Full coverage concealer is a life changer (esp under the eyes, esp if youre me) but it can get ugly fast. Urban Decay just released their new All Nighter full cover concealer and I wanted to see how it compares to my current favorite, Tarte Shape Tape. It’s a wear test.. It’s a review. It’s a battle to the death on my face. It’s the ugly truth 🙂 Subscribe! haha

Urban Decay All Nighter Waterproof Full‑Coverage Concealer – http://bit.ly/2ADAM4j
Tarte Shape Tape Concealer http://bit.ly/2ADOTaa

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Claire Salas says:


ladybird242 says:

Thank you for getting so close to the camera!

Gwen Not Glen says:

I don’t know what it is but I’ve bought and returned Shape Tape 3 times now. I just can’t get it to work with my skin! I

Το κανάλι σου says:

Greetings from Greece! I have subscribed at your Channel and like this video! I would appreciate your presence in my Channel!

Hideyokids Hideyollamas says:

Kylie brought me here

moosewhale says:

haahah leighann ” I know that shart…” <3

Ottergether says:

Loving the backdrop

Daniela Collier says:

I feel like your left eye in general is slightly different from your right. Also line wise you have an extra line on the shape tape side thank the urban decay. I feel like you might be just a little more biased to the UD because you swear and live by shape tape.

Shannon Coleman says:

to me i see no difference except the applicator and maybe how much product is actually in it
but for me i like  tiny applicator so i don’t go concealer crazy and i like having the most bang for my buck

Alisha Guild says:

What eye shadow are you wearing?? 🙂 love your makeup looks!!!

Kelly Beach says:

Omg your background is a throw back to the early 90’s school pictures!!! As soon I saw it that’s what u thought of right away….anyone else???? Lmao but totally loving it

charity davies says:

What brush is that ? Thank you!!

Kat O says:

Dude your “pretty rough” is my “as good as it gets.”

Stephanie says:

Say “the ugly truth again.”

Linda Luostarinen says:

Finally someone is zooming close enough so we can really see the difference! Thank you! I hate when people do make up tutorials or videos like this and they are filming million miles away from the camera and we can’t see anything 😀 you look beautiful and I’m happy you found your wedding dress!! 🙂

psstkirsten says:

Leighann looking exactly the same: “I look so rough!”

Girl, no!

Michele Brown says:

They both look dry up close, I find full coverage concealers will do this. I put a small amount of shape tape in the corner of my eye then put the Tarte aqua concealer under the rest of my eyes.

Shannon Grey says:

Your bloopers in this video basically capture my mood this whole month so far. Hahaha

Gina Flanigan says:

I actually like the color of the UD on you better

Tammy St. Jean says:

Urban Decay dosen’t even make a concealer pale enough for me so I’ll be sticking with my tarte even ifit’s really hard to get here in Canada.

Monica Barry says:

I was hoping someone would do this comparison wear test! Yay!!

ambeaux goddess says:

‘You don’t need very much’ *Puts on half the tube*

Meredith Coiner Alexander says:

“The ugly truth”……you have no ugly truth! You want to see ugly truth you would have to look at my 53 year old eyes ! You are perfection my dear ! Congratulations on the wedding dress……always so fun and exciting.

Leah Brand says:

Hey! Have you tried the Colourpop concealer? I’ve tried that one, and it’s crazy full coverage and thick. I’ve heard it’s a dupe for shape tape, but I haven’t tried that one, so I’d be super curious to hear what you think. It’s only 6 bucks, so if it is close, that’s major.

I Makeup Stuff says:

Part of the draw for the shape tape is that you get so much product. You get about 3x as much product as the UD one, and the UD one is more money…..

Ash Duncan says:

Shape tape has more product in it than All Nighter. 🙂

Ash says:

Thank you for comparing these two & letting us get up close & personal to see the results! I’ve been wondering about both of these concealers, so it’s so helpful to see them side by side.

SINternet Entertainment says:

I care that you found your dress. Im so happy for you and cant want to see it. Is there any drug store concealer you would say try? That is something you should do in a video drug store vs higher in.

Carin's Corner says:

My curiosity is cured. Thank you!

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