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In this video I will be reviewing the NEW Kim Kardashian KKW Beauty Concealers and you will see my first impressions. She released 16 new concealers that also come as a kit. I will swatch every color concealer and apply them on my face. Let me know your thoughts. What do you think about the shade range?

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KKW Beauty Products:

Concealers (1 -16) $18
My Shade (11 & 12)

Concealer Kit $80
(1 concealers, 1 Bake Powder, 1 Brightener, 2 Brushes)

Bake Powder $18

Brightening Powder $18


ShayMe318 says:

Shayla…I absolutely LOVE this eye look…actually i love everything about this look. Can you pretty please recreate this eye look.

Blushed Beautii says:

I just wish we can all be honest here! It’s like people are afraid to tell Kim her products are TRASH!! You would think she would have learn from the first flop. Everybody has an excuse for her. I’m not here for it! Girl , I couldn’t contour if I wanted to because the darkest shade is shayla’s skin tone. The point of people like Kim and Rihanna coming out with these beauty lines is to set examples that the big brand companies aren’t doing. Now I love me some shayla but this video annoyed me.

golden.s says:

the only makeup/youtube guru who actually take the time not only reading the comments but liking them too, god bless you shayla , love you gorgeous

Unappreciated Beauty says:

Hmmm, idk

Cierra Upchurch says:

Lol at you saying “Let’s put this away” after using her sponge/brush. You already knew!

JonVieSays says:

Hmmm…. i dont think the brightner was meant for us lol as far as the price i dont think its a huge difference you are paying a little less than everyone else so naturally it be less product… Maybe a few more cents per ounce but not by much.

Florine Nabatundi says:

With her hair and makeup done she looks like A black vergion of khloe kardashian

Tiyoka Phifer says:

I won’t buy a KKW anything!!! Just my opinion I have products that work for me.

ContourStylez says:

What lashes are you wearing?

vanessa walcott says:

The kkw brushes were made stiff just like her personality

Heather Bennett says:

When is she gonna stop charging us for a brush we hate? Stop trying to make this brush happen, Kim. It’s never going to happen.

Deedee Smith says:

I love ur expressions and sounds! Hilarious!!!

D LG says:

You look way better without all the eye make up

Sweets205 says:

There could’ve definitely used more darker shades. Watching you swatch there were barely any dark shades. It looks good though.

Marla Cristina says:

“The kkw sponge is too stiff…” Yea, because it’s mean to look like a penis! I’m convinced. LOL

Anonymous Anonymous says:

Why are Kim’s products so small???

Natalee Rivera says:

Kim imma let you finish … but Kylie came out with 30 concealers !

Sheela lyn says:

Brightening powder was TOO BRIGHT. The rest though looked really good!!

Brandi Calhoun says:

Can we get this eye look please, really loving the peachy vibes!

Char'Kita Hood says:

This is an ashy mess. It’s not you it’s the product.

Danyelle Antionette says:

1. What’s with the minis?. 2. Everyone is struggling with this powder. 3. It’s a no for me.

PeachesLenoir says:

Where’s the swatch arm in the thumb nail from

Mitchelle Dube says:

They look like samples. No Kimmy what is you doing

helloandreamae says:

Thanks for your honesty! I was thinking the whole time like why is everything so small and so pricey ugh

t m says:

I feel like she’s always trying to scam her fans

Samia Saeed says:

Keep kissing Kim’s ass

Sammy Mate says:

So many shades for lighter tones, but goes straight into the darker colours. Not cool

J'rai Hammonds says:

it is also weird to me that they tried to use the product on a dark skinned model on the KKW youtube…. like this doesn’t mean you’re all inclusive either LOL

Zoe May says:

Your lipstick is bomb!!! Stunner

Lola Y Luna says:

Shayla you look bomb, I’m loving the hair!!!!

Brandie Smith says:

Your right KKW does need to have more shades. Although this was most likely a standard color range selection, in today’s day she seen other launch is with better color selection. I think her company looked at what they thought were the top darker shades in MAC and went with those.

PumpkinsnBlackcats says:

I wonder what that peach orange brightening powder would of looked like. I can’t wait to see if it actually works on dark skin because it is very orange!

Farah Storm says:

“ ooh this brush scares me “ Lmao sooo cute

gladitsnotme says:

I can’t find anyone using the brown setting powder and peach brightener, ughhh those are the ones I want but I need to see them first.

autumn bryant says:

i love it

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