Peripera Ink Corrector + Ink Concealer Review- Edward Avila

Peripera Ink Corrector (
-#1 Dark Thief Peach
-#2 Redness Hider Mint
-#3 Vitality Upgrade Lavender
-#4 Flaw Tuning Lemon

Peripera Ink Concealer (
-#1 Cover King Vanilla
-#2 Blemish Hider Beige

Clueless Kit – rooftop


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_merpitscassandra_ says:


Ber says:

I love how Edward always informs what type of skin type the products would be ideal for. Super useful info!

I'm In Too Many Fandoms says:


Phuong Vu says:

i love this mood tbh it’s calm

Aida says:

Your skin looks soooo good!

Dana Jian says:

feel better soon eddy!!

Christina Cicchelli says:

your face in the thumbnail is like “I’m done” lmaoo

Kuroneko 13 says:

Dad Edward has saved me from boredom once again lol
#blessed #deaddaddy #whouseshashtagsanymore #whatamIdoingwithmylife

Alexis Wilds says:

Eddys skin seems to be looking better w/ or w/o makeup these days

InkJaemin says:

When you don’t know jack shut about makeup but you gotta get your 24 hours of Edward in

cantabileloves says:

I’m not seeing any difference 🙁

Ani Chen says:

It brighten up you face well and naturally.

Are you suppose to do those before foundation or after?

M DB says:

Oooh I ordered these like a month…ish ago? The peach and yellow and the #2 concealer. So far only the concealer has arrived, I’ve only gotten to play with it once so far thought! I’m basically on an eternal quest to find something that covers my panda/sunken circles without creasing like crazy or looking dry 🙁 So far texturally Shape Tape is the dream everyone says it is, but I haven’t hit on the right shade to do a damn thing to my dark circles…RIP

I don’t know that I’d buy them based on this video, but the fact that I already have them coming – I’m a bit more interested to see how they turn out now. Glad you did this video <3

KatieFahey23 says:

It’s not an Edward Avila video until the Pony shows up on screen.

Ani Chen says:

scrunched up face right from the start LMAOO

rofrro says:

yellow goes on undereyes

Edward Avila says:

Sorry i look so tired in this video ㅜㅜ I remember that day i had just woken up from a dream in which wonho and i were dating and i woke up to a cruel reality in which we werent

Alpha Victoria says:

i feel like the yellow and the lavender one didn’t do anything but the green one and the concealer look really nice

Angela Chen says:

Could you do a video rating all your favorite Korean lip tints?

mile741852 says:

I think those colour correctors did a really good job, your skin looked almost photoshoped :O

Sarah Lou says:

Ta bom! 6:48

satanicallykawaii says:

i love your hat wowza

Chng Jing Hui says:

“Starting to like almost get into the white face territory” LOL

keepcalmncarryon97 says:

You look like you’re 110% done with everything in the thumbnail lol

LCsWorld says:

“They’re really soft, and shit.” THIS is the quality content I turn up for, yassss~ xD <3

Stephanie Cardona says:

I was told the lavander was to correct yellow discoloration.

Alice Lee says:

the level of half clueless sass is great in this video

Toia Montes says:

the yellow i guess is for your dark circles because yellow is the “counter” color to purple so i’m guessing it helps with that, just like the green is used for the redness

Aemon Knight says:

how does someone find the perfect foundation a concealers for themselves

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