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Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. This stuff is very very good indeed. It provides good coverage. It can cover most dark circles without looking cakey or overly done. The only thing i would say is that its not the best concealer for dry skin (under the eyes). As it can make the skin look dry and creepy.

However if you are looking for a good concealer, you can’t go too far wrong with this. Its great value for money also.

And yes its pretty similar to NARS Creamy Concealer (with the exception that its not as full coverage and NARS requires quicker blending).

Concealer can also make under eye bags appear more so. Click the link to learn how to make them disappear.

Overall B +

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Wayne x

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Lori Soliven says:

I like how U also do drugstore make up as well I always love watching your videos..

Eva Kristin Thomsen says:

“its not overly nasty” :’) love you Wayne <3 so much fun watching your old videos over

butterylicious says:

heyyy! I love this concealer too! <3 - MadMadamJess

Anika Akhtar says:

Love this for highlighting. I usually put a bit on the cheek bones works a dream. Would not recommend putting directly on bags it just makes them stand out even more.

Ava Natasha says:

I’m gonna get this

Adette Youmans says:

Right on Wayne, “to each his own”. love you kiddo, you crack me up every time that’s why I watch you. This Fit me concealer by Maybelline works for me! thanks Wayne keep up the good work!

Maghfira Pradipta says:

everything i put under my eyes burn. any advice?

LightingFireFly says:

I was using Light in Maybelline Fit Me but I found that it has way too much pink undertone and I think I have yellow undertone. Does anyone else also feel that it has a pink undertone? This is why I’m considering buying NARS, but I quite liked Fit Me though…

raika oxo says:

i dont get it. when i applied this on my face it doesnt have good coverage my dark circles are still visible

Yasmin R says:

Ah! Love your videos!


Hi, I’m from Singapore. I love watching u and even bought the Maybelline fit me concealer. 1 question though, is catrice camouflage creme good? Or any other catrice concealers, is it good?

Sherene Carroll says:

Your videos are short and straight to the point, superb.

abeautifulmess 36 says:

Oh, Wayne, you are so adorable!

Cookies990 mama says:

I haven’t try the foundation but this concealer is great.

AshleighJayne-x says:

This oxidises on me SO bad 🙁

katyrosiely says:

My favourite concealer! I have bought this for years 🙂

Larissa Brito says:

I really like the finish and the texture, but I always notice that it disappears on me throughout the day and my dark circles are very visible again…

Mari D says:

I bought the same concealer and it looks really good! Thank you! It’s the perfect dupe for the Nars concealer I was wearing and was expensive. I LOVE IT!!! I use the shade Medium and looks perfect.

Amanda Motroni says:

I LOVE YOU WAYNE! Your the best. no bull shit on this channel. love how you get right to the point. also, my son watches me play with makeup and asked me to put some on him frequently, he’s 3…. my husband’s like totally against it, he’s more of a macho type in some ways… I’ve watched some of your videos when he’s close by and pointed put that “hey, here’s a boy that plays with makeup”. I don’t think it means he’s going to be homosexual, but good for him if that’s who he is! I just think he’s playing. there’s nothing wrong with exploring, I don’t know why human beings have to take life so seriously? hugs for you!

Rebecca Jewell says:

i’m looking for a new concealer as i am running out of my go to Collection lasting perfection concealer and i don’t know if i should try the fit me concealer or stick to my collection one. can anybody help me?

Chel Pablo says:

“I am inherently lazy”- you crack me up!

Sadie Buckner says:

Know I’m rethinking of getting it because I just saw you wear it cause a boy wearing make up is just disgusting are you a really a girl.

Cybelle Athena Hera says:

Thanks wayne! I really love your videos. Thumbs up

speerrituall1 says:

I can never find my color in the Maybelline.

Alex Autopsy says:

any alternatives to this one? i used to love it but in my country there are now only 3 shades available, all of them way too light for me..

Alison Rojas says:

If you highlight with this, does it cause flashback? If it does, does anybody know a concealer that doesn’t give flashback? Thank you 🙂

Christopher Rylah says:

You are gorgeous – love your cheeky sense of humour.

speerrituall1 says:

What do you think of L A Girl concealer?

Cher Silveira says:

I am with you, I really liked the Fit me foundation! It felt nice on and look natural and didn’t break up or patch or anything. It looked good the whole time I had it on. I haven’t tried the concealer yet but I will try it! I have heard some people like it, though I don’t know how it is on mature skin. I know a lot of people like the Nars Radiance concealer and others have said the Nyx concealer is a good dupe for that one. If I can get a good concealer with more product in the tube I am up for giving it a try!

Mimi Meyers says:

There are so many foundations on the FIT Line. how do you find your FIT with out buying a bunch you think are your fit and you buy them and get them home… Just to find out its not the right shade?

Mrz Hyde says:

I’ve heard a lot of good reviews of this concealer so i decided to buy it and it made my eyes burn… i didn’t even get it close enough to my eye for it to get inside my eye…… I hate being allergic to everything that makes people look nice.

Joan Hermoso says:

Does it crease after a while? You know those wrinkle marks around the eyes when you wear them.. I always get thoe when I use concealer for my undereye so I never EVER use one otherwise, I’m just ruining my makeup. If anyone knows any good undereye concealer product that doesn’t crease and good for dry skin? PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! I will thank you A LOT!

A Zara says:

That wink at the end!! <3<3

Dawn Santacroce says:

It’s awful on over 40 skin. My skin is neither dry nor oily and is cakes, creases, finds every line. Horrible. Setting it with powder, not setting it doesn’t matter. Beauty blender or concealer brush doesn’t matter either. I’ll stick with Nars. You get what you pay for.

auhseylij Y says:

I’ve not tried any of the “Fit Me ” products ,though I’ve heard great things. I’m truly not a make up snob, but as an American girl, I’ve always felt that Maybelline products were mediocre at best. I’m extremely fair – skinned, but ,don’t need a great deal if coverage, but living in the Southern US, allergies tend to make me a bit dark under ,and around the eyes. Wayne, you’re completely brilliant and you just crack me up. Seriously, you always make me laugh. You’re a joy. You brighten up my day every time. I can only imagine what it’s like to be in your presence. You’re a total HOOT. THAT’S A SOUTHERN COLLOQUIALISM for adorably funny!

xisobelx373 says:

Yes I love it

Lovelyn Detta says:

It works for me too. I love it!

Ana Victoria says:

I completely love this concealer and the foundation ! they’re my fav and they’re super cheap

Liz C says:

i agree wayne, i use this concealer daily under my eyes and also as a highlight sometimes…i really like how blendable it is and its texture. i have since bought another one in a darker shade to use for contouring. it’s a great product.

Belinda Short says:

I tried the fit me foundation and it made my eyes water =(.

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