Review & Demo: Amazing Cosmetics Concealer

Hi guys ! I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.

Products mention:
– Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer in Medium Golden
– Sephora Mineral Foundation Compact in D30 & D35
– Elf Powder Brush

You can purchase this concealer here:


Justine says:

Thank you, Bernice 🙂

Justine says:

thanks(: I use a Nikon D5100!

ScrappingUpJunk says:

what song do you have playing???

Daiseyparker says:

I loved that you tried this without colour correcting with green or whatever first, because I hate using colour correctors before concealer. I just want to find a concealer that conceals without the need of layers and layers of other colours.

Kumi Neang says:

thanks :]

Justine says:

Thank you for these tips 🙂

Bernice Zuñiga says:

Woah your skin wasn’t bad here it was really good actually

Somnus McQueen says:

This is the most amazing concealer I’ve ever used!

Justine says:

They have quite a range of shades which is nice. If you click on one of the three links I provided in the downbar, it will say it on there 🙂

Firosniper123 says:

The first ingredients in this concealer contains mineral oil and it can aggravate your acne even more. Have you tried mineral makeup to help clear your skin? When I was your age and did not know therefore suffer with continous breakout. I hardly breakout now since being aware. Ingredients in your makeup will and can cause pimples. Take care!


hi! what moisturizer do you use? i am oily like you but your skin looks really good

Mai Moua says:

Thank you for your suggestion!!! I am getting one!!! ;D

Justine says:

It’s called Eyelashes by Tori Kelly 😀

Kat Lee says:

would you recommend this for dry under eyes?

AZNBUNNi says:

Your skin has cleared up so much! What did you do? 🙂 Great review btw

Justine says:

I’ve actually tried that before and it works! 🙂

Kumi Neang says:

what colors do they have of this?

Tmf M says:

What song is this?

Justine says:

Due to the $42 price tag, I would suggest to go to your nearby sephora and ask for a sample first, so you can test it out 🙂 But there are some cheaper alternatives. I really like the Revlon Photoready concealer. It comes in a stick form, it’s blendable and buildable. It covers my acne scars pretty well and I’ve been using it a lot lately 🙂 I’ve also tried the Kat Von D concealer and I would say that the coverage is similar to the Amazing Cosmetics one 🙂 And it’s only $25! Hope I helped!

Justine says:

It is. The travel size one is half the price but also half the product or you can wait for the friends and family sale sephora and ulta have every year 🙂

Nicole C says:

Hi! 🙂 great video! do you know what shade in MAC you are? would you say that this color in the concealer is for medium skin tones with yellow undertones?

Justine says:

I always assumed I’m either nc30 or nc35 but I’ve never tried mac foundations.

Justine says:

Aww! You are so sweet! This made my day <3

0stephie0 says:

Does it have a pink tone?

Justine says:

Eyelashes by Tori Kelly <3

eakooffire says:

Actually, there’s no crime using your fingers for most things. Only foundation and blush/bronzer should be used with a brush, simply because the surface area is large, and small areas like eyeliners and mascara because it’s a small area. Basically if you would use a medium sized brush you can use your fingers instead, just wash your hands before you touch your face, and wash between each colour. It’s better if you have acne to use your fingers because germs build up in the brushes you use 🙂

InViviansLife says:

hey do you know what your shade is in terms of mac products? like nc30, or something?

anitacathrine says:

You are beautiful with and without makeup 🙂
thank for the sharing!

Sidra Ali says:


Justine says:

thank you <3

gillian ao says:

your video is helpful but  your music is so loud and that scared me a bit lol

Justine says:

This product comes in 20 shades!

Bloobewwiez says:

Omg. Does it work for really, really bad acne? And when you go into direct sunlight do the pimples show right thru?

Carina Fonseca says:

So I have acne scars all over my cheeks, and they are pretty faded now but I still like to try to cover then as good as I can with concealer. Do you think this concealer would be good for me? I get really oily and the only time I get pimples is around my period so I really have no need for a full coverage foundation. I’ve been wanting this concealer but its so expensive I can’t decide! Please give me your opinion to weather or not this would be a good buy for me c:

Sophia d says:

Iove the eye makeup

Tempest Chaser says:

What’s the song playing

Justine says:

I think it’s great for really bad acne. I know how that feels and personally, if my acne was still as bad as it was before I started Youtube, then I would personally wear a full coverage foundation. And no, when you go into direct sunlight, you can’t see the pimple, but you CAN see the pimple BUMP. It covers very small pimple bumps but not big ones. It covers the redness of the pimple but not the big bump.

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