Review: Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer

Product Review: Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer demonstration and first impression
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Danielle Hawley says:

I have been using this too and its great …its easy to clean up ur brows with too

dizzyizzy says:

I like this concealer but the shade I have (the lightest one) is quite ashy so I mix it with another more peachy/pinky highlighting concealer and then the shade is perfection 🙂

KPsBeautyBuzz says:

I think this is a great concealer! Not the most full coverage but still a great product 🙂 xo

Esme Anguiano says:

Can you please do a FIF on the Maybelline Volume Express Pumped-Up Colossal Waterproof Mascara!!!!!!!!!!

CaciHymanPhotography says:

Love your.videos! What camera use

Kate Kouture says:

In your fashion videos I noticed you wear your white converse a lot. How do you keep them so clean? 

Zeynep Sevde YENGİ says:

You are talking too much!

U. Janella says:

I have a scar on my skin so I often applying a concealer. I used it with this brushes
It was matched with the concealer and eyeshadow that I used

Mackenzie essner says:

Is this good for oily skin? And does it oxides?

Itzia Boyar says:

your pillows!! loved <3

Coraima Toro says:

This is the only Concealer that matches my needs. And this is a very good video! I liked the way you speak and express yourself. Good job!

Marli90 says:

I literally bought this same exact product earlier today. I was in need of a new one and decided to give it a shot. Your FIF’s are very helpful.

Margaret Loves Makeup says:

I love this product and use it everyday

Darci Stewart says:

I like this concealer ad far as the actual concealer itself goes, but mine won’t come out hardly. I wheeze and squeez and only get a little at a time out. Everyone else that I’ve watched on here just squeezed theirs one good time and it just glides right on. I have to keep squeezing mine and only a little comes out at a time..

Kristin Suzanne says:

You’re probably gonna have a million concealers after this month, BUT I saw that Physicians Formula has a youth wear rollerball concealer, and garnier just came out with a new BB rollerball concealer! Is it weird that I think of you when I see rollerballs? haha 😉

Shannon V says:

Favourite one!! The one in the colour fair is perfect for highlighting under the eyes!

Jordan Kinney says:

I love your videos

Maria Crecco says:

Yayy I love your videos SO much <3

ECUA0806 says:

I love it… Is a great concealer for me

elegarcia1230 says:

omg this breaks me out so much.. idk why 🙁 hope it works for you..

Abby June says:

is this somewhat waterprood

Annie Lam says:

I think your cam focused on the cushion;)

1516yamilez says:

these are the worst they are so ashy even the light shade is too dark when I usually use light-meduim

ashley jung says:

Love your reviews Kelly!!

Lucyolo says:

This concealer is a highlighting concealer, so I wouldn’t recommend putting it on any spots/blemishes, like she does in the video, I find it’s best used under your eyes! Hope this helped some of you xx :))

Heartland says:

Enjoy this concealer
light med perfect!

beautygirl6899 says:

This for me after a while turns ORANGE! hope it doesn’t for you:)

ButterBee72 says:

Oh yay! I was happy to see this video because I had just bought this product online the other day and was hoping I was going to like it. Glad you did, so that means I probably will too!

Mollie R says:

I like this concealer. it’s not full coverage or anything but it’s nice and light for natural makeup look or touch ups.

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