Is this the future of concealers? A concealer that is “invisible to a 4K camera?”

Last year make up for ever released the NEW Ultra HD Foundation which was now 4k compatible: Review and demo here:

They’ve now launched the new Ultra HD Concealer. Again, i’ve filmed this in 4k s you can see the results for yourself. I choose a shade, that when blended wasn’t “instagram light” but enough to brighten the eyes. The texture is really quite special and the ability to not “seek out lines” is something that make up for ever really need to be commended for.

You can either set this with powder or leave as is (which i choose to do).

So is this the future of CONCEALERS? Let me know what you think?

Wayne 🙂

NOTE: Product is my own, this is NOT a sponsored video.

Available from:

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sami hassan says:

your skin I s perfect believe me man you don’t know what real dark circles looks like …

Isal tom says:

I bought it, it’s wonderful. Thank you Wayne

Sue Jennex says:

How do I know whether to use a corrector or brightening concealer ? I have a tiny bit of dark ..and a tired look under my eyes

Qua1ntrelle says:

i honestly love his excitement omg its precious

Jody Ballard says:

Thank you for including women of color! You’re amazing!

trappistpreserves says:

I LOVE that bit at the end when you’re asking us to put the thumbs up! I’ll do anything for you, Wayne. xxx

Jasmen Smith says:

I would love to share a bottle of champagne with you. You look so fun! Obsessed with your tutorials! I buy every recommendation you post! Love from Australia

GrrrRobin says:

Ugh the outside corner! I have the same issue.

neelofaryusuf91 says:

wayne u almost have perfect skin

Anthony Carroll says:

Bobbi brown under eye highlighter in ‘Bisque’ add a few drops of olive oil into the bottle and it works for hiding shadows like a dream. Perfect mix of high pigment and smooth slip. I’ve been quietly passing it on to the girl in work

Gerry Adams says:

What colour of this concealer did he use?

don't kill me i'm already dead says:

i don’t know why in my eyes it just creases so much! it doesn’t look good at all and i honestly don’t get it because when the guy at sephora put it on me (he also layered underneath an orange colour corrector) looked amazing! is there something i might be doing wrong or is it just my skin complexion or despigmentation?

RenegadeTimes says:

men with make up I’m so turned on lol ..not so much

Mila Anouska says:

I trust this man more than I trust myself

g0ldbeauty lee says:

what shade did he use for the brightening part?

aley dinesh says:

hi Wayne! ! do you still love nars concealer? I’m trying to decide if i should get nars, smashbox or this! ty♡

Allie says:

You have beautiful skin!!!!!

alleghany999 says:

Wayne, I can’t imagine what I would look like, if not for you. xox

Gail Meyer says:

Wayne, I have oily mature skin ( in other words wrinkles around my eyes) I can’t seem to find a foundation that doesn’t go to the creases (wrinkles.) do you know what would be better for my skin?

Lumi LaBonte says:

ps. i never proofread or care about grammar and noticed some bubu’s in my coment below. Wayne if a person ( ok it’ s me) does not have dark circles or gets puffy eyes and has naturally great skin and can use a bronzer lightly to even it out to flawless…but I like doing myself up even though i am 42 Nobody has ever guessed me older then 28 and that is with full make up, hair, outfit to kill with major heels…I love that look on me even though my husband and all my x-bf before liked me best fresh out of the shower with no make up and wet hair… that I look 23 NOW. I think you would say if you have nothing to cover skip concealer right? I normally do just use the tiniest bit of shimmer just outside the t-zone. I was a swimsuit and print model and that’s how I learnrned that. would you agree? I imagine so but if not and find time let me know in a below comment. My face is between mostly M Monroe and a Young prettier Madonna…tiny splash of Gwen Stefani….(Btw….When I mention people to use as examples it is not me-my words but people I know and even strangers…I have to use known people so you can get a visual). At 5 foot 6 and 113lbs I look hourglass but it is because my bottom ribcage tapers in. Do you think that a persons spirit can change their outer appearane?? For example I have been a fairly good person in my life and my heart is pure and childlike…always remember drawing animals and children to me without any kind of effort. I cannot even fool doctors….tested my theory. Could a person’s interior keep them from aging in your opinion? I will be honest Wayne…..I am not at all dilligent about skincare, diet, or exercise….just busy. I admit Grace be to God/ Christ that I have had very little stress in life and even though very educated I have been humbled not to HAVE to work. I do not understand how someone 42 years of age has stopped aging and even regressed after having my son. I am not against plastic surgery but I do not see needing it anytime soon. I wish scientists would study this…Do not get me wrong Wayne I know what a blessing this is and I am so humbled. Have you encounters others like me? I cannot be the only one…Most people my age of 42 can pass for my mom..I do not know if it is my innocent soul or what since I am all natural. I know genes play a good part but to regress in age like I have is not ever spoken of. If you have any insight as to why this is going on with me I would love your insight. I wish this for everyone!

Tasneem Omar says:

you’re so beautiful!

Belicious Bella says:

Omg you look so nice ! I haven’t been in YouTube like for ages and just saw your video and now you look even more good looking :):*

Taylor Everett says:

love this concealer sooooo much

charlene says:

Can you do some drugstore review products ? P.s your amazing

Svet Lana says:

Супер!!! Отличный консилер! Спасибо!!!)

BeautyHealthandCurls says:

it looks really good

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