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The KKW Beauty by Kim Kardashian West 5-piece concealer kit includes the liquid concealer, baking powder, brightening powder in your shade plus dual ended concealer brush and dual ended sponge and brush applicator. Select from 16 shades.

Concealers: Full coverage liquid concealer with an ultra-creamy, hydrating formula perfect for correcting and highlighting, and perfect for everyday use alone or in conjunction with the Baking and Brightening Powders.

Baking Powder: Lightweight, non-drying, velvety powder formula that creates a soft-diffused finish. These universal translucent powders come in shades suitable for every skin tone, perfect for baking and setting the under eye.

Brightening Powder: Silky pressed powders infused with fine brightening pearls which add radiance under the eyes and help to create a fresh and awakened look.

Conceal 0.162 OZ. / 4.60 g
Bake 0.123 OZ. / 3.50 g
Brighten 0.127 OZ. / 3.60 g

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Andrew Gonzalez says:

If I am medium in Shape Tape and Oak in Kylie cosmetics what do you think is best for me? 8 or 9? I am peach toned and I don’t tend to brighten (I match my skin tone).

Amber quintanilla says:

Do a amrezy highlight review

Rowan Siddig says:

im tired of “Deep” means shades of halle berry omG

Talia Marin says:

can you just edit all my videos?> hahaha i think you should do a video on editing videos for ppl like me who suck at editing hahaha

Lauren Nasca says:


Sheela lyn says:

Desi I think you got your 6 and 7 backwards hun?

Raven E says:

Oh please, everyone is all of a sudden so concerned about shades & not offending some. As long as they have my shade that’s all I care about.

Chennee Pellejo says:

love u Desi

Desi Perkins says:

Hey guys, if the audio is lagging/off just refresh the video and the audio should sync back. It’s just something weird that youtube is doing.

marialejandraa3 says:

Super helpful!

Miss Mimi says:

I wish I would have seems this before I bought the number 8… ugh I wish I could buy these products in an actual store.

Shanth Kumar says:

It’s a shame how Kim didn’t include her in her ig stories for her concealers

moonlightmoods says:

I don’t feel the love in any of their products. It just feels like they are trying to dip their hands in the pot of profit. There are people who live for this stuff. Even though in interviews they say they do. I just don’t feel it. The blood, sweet, tears, soul is what makes the difference in a product. Just my personal opinion on this brand though. I absolutely appreciate an honest review. This is what sets apart other YouTubers and what keeps the viewer connected. Its not easy to speak up especially when a product is by someone you admire. Thank you for being true.

sastati says:

“As you can see I don’t have any foundation, no concealer.”… No? You’re flawless!

Kitty Rodriguez says:

Desi!!! I love how your being so honest!!! You can tell when you giving us your opinion, totally not sugar coating it. Thank you!!

Lilliz91 says:

Aren’t concealers supposed to be a bit lighter anyway? Like you can use them for contouring if you’re light but I would think darker skin people use it to highlight their face or their skin color? No?

Findinge says:

Damn girl I can’t stop staring at your nails

Taisha Brandon says:

Did you say darkness??? Next time please say it would good on a deeper skin tone or a woman of color darkness come on now I think you know better

Jessica Nicole says:

Tati says the concealer is 3.80 ( i believe) per gram while the one she used was bigger and more expensive and came out to over 4 a gram

Deana Wells says:

I really want to understand this orange shade. What or whom should this work for

Dee Sanchez says:

I love this whole makeup look! So simple and fresh!! ❤️


Loooooll was so surprised when you said you had to put foundation on. Thought you already had it on. Guess your skin is just perf af haha

farah hasbany says:

You know what I love about your videos that even if its not a tutorial it is a tutorial. I have learned so much from you. Love you xx

Steven Castillo says:

In y. H h. Hey. Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hvvm

Gabby MSoriano says:

Hi I have one question when you ordered the kit u ordered 1 shade or they automatically come with 16 shades

Jocelyn Trejo-Lom says:

This intro was amazing!!! I was honestly expecting Kanye’s music to play but it was still bomb!

Musicellaneous says:

Brilliant!! 🙂

Caresse Gonzales says:

Anyone know what foundation she used?

The Architects Daughter says:

Every other youtuber has said the spong brush was different than the original. They all said it had a better feel and wish you have have at least tried it. If you have a whole box of items the best review is to play around more. I feel like you got weary and just stopped the demon part. For me that’s not helpful because I want to see a full face whether you like it or not. You can wash your face after or something. Idk felt a little let down by this review where other main youtubers were more helpful and detailed and thorough in playing with all the products. Love your other videos though

Linda Friedman says:

Which foundation did you use

LaserSkinBeauty RN says:

I wish you would have tried the other brightening powder shades. I am trying to decide if I want to go with the pink or yellow shade?!

Louise Mwangiru says:

You look like that?

With no foundation on?

Sis what’s your SKIN ROUTINE?

Sherefa Yorks says:

Amazing review!! The beginning is booooomb. Love it thank you!

anxiousicecream _ says:

“As you can see I have no foundation, no concealer.” No Desi tbh I don’t because you’re flippin flawless JEEZ!!!!!!!!!!

Samantha March says:

Not into these products but I’ll still watch – congrats on 3M!!

I M A QYN says:

She without make up looks like with make up already, who else think that?

Suvi B says:

Best review from all the other reviews. Thank you!

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