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Miriette07 says:

This is the first time I’m watching your videos and you are so funny! The things you do with you voice is hilarious ahaha

Yuliza Ria says:

She’s my idol! ❤️

Nelly A. says:

found mine at ross for 6.99 too but mine came with 2 beauty blenders

Karina :·3 says:

Beautiful makeup!! Your skin is perfect :3


got mine today I’m excited!!

Kitty Mariee says:

seriously half way through and I fell inlove with your video I need to watch the rest ^-^ you got a new subscriber haha :3 I’ll be watching you for beauty tips cause I’ve been disappointed with man other “famous” ones -_- I have that exact contour and correct kit I got it when I seen how cheep it was instead of waisting money for a sephora one xp I also have the powder one and love it!

tesss Marquez says:

how about sending me some of the ones you don’t use please. I can really use some

yukito's curry pan says:

Okay, so, I actually want to learn how to use corrector, and I’m planning to buy City Colour’s corrector, and I think it looks great, and I’ve been watching several tutorial on how using corrector, all of them are using liquid foundation right after applying the corrector. And I don’t like using liquid foundation because it feels to cake-ey for me, that’s why I prefer using compact powder foundation all the time. Is it okay to use powder foundation right after applying the corrector instead of using the liquid foundation??

Btw your kids are such a qt 🙂

Sandra Aultman says:

between nyx contour palette and this one, which one did you like the most?

Twinkly toe says:

Any tips to open the case easily? I found it’s so difficult to open the darn case! Hate it so much, I almost broke my nails!

elenna mariee says:

love your video’s btw

Juwita Ondowuzz says:

You are so pretty and the way you explain things are refreshing. Love your work!

asiah hopkins says:

was anybody else looking at her flawless skin ughh btw does anybody know how to get rid of dark spots for brown woman pls help

elenna mariee says:

have u tried the nyc bronzer lol

Marco Polo says:

nice chola look

Camila Zavala says:

did you just say pendeja lmfaoooo i died. Which one is better, the L.A. Girl Concealers or this pallette? I’m from Honduras and I keep watching all of your contouring videos bc i can’t decide which one to order online!!!!! psd. your skin’s so flawless wtf 🙁

bartooma says:

too much products

Rosa Hodge says:

Give me that pretty baby.. I love him…Such a doll

HeyyItsTina says:

Are u flecking us off?

Octavius Holt says:

I just love watching you.

Makeup & Music by Mexi says:

omg i was going to buy this yesterday and passed it on for coconut wipes lol!

Lindsay Hill says:

I just bought this tonight can’t wait to try it out hope it looks good on fair skin to

Jasmine Romero says:

love your videos ! gonna subscribe ❤

Tasya Prasetya says:

so this is the first video of you that I watch, and I’m just gonna subs it cause you’re funny and pretty

Keisyaaura Cantika says:


Camila Zavala says:

that highlighter though… really highlights lol! #onfleek

85tishie says:

thank thank you I just got mine today!!!!

Sponge Bob says:

…and I hit that “thumbs up” button when the pacifier came up.. ^^ ..

the video is nice too of course..great job

Caesaria Apriliani says:

It is hilarious demo video yet amusing and soooo lovelyyy…!!!
Thank you for making this review and I kinda know how to make that contour correct palette work…hahaa

Suri Chemat says:

just came across your channel and i subbed right away. you’re so funny and pretty!

btw you look like Santana Lopez from glee.

Jasmine Romero says:

love your videos ! gonna subscribe ❤

Mizz Moni says:

oh and ps. you have very beautiful skin

Karishma Singh says:

I love your videos

Privinta Andini says:

omg you’re so funny!! new subscriber from indonesia <3

Traci Derulo says:

You were so beautiful until you started talking like a black girl then your beauty illusion shattered 🙁 I should have known from the rap music in the intro that you were urban.

HeyyItsTina says:

For me the cream contour pallet is really hard to blend off

Carolina Leon says:

girl I’m watching this video thinking to my self WHYY her face is flawlessness. love you lots!!

Janina Tauanuu says:

thank you for this tutorial! you make it look so easy! lol. looks great

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