Review: Maybelline Age Rewind Foundation and Concealer

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Janice Rivas says:

the foundation already looks patchy girl : you need to blend blend blennndddd. the sponge on the concealer & foundation isnt the onlr thing your supposed to use girl. just a helpful tip use a blending brush.

Erica Pinto says:

you should blend the concealer with a brush or a sponge

Kaitlynn Webber says:

i am so dumb. i went to buy the concealer but i thought that the foundation for some reason was like a larger bottle of it. now i cant take it back because i have already opened it and used it 🙁 so sad.

Bella Boo says:

I think you’re gorgeous but i think you’re prettier without makeup ❤️️

mohmodaaa says:

What color is the age rewind concealer??

Julia Rowland says:

The only thing the foundation did was cover her freckles.
But her freckles are

Ellie S. says:

You arent really supposed to blend it with the applicator…

Amanda Blom says:

With the concealer I ALWAYS take away the sponge. It sucks up so Much product it’s crazy!!

The Outlet says:

I use  both of these products, and I agree that the foundation is not very opaque and does not cover well, but I actually like that aspect because I like a more natural look.  The eraser for the under eye is the best for my age because it does not cake, and it lasts a long time for  me!  I made a video review of the eraser.  Great video review, by the way.

Louise Curry says:

OMFG U HAVE TO BLEND IT ALL OUT !!!! this is really enoying for me becausse u are giving it a bad review even tho everone is intitald to there own a pinions but u have to to it wright first !!!!!! give a like if u think the same thing xx

Ajnira Laurie Bloom says:

Ok you are gorgeous and have flawless skin. so I think you’re just hard on yourself and could and should get away with a very light application and minimal look. 🙂

Marthe Wijnholds says:

Arrogant attitude

Alivia Hoover says:

She’s so pretty wth like perfect

Claudia Curiel says:

What color is the concealer you used?

n_dix0n says:

just an idea, if you really liked the applicator but not the foundation, you could always re use the applicator. once you finish the product in there you can clean it out and put a different foundation inside. that way you still get to use the sponge applicator but you can customize to what foundation you like. may be a useful trick for those who mix their foundations too – you can fill the container halfway with each foundation for your perfect shade.

Kaitlyn Needles says:

Was there a smoke alarm in the background?? Was it dying? Cuz now my dog is flipping out and I cannot watch your video because it’s scaring him. >_>

Mk says:

you have perfect skin ! why are u using foundation ?

Texas Twister says:

That high pitch chirp is your fire alarm battery need’s replaced. Thank you for the video on the under eye concealer. Im going to look at a different one.

Sylvia Jacobs says:

I have that foundation , and wear it everyday and I’ve had it for 5 months and I still have a lot left.

It's me 0000 says:

iv watched other people using this foundation on here and they only used a few dabs of it on cheeks, head, nose and chin then they blend it out, no wonder u used it up so fast because youre not using it like everyone else

charmaine head says:

Love this review. You’re gorgeous!

Cassie Crawford says:

You are so pretty with out make up! Maybe a little bit too much foundation? Either way you looked Gorgeous! Great Tutorial 😉

Fuzzy Artisan Soaps Mary Brown says:

So many rude comments about her not blending and how it’s an applicator and not a beauty blender. The directions for the product are to use it to “apply the foundation then BLEND outward”. She used the foundation correctly as per the instructions. What’s the point of a product review if you don’t use it how it instructs you to use it?

HeyitsMe24 says:

the applicator is meant to just apply your foundation not use it to blend. And why did you coat your entire face

Sophia Guerrero says:

If u take off the sponge part you’ll save a lot of product. I didn’t have the foundation but I had the concealor and I took off the sponge and u get alot more product but a little goes a long way

It's me 0000 says:

what is the annoying beep that keeps happening

Nancy Silver says:

What color was the foundation?

Aisha 23 says:


kathryn friederichs says:

So naturally pretty!

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