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Vlogmas 2017 is finally here! I went to Jacksonville, Florida to help my boyfriend Les pack up and Move out to LA. I brought the Kylie cosmetics Brush set and NEW concealers with me to put them to the test and give an honest review.

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Angela Jung says:

Idk if those were sent in pr or if you purchased them but if you spent your coins on that I would demand a refund. I don’t care what their return policy is, I’d dispute the charge with my card company LOL! FOR REAL.

Remi Olawole says:

Omg. I love the intro!!!!!!

Abigail Franco says:

Girl yes!! Stay happy!! Wishing both of you the best!!

christine Guillaume says:

i love that you have a vlogmas intro…perfect n funny

Kpop0223 says:

I’m just thinking if she uses these brushes, her foundation shade isn’t that far off from the brush color. She doesn’t have to worry about the brown staining.

Free Byrd says:

Girl, I don’t watch you cause you’re too boring and fake for me. I watched this video because I wanted to see what happened with the brushes and seeing the way you are with your man, I’m mind boggled as to how you have a man like that. You are so mean and rude and vile to him. If you’re like that with him in front of 481k people I can’t imagine how you are with him in private. You can see by the look son his face and his tone that you annoy the shit out of him. Girl you need to realize what you have and stop taking him for granted and start appreciating him cause you were a complete and utter bitch to him in front of the world. How can you be like that to someone you say you love. Completely disrespectful and fucked up! You need therapy chica! Hopefully one day he realizes that you’re making him look like a bitch and a mat that you walk all over and leaves your ass so that he can find someone who will actually treat him with respect and talk to him like an actual human being. You definitely ain’t all that to be treating someone else like that.

Bonnie Howell says:

How they looked after one wash was frightening! Next she will launch a luxury brush cleaning kit.

ray says:

I want to buy her concealer but idk which color is my color , tips ?

juicylaws says:

nothing weird happened…these brushes are just bad quality!!

LovelyClass says:

Either those brushes blend out real nice or your blending skills are just A1.

patricia felita says:

My morphe was once like that too after washed..then i googled it and found some ppl experienced it too…the solution is…brush guard…after you wash them, simply use a brush guard to hold the shape of the brush’s hair…but then again if u paid 360 for those quality….i’ll be damned…

Sophie Willerup says:

brushes with real hair does look rough when they are wet. they behave differently than synthetic.

Maureen Aitchison says:

I am so happy he is making the big move!!!!

DuMeykup says:

What shade are you in the smash box foundation??? Sub a perfect match!

Milly Summer says:

you didn’t dothe introor theoutro thingy x

Falisha Xquisite says:

Those brushes are said to be natural brushes (goat/badger/pony hair). After washing them and them drying completely, one needs to treat them like real hair, condition & even flat iron the bristles to kinda reshape them back to their original shape.

Synthetic brushes are better at retaining their shape after washing and drying. #justsaying

Danielle Bischoff says:

I love u, I just found you from Rich lux page, where he was downing you and saying you had no personality, ugh which is not true, but I’m glad I did, ur real and I like that, I hate overly done fake personalities.

Shannon Renee says:

great vlog! I need to get my vlog game up. loved the B roll footage. Give us an update on the brushes and now you got me wanting to try the concealers! lbs

Fernanda I says:

So what happened with the brushes after you washed them??

Shard aye Benjamin says:

Kylie priced these all wrong she’s already rich. Just greedy I won’t be buying!

Maureen Aitchison says:

Cute or Whatevvver lol love the sounds

florasion says:

I’m laughing bc I got some brushes from cvs which are really great for me and then there’s people who spend,,, $350 on makeup brushes,,, I don’t understand. Whatever floats your boat I guess

Ga_bglam says:

About to binge watch. Haven’t been able to watch any YT at all!

Atbay8 says:

Girl those brushes post wash look busted! He’ll no.

Britt Okafor says:

Shayla!!! I love how far you have come, keep prospering queen! ❤️

AshleyMarie03 says:

Living for this intro!

shallom jay says:

After you washed then though!

Queen Fi says:

You’re gorgeous asfff

Lisa Del Sol says:

this intro was everything

April Brown says:

Lip color, plzzzzzzz! Gorgeous as ever!!

vidanoir says:

Lol I loved this!!! #ShaySquad #LesConfessions #LoveOfHisLifeGIRL!!!!

Ashleigh Yvonne says:

Showing you love from Jacksonville,FL!!!!

718RAvery says:

I would never pay $369 dollars for makeup brushes so she must be targeting the celebrities. Thus, after one use you washed them and they frizzed up like they were ten years old. I would expect more from a a so call celebrity!!!

D Henny says:


Terri James says:

She seems way more upbeat and happy in this video

ThePrettyRasta15 says:

Love the intro. This is the nicest kylie brush set review i’ve seen lol.

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