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This installment of my Glossier Sunday series is all about Stretch Concealer, the lightweight cover up that still looks like skin. This pot is all about dewy, sheer coverage. Stay tuned for another Glossier review next weekend!

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Carissa C says:

I’d love to see some tinted moisturizer and lip balm reviews!

Hectic Sophie says:

Just got my stretch concealer in the mail a couple of days ago and I’ve really been liking it. Doesn’t completely hide my very dark circles, but it is perfect for toning down the purple without getting cakey or creasing.

Gabriela Makhlouf says:

does this concealer crease a lot? i want to try it but i hab a lot of fine lines on my undereye aerea……….

Kimberley Shanley says:

Recommend mascaras would be a great video. Love your aesthetic btw x

Shooketh says:

Miss Matilda I absolutely love the stretch concealer, but it gets a line in it when I laugh a lot and I have to blend it out, and it looks like I have some dry patches 🙁 can you give some tips please?

Ee Ting Ng says:

Love that you also learn from the best – Lisa 🙂

sz says:

I second the tinted moisturizers!

3legged Kitten says:

Yes, videos on your faves within a product category would be awesome!!

Yiting Yu says:

love the style of your video!

Caitlin says:

Haha! I laughed out loud. It IS undetectable on the skin, I agree with you! This is such a go-to for me in the morning on work days for the under eyes when I don’t want to look like I’m wearing makeup. Quick and light. Perfect review 🙂 I second the skincare comment below, I’d love to hear your favourites!

CoffeenGlam says:

Sounds like the right product for when your having a really good skin day. Overall I love their approach to showing real, natural beauty. I really want to go this way more, maybe I should try it then

beffy says:

So glad i found you in the recommended bar 🙂 i love this format of video, and are you a writer? You have such a way with words, descriptive- but not rambly. Really enjoyed making my way through your Glossier reviews this morning, I’d be interested in seeing what your thoughts are on the perfume! Or any other perfumes for that matter (currently in the market since Dior killed off the Miss Dior i’ve been wearing for 7 years :/)

ChaoticDoll says:

What I always feel about this is that when your skin moves, this concealer moves with it, rather than just sitting there each time your face creases due to expressions and then settling into those creases.

Vishali Jassal says:

Love her style ❤️ of her tutorial

Jess Ferris says:

I’d love to see videos on your most used products in different categories!

Dawn Baby says:

I just ordered this concealer in medium and I think it may be too dark although it doesn’t look too dark on your skin so I might be ok…I have dry skin so could I use it just under my eyes and put another lighter shade concealer over the top, that way I get the moisture and coverage? Thank you xx

Daniela Guerrero says:

Hi I’d really like to see a video on your favorite sheer coverage concealers. I haven’t seen anyone compare the rms uncover up to the glossier concealer even though they seem like good dupes for each other. Also, (unrelated but) I recommend the milk makeup skin tint. It’s really sheer and seems like the type of product you’d like!

Serena Rose8 says:

Where do you get glossier in Australia??!!

3legged Kitten says:

Also your morning and evening skincare routine would be interesting. 🙂

xiomara says:

what undertone would you say the medium has? neutral concealers tend to pull gray on me but i always have to search to figure out what it is, and i can’t exactly do that now

Lindsay Swaim says:

Nice looking video. Glad to hear you talk about acne cover up. I find most reviews only talk about minor redness and under eyes.

Maddie T says:

Finally bought this concealer because of your review and I love it. Despite having oily skin, I find that it looks amazing on my skin and doesn’t look too oily or slick. I have old patches of hyperpigmentation that are too annoying to cover individually so I just slap this on larger areas and my skin looks so much better. I also get really red when I’m out in the sun (maybe I’m allergic to the sun??) and this just works really well to even out the areas that I don’t want redness. It also doesn’t break me out which is amazing because of all the comedogenic ingredients in it??? I’m sold. Ugh. Thank you so much for your lovely review and for convincing me to take a chance on this concealer.

muriel quan says:

Yes, I agree with everything you said! I use this alone when I’m having a great skin day. Dewy, and just with a dab of a tinted lip balm and that’s it.

Disney Toys R 4 Fun says:

omg yes give us those comparisons and reviews!

Artemis V says:

I’ve been using the stretch concealer for the last couple of weeks and I love how it looks on the skin. It creases no matter what, but it actually looks better if I don’t set it. Unfortunately it breaks me out when used on the rest of the face but it’s beautiful on the undereye area!

valhoff3 says:

I loved Season 1 Of “Stranger Things” (Its based on the abandoned Air Force base, Camp Hero in Montauk, NY near where I live.) And I love Stretch concealer under my old, dry eyes. It’s good!

MH Tumpa says:

Why don’t you talk about products’ shade range? Like this product doesn’t even have enough shade for darker skin. Would love to see you talk about every products shade range a lil bit more. Just not only about those products which only matches your skinshade 🙂

Eliza Hughes says:

Tinted moisturisers please! xx

Cassandra Puentes says:

Lol was just watching season 2 of Stranger Things earlier. Btw love your videos!♡

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