THE PALEST SHADE – KYLIE COSMETICS Skin Concealer Review | John Maclean


may bronwyn says:

Seamlessness? Ensured.

Bárb says:

This guy creeps me out

wolvenmisha says:

“Filum” haha I really like your skin also wtf youre so clearrr

Ziana Souad Diamant Bleu says:

I m learning a lot John . your way it’s very easy, I can understand thank you John.

Alexandra Cheri says:

Your voice is super soothing!

Christine LaBrie says:

Flawless, any advice for a slightly wrinkly 51 year old chick. I am sporting a terrible under eye situation.

annikennr says:

I like you! It seems exhausting though to talk while tightening the face/mouth area so much, but you do speak very clearly! You sound very posh the way you talk haha

Nicole Brooks says:

Ur voice pisses me of

Mallu Marafioti says:

I love to hear you speaking. Even though I don’t understand the half of it because english isn’t my first language lmao

sylvianblue says:

Kirsty Young’s voice. I’ve just discovered you today and already I’m ever so slightly obsessed!

Catherine B says:

I wish I had a lipstick the color of your natural lips!!!

sylvianblue says:

You are definitely on my dinner party guest wish list!

heyimjocelyn8 says:

Marry me

Margaretmarie Andrade says:

Every time I watch one of John’s videos my acne clears up, my anxiety disappears, and my depression suddenly becomes non-existen

annikennr says:


Ronson Peters says:


Michal Fantaza says:

Makeup brands are trash at shade ranges I still haven’t found my color besides the Fenty one BUT THAT BITCH STAY OUT OF STOCK also I like more dewy foundations

Naila Rashid says:

Hair Routine pleeeeaaase ❤

Alexis Maria says:

No where near this shade but I love your videos! Lol You sounds so Victorian I Love it

The Anonymous says:

Why am i scared

Katie Darwak says:

Your beautiful…something with your mouth movement vs accent has me mesmerized

Lynn Kay says:

You are perfection personified.

sadako says:

How do you determine what shade to buy online? I’m pretty fair myself and have always been scared to buy foundations online 🙁 I also live in Australia and majority of the shades on the market here are no where near my skin tone.

asabjort says:

*stares iNtEnsEly into soul*

annikennr says:

That powder is straight up glitter! Pretty though, but I don’t think I would use it on my face

Sophy Wilson says:

I love how thero you are Jhon…and you pick up on lill things with the products I don’t think others even notice…..really shows you are a artist and not just some one who just like to play with makeup ( like me 🙂 )

dogstarnyc says:

You are EVERYTHING!!!!

Amber says:

its not a film, its a video

amy g says:

I was looking at the NYX Total Control foundation shades and saw the lightest and thought of you. You have gorgeous porcelain skin ❤️

priscilla sandoval says:

Remember Matilda? This is her now, feel old yet?

Hannah Roach says:

For real is this a dude or a girl?

Anne Diederiks says:

His feminine face combined with his voice confuses me.

PirateQueenEtta says:

Your pronunciation is so clear and crisp that now I know the applicator is called “doe foot” rather than “doefur” that I thought everyone else was saying.

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