OMG!!! Tarte Shape Tape | Review

Hi beauties!!!
For this week’s review, I bring you the new and frequently mentioned tarte Shape Tape 🙂 It has been a product that has been on my list for some time now and I could not wait to try it! It took me awhile to find it because it is only sold at Ulta. Trust me…I asked at Sephora and they looked at me like I was speaking in tongues. They had absolutely no idea what product I was talking about. Finally realized that the only store to carry it was Ulta. So i RAN over to my nearest Ulta and finally was able to purchase it. I didn’t want to purchase it online because I’m not too great at picking out shades with swatches on a screen,

So, here it is! My two cents 🙂

Truly hope that you enjoy today’s video!
Thank you all so much for watching!!!

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Here’s where you can find it:
I grabbed the shade Medium for today’s review

Affiliated link:
Brushes used in this, and in most of my videos, are from Sigma Beauty. Extremely affordable and extremely durable! Have been using them for years and they’re still going strong!
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Bea Pedrosa says:

What a great and thorough review! Thanks so much for this!

Alexa garcia says:

new subbi

Nathalie Canales says:

Wow this was a wonderful review and you’re a very beautiful women! Just subscribed. What mascara did you use in this video?

Anna G says:

What foundation did you wear with this?

taylor rhoads says:

I have really dry undereyes, so usually any concealer I put on looks dry/flaky – do you think the Tarte concealer helps with moisturizing the undereyes or?? Does it make your undereyes look/feel dry? Thank you!

Labiba Rahman says:

What shade did you use?

Lindsay Leigh-Ann says:

I’m sold! what eyeshadow are you wearing?

Beby Claudya says:

Your eyelashes is so stunning ❤

Savanna Brooke says:

So glad I came across your channel!! New subscriber right here!! The demo was so great and I love that you used a color corrector on one side!

cspoede89 says:

First time watching your channel! Just subscribed!! What eye shadow are you wearing?? I have brown eyes and have been looking for a pallet that makes them pop! Your make up is very pretty!!

Mia says:

I just bought Medium and was afraid it would be too dark for me but it looks great!

Caprice Daniella says:

What shade are you??

chezza bee says:

love your eye makeup … so pretty x

Laura Cuevas says:

What shade did you use?

BlushingEevee says:

Does the setting powder – translucent powder just help with creasing?
I see beauty channels using it all the time and have never tried it myself.
I was pushed into buying a mineral veil but I don’t know if thats the same thing >W< Also what's the best correcting concealer? ;v;

Sasszers3 says:

I also bought this in medium but for some reason it appears dark and slightly orange on my olive skin tone. I thought our skin tones match but clearly the concealer is looking different on me. Suggestions for another shade?

pittielove says:

How does your makeup stay on so well for the whole day?

Maryam Abbani says:

finally someone with ACTUAL dark circles! you are like me. i have bad dark circles and it’s has nothing to do with sleep or drinking water! even if i get a good nights sleep and drink lots of water my circles are still dark as FUCK. thanks sm for the review❤

naslisntxaij says:

What do u have on ur beautiful eyes? So pretty!

Amira Suyuti says:

Im excited to get my own shape tape but seriously i have trouble to find the right color! May i know ur ref on ur foundation colors? I used tarte maracuja concealer in medium but unsure if it’s the same medium in shape tape.. help please….

Cassie Peck says:

Jumpscare 4:45

bailey flynn says:

You have SUCH beautiful lashes!!

Katie George says:

As a fellow lady with dark circles (or, more accurately, DEEEEEP eye bags), I am curious to know if you have tried Clinique’s All About Eyes concealer?? Based on your description of the product, I am pretty sure this might be a close dupe of that concealer only without the applicator and for a bit more cheddar (Clinique’s is only $18.50).

Ohsnapitsalia says:

what shade are you using? 🙂

naslisntxaij says:

I wish u would’ve applied mascara and eyeshadow to ur bottom lashes as u normally would so that we can see if it transfers or not.

Amanitaaish Aish says:

Which shade is she using

leidy alaffa says:

Which color corrector are you using for eyes? I love it??

Brittany Lutz says:

I can’t get this concealer to blend out. It always cakes up on me, even if I blend it right after applying it 🙁 I want to love it so bad but I can’t get it to work. Any tips?

FilleC says:

Thanks for the video!
Sorry for being off-topic, I’m wondering if the RCMA powder flashes on camera (like the HD loose powder by Make up for ever – if you use a flash, on pics it looks like your face is in flour!). It just seems that it’s very popular, but in my country it is not available – I got nowhere to test it – will have to purchase it online. I will appreciate if someone responds 🙂

KatieMcwain says:

Do they still sell it

Ms Rodriguez says:


Austin tx says:

girl, you will make it big on youtube for sure!

Shannon Mooney says:

Found your video through a Google search. So glad I did! You are so darling — subscribed!

katie upham says:

I just bought this concealer today and I can’t wait to try it. I’m kinda late in the game but wanted to use up my old one first. Anyway I looked up this video to see how to apply it and I just want to say you did an amazing job and I hope I can pull it off as well as you. Thank you so much for the help!

Gianna Reyes says:

It helps to apply the concealer with the applicator and the blend with your fingers for the best coverage, this shape tape does crease so set it!!

Judith Cowan says:

what eyeshadow are you wearing in this?

DaniellaintheboX says:

I just filmed a video testing out the Tarte Shape Tape against the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer on my channel! Just in case you’re interested in trying other products for a cheaper price, the Maybelline worked great, just as good as the Shape Tape IMO!!

Joey Strawerri says:

What shade is she in?

Grace Campisi says:

what eye shadow do u use

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