Soooo About Those Colourpop Concealers… | Jackie Aina

Hi guys! Today we’ll be reviewing and trying out the Colourpop No Filter Concealers. This Colourpop concealer review will include swatches and my thoughts on their newest product.

The products used in this video were provided by the brand (Colourpop) for a Voluntary review. This is not a paid product advertisement. Reviews are done at the sole discretion of the vlogger with no influence or obligation to the brand in exchange for providing product.

Romper I’m wearing: Missguided
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Colourpop No Filter Concealer

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Love love love this truth Jackie!!!!

OohlalaHolly says:

the way you said teensy bit more coverage lol

Nailah Emanuel says:

Am I the only one that was sad that she didn’t sing the Jackie theme tune because that gives me liffffeeeeeeeee!!!!!! haahahaa

Karelyn Rosa says:

I love how vocal you are! Speak up for us. It’s hard for me to shop at a drug store for make up b/c of the lack of options. I feel forced to shop at Sephora & spend double on the product.

Elise Freeman says:

Thank you for making this video, because I always look for your reviews to make my final decision. I was on the website and their concealer shades haven’t improved for POC, so I won’t be buying the concealer.

Sarah Beatty says:

I died at 1:12

Soda's Cosmic Art! says:

I think we’re all entitled to expect representation in all makeup brands. I don’t think we should be required to settle. So far I have found nothing that matches me (which is why I am trying Fenty beauty next).

Arenavi TM says:

funny as hell, woke as hell, cute as hell, articulate as hell; i’m in love w/ you?

Stallion Ducks says:

I wish we could have more foundation/concealer shades with cool undertones tbh, I have Asian light-medium skin with olive undertones and honestly everything that I use looks too yellow or pink on me

Jackie Aina says:

some of yall are really hurt that I didn’t stan all the way out over these concealers huh…
Like it or not, everyone does not follow Colourpop, the owner, the marketing manager, their plumber, electrician, etc on every social media platform so to expect that I’m magically supposed to automatically know that they are “expanding in the future” (which is a practice that’s quite common in cosmetics, so it’s not like that’s something I’ve never heard) is beyond me. If you don’t like that I will continue to make remarks and critiques about brands and their shade ranges you might as well unsubscribe now and go back to someone who will just push coupon codes.

I gave a fair AND and overall positive review and critiqued WHERE NEEDED. Relax people.

Afrodite by Olympia says:

Hi Jackie Ma’am! In Australia we can’t even get the full range of products that actually do go darker. Drug stores here just stop at tan and sand (smh) and won’t stock darker shades. What i’m trying to say is that you have inspired me to do something about it and it’s one of the reasons I started my channel. The vid is actually called ’50 shades of Beige” lol.. promise i didn’t copy you  xox

Tess Gilbertson says:

I don’t really know Who has a good match

Tin Huynh says:

Queen of complexion inclusion, fighting classism and getting her fans the most bangs for their bucks: Jackie Aina!!!!

Hannah Kayee says:

That’s just what I do in my household… yes love that!!! People sooo worried about what other people are doing!

awesome Mexican says:

theres nothing for Olive tone in anything

imbunnyl says:

Thank you for such honest reviews. I appreciate Youtubers like you who will give critique and let brands know how they can improve. So many Youtubers will say only positive things and push coupon codes and sales just because they don’t want bad rep.

Nichelle Jamal says:

Come back to this video to use Jackie as a reference point while ordering my concealer!

Nikisha D'Anjou says:

When I want honest reviews I bring my ass to her channel love Jackie ❤️

BeautyLove says:

AMEN to that girl!! 🙂

Leah Shai says:

Anytime I’m looking to try a new product I ALWAYS look to see did you review it. Always honest whether it hurts or not and unbiased I loooovvvveeee itt

Katie Casto says:

I was fine with the whole concealers not having enough shades, but as soon as you said “I mean don’t we have enough of these colors on the market” I was like whaaa- those specific concealers (the extremely fair ones) can cater to women who are albino and super super fair, which is not considered very much. If you watch thataylaa on youtube, she’s super fair and rarely finds a perfect match w foundation, concealer, powders- Just sayin

millie12345679 says:

For a company launching their first set of concealers, 15 isn’t too bad (there are some established brands with even less). But I definitely sympathize with her. I’m on the other end of the spectrum, which is white as paper, and the lightest shade they put out was a pale yellow. So, okay, 15’s an okay start, but they really do need to back up their promise of more shades in the future, and Jackie’s completely justified in calling them out on not having a wider range.

monique cross says:

Thank you Jackie!!

rainbowkissex says:

ur curls r popping ❤

jaguarinher30s says:

Can you do a video if you haven’t already on how you set your room up for the lighting.

roba alfaham says:

Omg blah blah blah

Wendy Palacios says:

I love how am watching the video but am also agreeing with you lol

nikita gibbs says:

Shit Jackie thank you for the truth

Katrina Alexa says:

Love this video you’re a quality human being . 10/10 love you auntie Jackieee ❤️✨

Briana Anthony says:

That deep is not deep

Luc13 Inactive says:

I saw the thumbnail and thought it was totally photoshopped to make it look amazingly blended and even and then I got past the half way point in the video after she finished her full face and thought “how iN THE WORLD DOES ANYONE LOOK THIS PRETTY AND WHY CAN’T I DO THAT?”

Krystal Kay Beauty says:

I LOVE the colourpop concealersssss

officialfolgers says:

“There’s 5 for light, 5 for medium, and 5 for dark” ok but what about deep dark? You got 10 shades for light and 5 shades for dark and deep dark. The dark shades are almost all different in depth and undertone so there’s likely fewer people who could even use those shades anyways because as Jackie said not everyone is those three undertones.

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