Multi-Use For ALL??? NEW Coverfx Power Play Concealer Review and Wear Test ||Nyma Tang

Hey Guys,

Welcome back to another “darkest shade” video. I tried the new Coverfx Power Play concealer that claims to be Multiuse for all skin tones. Lets see if its “the darkest shade” approved.

Thanks again for watching


Power Play Concealer:


Rudy Rehl says:

You and Taylor 100% watch each other’s videos. Love both of you!!!❤️

Daisy C says:

your skin is beautiful!!!

Angel Aguilar says:

Am I the only one who got pissed at how light ALL of those swatches on her arm were?! Six brands and not one of them could have made a darker shade?! Uggh why

mturnerr ox says:

I’m pale as all hell, but I honestly adore how makeup applies to deeper skin tones.. so beautiful. You are GORGEOUS!

Reagan Butrum says:

You’re so shiny

Lele T says:

Beautiful. How are you liking the new iPhone?

Brittany Rixner says:

Oh the melanin. Love your skin it is flawless.

Nish Wayz says:

I’m seriously not trying to be rude, I’m just curious. What color do you use to contour??

Monik with a K says:

Ur skin looks flawless n beautiful

Anna Nsubuga says:


Saffron333 says:

Could you try the darkest shade of the RMS un-cover up so we can see the new darkest shade since they have just expanded the shade range? It looks dark in photos but I’m unsure.

FromChaos Equilibrium says:

Nevertheless, this shade and finish look good on you.

keisha_renee™ says:

I’m super pale and its really hard to find my shade! Brands need to come out with all shades of the color spectrum!

chizza Williams says:

Girl u don’t even need foundation… Bomb skin

Pure Dove 11 says:

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Lejla Selimi says:

That hair color is bad

Angelexe says:

Your skin is so beautiful and clear
You don’t even need make up sis but I understand you.Make up is fun

Alt Le Grande says:

Wearing my hair

christine nyabundi says:

I will forever be grateful to you for this series. It has honestly saved me a lot of grief.

Brittney Miles says:

What in the shade catfish!?!

Grace Faye says:

Please test the new makeup revolution foundation the one that’s like the concealer xx

Andrea Clark says:

Did you get married??

Kelli Carroll says:

Could be wrong but pretty sure the white and black aren’t a trick of lighting, I think they’re there as mixing shades in case the darkest is still too light, you could mix a little of the black concealer to make it darker so there’s virtually any color concealer you need

Iuliana Souza says:

how do you brighten your scenes when taking pictures or recording videos?

Min Zainab says:

So prettyy♥

Avrie Amey says:

Good god, every time I watch one of your videos I’m speechless, you have SUCH BEAUTIFUL SKIN!!!!

Efaya13 says:

My jaw dropped the instant you pulled out the concealers after showing the swatched photo. That difference is insane.

RacheySmachey says:

Cover fx power play is awesome ☺️ I love lightening my fav concealers and hilighting with the “white” concealer… it saved all my concealers that weren’t light enough 🙂 great coverage… hides dark circles under eye… I find it does crease, but that’s just because my eyes always water… couldn’t find a light enough concealer for the longest time.. the white shade is best described as resembling Bic White Out.

Kenneth Asis says:


Antara Amonkar says:

She is so calm

Fransheska Rosario says:

Cant you try huda beuty concelear too

Darius MacLean says:

This bih darker than vents black

Eliza Hernandez says:

your skin is so gorgeous.

Simon Haley says:

It’s absolutely ridiculous that in the swatch photo the concealer looked black, but turned out to be lighter than her skin tone.

laramiaizz says:

I’m new on your channel and wow, i have to say that you are very dark..i’ve never seen someone ask dark as you..

Amber M says:

I feel like they knew what they were doing with their swatches. Those swatches looked almost black. So deceiving.

You’re so beautiful though!!

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