Hey babes! How yew doooin?? Hope you enjoyed this video reviewing the new Kylie Cosmetics concealers and brushes!! I was legit soooo shook at these products! Leave me a comment down below what y’all thought and make sure to subscribe!!

*these products were sent to me, however this is NOT a sponsored video*
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Products Used:

Kylie Cosmetics Concealers in Oak, Pinenut & Almond – $20 each
Kylie Cosmetics Brushes – $360


Laiba Kousar says:

is she the only person who likes them and iv got a feeling she got payed to say it

Positive Vibes says:

you remind me so much of Carmella from WWE

Kailey Calvo says:

I totally want the cream lipstick video!!!!!!

Josie Loren says:

I am sure the brushes do their job, and are great. but i don’t think they are $360 before shipping and tax great.

Rosieandlydia says:

Loooooolll at brushes not buying it anyway

Naia Nahinu says:

Girl r u being paid my Kylie to give gud review??!

sara goffinet says:

you are so beautifullll

Niki N says:

The dark concealers are red as hell, she tried though

Zz Zz says:

Edit edit re-edit edit!

Savannah Browning says:

Not meaning any hate but by the time you were done with the foundation and said it looked okay…it didn’t. You could still see where you put the lines and the concealer brush was not a good applicator in my opinion. It looked very streaky afterwards until you went over it with a beauty blender. Good look but the brushes were not worth $360 they did not perform very well and the fact that they aren’t vegan friendly and cruelty free is a very big let down…

Jennifer Rosas says:

I literally saw every single review about the Kylie’s brushes and you’re the only one who fell in love with those brushes. You didn’t convince me.

Riri Glamoure says:

it may be expensive but you can definitely see the brushes performs nicely. it gets products well especially when she’s packing the silvery lid color. You’re pretty nicol and the lipstick suits you very well!

Jenn W says:

OMG the unblended contour on the left temple…

0128rachel says:

If they are up to your “morphe standards” how is it worth $48 for one brush? Morphe isn’t expensive at all!

Orchid azula says:

Are you being paid by Kylie cosmetics to say those things lol

Dianne says:

I do not get it. Real hair brushes and vegan package. What´s the point TO be at Morphe standards it should cost 80dollars not 360 dollars + taxes and shipping. This is not happening…..:( Totally dissapointed

Katie Turner says:

Joking you spaz don’t really

Gabriela Diaz says:

“its very hard for me to make that call for you guys” BECAUSE YOU KNOW THEY’RE SHITTTTT

StandardNeve says:

somebody defo paid her to say nice things about these brushes … even if I won the lottery I wouldn’t pay for these at all …

BeautyWithPrincess says:

Clock it the house yes ma’am

Mitch J. says:

Is this satyrical? Hoping it is

Also, is it just me or did these concealers oxidize really badly? She looked really orange at the end of this video…

nda ya says:

Lol wtf. This is ridiculous, you can get brushes from BH Cosmetics, a whole set of 18 brushes for 35$ and they are bomb. They even include synthetic brushes for liquids and more eye brushes. Who the fuck would even buy this?

Marcela Galaz says:

It is normal to you to pay 400 bucks for this? And why did u get a box instead of the silver bag?…

Unconscious Fuckery says:

You avoided a very simple question which I’m side-eyeing you like hell. If you hadn’t gotten this crap in total free PR, would you spend the $360 on this whole brush set or would you just buy “the best brush I’ve EVER used!” on its own? This comes across as biased, ijs.

Shakera Aziz says:

I feel like your giving a good review so you continue to receive PR. Your foundation looked streaky, that concealer brush sucked for your under eye. Just saying…. I felt that from the start. Annoyed

Kaway Secka says:

Funny how she likes them but all the other beauty gurus are saying the same thing about how trash they are…hmmmm. Sounds a little paid for if you ask me

Michelle Portillo says:

& girl you aren’t fooling anyone

Karen Hayward: BOBATAC says:

Looks good

danamaria gutierrez says:

That contour is fuckin RED omg

Daniel Sohn says:

Porn Star Make Up Tutorial

mariah isaacs says:

I used to like watching her but after this review it’s so blatantly obvious she says what kylie tells her to say to stay on her list I don’t trust her

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