It Cosmetics “Bye Bye Under Eye” Anti-Aging Concealer: First Impression + Review!

While this concealer is definitely hyped, I feel like it’s not widely talked about…. people either love it or leave it so I figured I needed to know which camp I’m in too! Is it the best under eye concealer I’ve ever used or just overall ‘meh’? Let’s find out together ◟(◔ั₀◔ั )◞ ༘♡

*・゜゚・*☆ GENERAL INFO ☆*・゜゚・*

★Snapchat: thriftthick


★Camera (at home): Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200
★Camera (out & about): Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS15
★Editing Software: iMovie

*・゜゚・*☆ FOTD/OOTD ☆*・゜゚・*

★On my face:
◇ Revlon Colorstay 2-In-1 Compact Makeup “Ivory”
◇ Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer “Light Neutral”
◇ it Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer “Neutral Medium”
◇ Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder
◇ M.A.C. Extra Dimension Bronzer “Aphrodite’s Shell” (L.E.)
◇ tarte “Bling It On” Amazonian clay blush palette (L.E.)
◇ Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight
◇ Too Faced The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette
◇ Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum “Ultra Black”
◇ benefit “They’re Real!” Mascara
◇ CoverGirl Super Sizer Waterproof Mascara
◇ Motives Essential Brow Kit
◇ anastasia brow fix
◇ Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick “N9 Copper Pink”

★On my bod:
◇ Cardigan: Goodwill
◇ Lace Cami: Target
◇ Necklace: D.I.Y.
◇ Ring: Gift
◇ Nails: essie “starry starry night” + Jamberry Wraps (thank you Kate!! ❤︎)
◇ Glasses: Men’s Ray Ban sunglasses frames w/prescription lenses (Pearle Vision)

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★Best & Worst of Beauty: February 2016

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★LBN667 “Yuu”, “You Feel Like Me”, & “Let’s Go, Smokes”:

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Amanda Contreras says:

Gorgeous cat eyes, Cassie!!!

Daisy Szabo says:

You’re soo adorable.
*new subscriber here*

Jessica Lilly says:

Omg you are extra beautiful in this video

Aly Sellin says:

Neutral medium is too damn white on me and I’m pretty white. I use the dark and it works amazing. Best concealer ever.

truthtoknow says:

I think the concealer brush really made it creasy. You should’ve use your fingers or a sponge.

Yasmin Abdul says:

Happy that you zoomed in.

Christina Ditter says:

I like the color. I enjoy watching your makeup tutorials, you have beautiful eyes and a fun personality. Keep up the great work.

Detta Jane says:

You have the prettiest eye color on earth

Katie Q Anderson says:

cute DIY necklace!

Julia Fayant says:

Less talking! Just get to it geezzz!

Kathy Brewer says:

will that cover eyebags ?

Kayla says:

That eye make up is SO flattering!

Catherine Melnyk says:

You have got the most amazing eyes!

Mel Vern says:

You have gorgeous green eyes! Believe in you! I do!

lillith rose says:

I actually prefer the usual lighting, it was too hard to see clearly in the natural light

Megnog says:

which do you recommend more– this, or shape tape? TIA!

Carol Leitz says:

thank you for your reviews .You are beautiful!

Harlow Storms says:

Omg you’re too cute!!

Leah Vosburg says:

Cassie do you still use this?

Squirrel_Of_Mistri says:

When I ordered the CC cream there was an offer for a free deluxe size sample of this concealer. But I ordered “Fair” in the CC cream and they sent me the concealer in “Medium.” WTF am I supposed to do with that??

Kittenpurrrs whenLoved says:

I don’t want to be rude but I think your eyebrows would look amazing if they weren’t so thick at the front or as thin at the end …one or the other ….. I just think your face would look softer ….and more attention would be to you very beautiful eyes … I get drawn to the eyebrows and I just think your eyes are really beautiful …..your beautiful and such a kind soul…..and this comment really isn’t meant to be mean and I know I have no say to how you decide to do your make up other then your on utube sharing what’s best for all of us too….and comming from a good place ….. i feel bad but just really felt the need to mention this and I will take any hate comment I get from ppl thinking I’m mean or who don’t agree …… I’m sorry if it upsets anyone ….I’ve been a make up artist for over 25 years and am used to giving suggestions ….if they take them that’s good and if they don’t that’s good …cuz I know I have no say in what somebody likes …..

Monica Natera says:

luv the video luv ur personality

Judith Cholya says:

I love your review so much.. Cause you really do have imperfections on your under eye and you got wrinkles so it helps a lot to see if that product is working on you or not.. Since mostly a Beauty Vlogger doesn’t even have under eye problems and they said this product is good.. How could I believe them? Hahaha thankyou so much <3

mrcynthiag says:

I was sent a sample with my Ipsy glam bag and it is VERY tacky and hard to spread. it does settle into wrinkles and creases. you have a little creases, but not good for adult skin for sure. I would never buy it on my own. The best so far I have found is Maybelline, Fit Me, both concealer and foundation. Goes on smooth and covers.

J T says:

The medium is really light….I usually use medium shades and this one looks like a highlighter on my skin. I really like the product. But I wish it was darker.

inthe159 says:

Your videos are so much fun!! I am not a make up girl and I am panicked because, i am getting married next weekend. Why did I think I could do my own makeup?? What was I thinking. These videos have been helpful.

BamaGirl1217 says:

I use bye bye under eye. A way to make it less tacky and more manageable is to put it on a heating pad and fold the pad over so it warms the tube from the top and bottom. Then turn the heating pad on med-high. Let it warm for around 5 mins. When it is warm it will be super runny but more manageable. It will cool off as you use it so try to work quickly then set with a translucent powder. That’s the best way to use it. -to apply I found using my finger or a super awesome brush works best. The wet sponge technique seems to pull the product off of my face but it works best for when applying foundation and contouring.

mrcynthiag says:

i see it does cover ur under eye circles, but it really is in your creases, hon. sorry

Julia's Comfy Corner says:

I hate this concealer. Its very thick, and it creases so bad! Even with my favorite powder, the creasing is horrible.

nikki townes says:

I think u looked good before u put concealer on

Catherine Melnyk says:

You are such a treat to watch! Your enthusiasm is infectious. On another video, I understand you’ve been getting some nasty responses…and you know why that is? Jealousy, plain and simple. Don’t pay any attention to the naysayers. Keep up the great videos!

Shanna Marie says:

Could you be more adorable?!

Suzemuis says:

You have the best reviews!

Lady Arcane says:

QVC usually has IT cosmetics. It’s just that you need you be very savvy when it goes on sale. Bundled makeup kits on this site have the best deals.

Natasha Lena says:

You did not set it, is why it creases

ginny lassiter says:

Your eyes are so pretty

Katrina JAy says:

Your eye!! Beautiful Sparkling Gems!

StacyinMS Stacy says:

I just bought the bye bye foundation and pours powder I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Ika N says:

omg, gigi, is that u?

Faith Calhoun says:


Jacki Fit says:

I don’t know how old you are, but I’m 43 and dislike this concealer. It says it won’t crease but it does. I’ve tried putting very little on, still creases. I’ve tried setting with powder and that makes it worse. In my experience, I give it a thumbs down.

Jen Bae says:

Personally I hated this product lol it was just sticky and holy shitfuck lol

Terry Lane says:

I have used this prod for many years and LOVE it. Pls get it and try it for yourself. The folks at Ulta will help you find your right shade. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Cozette M says:

Honestly the concealer color was ok until you put powder over it, then it looked too dark compared to your foundation. Maybe use a translucent or white powder to cover it, or mix this color with the lighter shade of the IT concealer (just an idea). It still creased less on you than some of your other concealer videos. For me with the amount of wrinkles and crepeyness under my eyes, this concealer actually made them stand out much worse and settled into lines. I couldn’t tolerate it. Great review though!

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