*Disclaimer: Olay has invited me to partner with them to test out their new Olay Eyes line; this and the videos to follow are sponsored videos. My opinions are my own, regardless of compensation. I only consider sharing products after careful consideration beforehand, both of the products and the company behind them. I care deeply about you, the audience, and am always keeping you in mind when I do decide to share products. 9 out of 10 companies that contact me to review products for you are not accepted simply because I believe in only bringing you the best quality products (many of them are subpar, and that’s an understatement). 😉


stormi nicole norfolk says:

just got the tarte shape tape concealer tonight. excited. im so glad a little goes a long way and its very full coverage! excited

a person says:

I hate the too faced one bc no matter how much I set it, it still creases

Anaid McDonald says:

OMG, you have really amazing skin!!!
Thanks for the comparison!

Mari Pere says:

Which shade of tarte use?

Blues Clues says:

wouldn’t using the same sponge defeat the purpose of doing it on diffrent sides of the face ?

Lay G says:

You didnt mention what shade you used in the tarte?

Danielle Manning says:

What shades did you use in both?

Dede Kunkle says:

the shape tape creases sooooooo bad

Mya M says:

Loved this video!!

Nicoleta Dumitru says:

if I’m in shade nc 20 in mac pro longwear concealer which shade I will be in tarte shape tape! Pls somebody respond!

Nana Lee says:

What shade are u in

Katie Bright says:

what color of those concealers did you use? I don’t remember hearing the shades mentioned. Please let me know because I have about the same skin tone as you

Joey Spinali says:

What shade of the shape tape did you use?

Fony Melinda says:

what shade of the tarte concealer you used?

Moon R says:

what shades is she using? heeelp

Del Cee says:

Zabrena! YouTube made me buy this. Seriously, Mac Pro long wear concealer is still my queen for concealers. You look glowing btw! Baby cooking agrees with you. Cheers!

Serena Saavedra says:

What eyelashes are you wearing if you dont mind me asking

Vanessa Lajara says:

what shades are you in both concealers?

Anna Maria makeup says:

What shades did you get?

Andreea Potra says:

I have dry skin (and under-eyes) and bad dark circles…does anyone have recommendations? Btw. I feel like the Too Faced doesn’t give enough coverage, MAC prolongwear is wayy to cakey and UD is just weird on me (yeah, I’m basically hopeless)

Althea althea says:

Hi zabrena! What shade did you get for the shape tape?

Thalita Ferraz says:

Just perfect hair! Gorgeous!

Lara Tiara says:

I’m a new subscriber (where the heck have I been?!), and just want to say that I love you! You are stunning and have such pretty hair! Thanks for your videos.

Julianne Ramos says:

This was so helpful! Thank you, Zabrena! ❤️

The Cat Lady says:

ugh, the only thing i hate about the too faced concealers is that the fair shades are pink. i’m super pale but have neutral to warm undertones 🙁

Stephz Rocha says:

What shades did you use both brands?

Jessica Downey says:

Just watched this- my 2 fav concealers,& Jett’s baby video-just subscribed! You’re definately a classy lady- love that!

Desiree Lane says:

Can you please do a video on concealing dark under eyes when not going to be wearing any foundation Just concealer PLEASE

Rachel Magowan says:

The Born This Way concealer feels and performs like a perfect hybrid of the nars radiant creamy concealer and Urban decay Naked concealer

Megan S says:

Zabrena, I absoutely love your videos!! I am definitely a novice with make up but I had a question. I heard applying make up with your fingers is bad and adds more oils to your face, do you believe that? Thank you!

Emma Younger says:

How much are they both?

Isabella Perini says:


Tera Scott says:

Your so pretty!

Ann Malone says:

Shucks!!! You almost not need any concealer. Any one would work on you

Jill Plummer says:

Came across your video had to leave some love to support a beauty YouTuber! Love your makeup. Ialready have the Tarte shape tape but i really want to try to Too Faced concealer. Think its work the money??? Also what shades did you use in each concealer?

Karla León says:

What are you using for your eyebrows?! I have the same hair color and I’ve been thinking about dying them in the same color!

LuneNoir says:

You have beautiful big blue eyes! I love super round large eyes lol

Leila Khan says:

i just got the shape tape because I’m just overall obsessed with taste products. Im in the shade light sand

Abagail Szpara says:

Well I mean…what do you expect when you wear a concealer for ten hours without fixing it… haha. Still a good concealer for people who just want to wear for a little bit.

Ann Malone says:

Shucks!!! You almost not need any concealer. Any one would work on you

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