Makeup Revolution vs Beauty Bakerie Concealer Review | MakeupShayla

In this video I review the NEW Beauty Bakerie Concealer and the Makeup Revolution Concealer. I originally wanted to see which one was better but watch and see how this video turns into a HOT MESS.

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Da Irish Jamaican says:

Thank you for your honest reviews. You are my go to MUA.

Graceful Knots says:

I am sticking to my LA Pro concealer in Fawn if I need a cheap concealer. Thank you for sharing. I don’t think I want to use the Revolution if it smells bad 🙂

Kia Brinkley says:

You tried so hard…. but from about 5 mins in all I was thinking was ABORT ABORT lol! Put these aside for your Worst Products of 2018 video!!!

Ms H says:

thumbs up for u .. thumbs down for product xo

Irene Dior says:

Think you just got a bad batch of the makeup revolution concealer

demetri prince says:

You earned a subbiee

Da'Nisha Wilkerson says:

Deletes the Makeup Revolution concealer from ULTA cart… Thanks for the save!!

Angie Middleton says:

Loving this eye look, Shayla

J'Nique Williams says:

Even though it didn’t go well for Beauty Bakerie Concealer, I do appreciate you reviewing B.O.M.B  and giving spotlight to the brand.

Badwolf Makeup says:

Maybe it’s just me but my Makeup Revolution concealer doesn’t smell at all. And it isn’t blotchy so that part might just be that it disagrees with the foundation you have on.

Jessica Pulizzano says:

Just wanted to tell you that you are gorgeous without makeup. And with of course!

vivalatanya says:

The MUR concealer just made me miss my shape tape. Not a dupe, consistency is different and no color will ever compare to tan sand

Tina B says:

SO dramatic.

D Sham says:

This lady is so boring! I’d rather listen to nails scratching against a chalkboard! She’s lifeless!

ShellTay32 says:

I couldn’t believe how bad the make up resolution concealer smelled.  I can’t wear for that alone.  But, this vid make me laugh because I think we have been there when something new just jacks up your whole look.  xoxo

tresa livingston says:

Yea I tried makeup revolution because everyone said it was a dupe for shape tape but no thank you.

Bellosharz says:

What a hot mess. Les throw them away.

Jaye Howard says:

I love your honesty and I truly appreciate your opinion Shayla!!!

Lynn Guery says:

Yes…I tried Makeup Revolution concealer and the color rage was not good at all I purchased 11,12,&13 and it was such a leap. I gifted the 11 & 12 to my adult daughter and just set the 13 to the side.

Ms. Smith says:

I am happy you did a review on make up revaluation I feel like everyone is hyping it up because it’s a dupe for tarte ,but the undertones suck.

Tatiana Scott says:

is it just me or does shayla not like black owned or maybe she just hates things that other black influensters like!! i dont kno i get weird vibes from her whenever its a product thats not sponsered or paid for “rolls eyes”

Yolanda Pharms says:

Wow, that was a mess! Thank you for your honesty!

Kalí Danielle says:

This is so unfortunate. I hope Beauty Bakerie takes all of the feedback and reformulate their formula. Even with all of that going on you still look beautiful Shayla ❤️

Sydney McWhorter says:

This was a disaster

RavinsModernLife w says:

This is Hilarious lol

The Don says:

My makeup revolution is great and I have dry skin especially under my eyes. Don’t know about that smell mine doesn’t have one. Don’t let this video deter you from trying it!

Samantha March says:

lol that poison break!

Charisse Wiltz says:

I wanted to love the beauty bakerie concealers cuz I support black business all day BUT it was too sticky for me. Their flour setting powder is a banger tho

Kimmy Rachelle says:

Omg her voice is soooooo annoying I wish I could watch more of her videos but that mono tone voice is a no

Tami Torelli says:

Omg the facial expressions today were killing me, you’re so real and I love it! Xoxo

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